The Maelstrom Tiger

Chapter Six

"Crisis of the Hidden Waterfall, First Encounter with Akatsuki Act Two!"

"Life is never easy, but that's why it has always been worth it," Uzumaki Naruto, Chunin of the Hidden Leaf to assassin squad from Hidden Sound.

Side path to Hidden Waterfall

December 3rd, New Shinobi Era 189

2209 hours

Mission: Emergency! Emergency! Mission upgraded to S-Rank Level: Liberate the Hidden Waterfall Village from hostile enemies and survive members of Akastuki (P.D.Q)!

Status: Reinforcements inbound, nearest reinforcements ETA is 6 hours!

Orders: Liberate Hidden Waterfall at once! Then hold the Village until relieved! Hold until relieved!

Suien growled as he gave the charge signal and his underlings did that and straight to their deaths.

Shibuki quickly shot through hand seals and landed on Bird and called the attack.


A Dragon's head rose up from the water surrounding the small islet and the massive tree and struck, swallowing a trio of lucky underlings, before crashing into a dozen others.

With a quick string of new hand seals, Shibuki used Water Release: Violent Water Wave Jutsu, similar to the famous Fire Release: Fire Dragon Projectile Jutsu family.

The torrent of water slammed into a pair of underlings, scattering the rest of them like Cherry Blossoms in the Spring time.

One of the lieutenants wasn't down nor was she out as Kagura appeared ready to strike, only a pebble slammed into her mask. Shaking it off as she quickly relocated, she found two things out at once.

One, Team Seven was not bound, out cold, or in a net.

Two, it had been Sasuke who throw the pebble as his hands shot through the ever familiar Uchiha Jutsu with the Sharigan alive and ready.

A third thing came to mind and that was Naruto, though she evaded the initial twin slash, of his daggers, she quickly saw that they weren't daggers and it was a style she thought dead!

The end result was a pair of slash marks that sent her ANBU armor tumbling, leaving her in her top, but with no protection. She was glaring daggers, but that didn't distract her as much as Naruto stabbing the twin blades into the ground and removing his upper armor and his head gear. She had winced when she heard the ground crack under the weight of Naruto's hooded cloak.

"Taking lessons from Gai?" she inquired with a hopeful look.

"Who's Gai?" was the answer and she was thankful, more so for no mention of the Flames of Youth.

"A fashion disaster who probably suffers from Punch Drunk Syndrome," Naruto winced and hoped they never met.

During that time, Kagura noticed the pink on one of the twin blades, 'Haruno, forgot about them, but my mission is a bust, hopefully the bastards or the Raikage won't complain too much,' she gave annoyed growled, but left it at that.

"Let's see the famous Twin Blades of the Uzumaki then!" she charged and decided to test the waters as the Uzumaki carried favor in the Land of Lightning.

Suien watched as Sakura threw one of her punches and a man was sent flying, showing some possible use of the girl. He noted Sasuke as the boy tore through a handful of remaining underlings like they were paper. Suien was no fool, though some were rated as Chunin, most were barely high Genin, others weren't even near that, including a number of bandits and mercenaries that were used to deal with the civilians. He had banked everything on surprise and numbers, but now that wasn't the case.

He then barely dodged the branch that had shot at him and dropped the girl who scampered off, as two trees grew suddenly from the ground and came to life as Sakura smirked at the frightened look on the several surviving underlings' faces.

"Well, what do you expect," Sakura had an innocent smile on her face, "fighting one of the Shodaime Hokage's bloodline," Sakura said with a dark look and struck!


Shibuki heard her words and shot forward, towards Suien, now that the numbers had been trimmed, it was time.

"WATER RELEASE: SWORD OF DRAINING JUTSU!" Shibuki and Suien called out the same technique as the two clashed together.

The two began fighting and despite an impressive appearance that allowed him to defeat over a dozen men, leaving just around a dozen more to split with the Uchiha and Haruno and in the end, the two could only watch as this wasn't their fight. Still, that didn't stop them from helping Naruto, who needed the help as Kagura was ANBU for a reason and he knew she was playing with him.

Zetsu watched all, until there was a tap on his shoulder and he turned, only to get a fist to his face.

Several Waterfall Ninja had just arrived home and they didn't take well to Missing Ninja in their village.

Shibuki went down immediately after several clashes as Suien had been his teacher and knew his faults, which sadly still existed.

Kagura seeing that, decided it was time and left the battleground, but noticed Zetsu throwing around a group of Waterfall Ninja and winced, thankful not being in that mess.

Though Naruto had done a number to her and she smiled at a chance to prove to Tsunade that she was indeed worthy of being her student. As she saw what Sakura had done and then there was Naruto and Sasuke. She had to admit, that while Sasuke made that Cool Look work, Naruto was going to be hansom in a way that was just a bit Foxy. She blushed at that thought; after all, he was the son of her greatest idol and biggest crush.

"If only that Red Haired, She-Devil Whore hadn't appeared!" she spoke bitterly to herself as tears left a trail, some that landed on a surprised Naruto, he might have very well been her son!

Naruto and Sasuke immediately got into it with Suien who had taken the Water of Heroes after running Shibuki through. He had taken a drink and fought back, sending Naruto and Sasuke back and forth, but these two were relying on something stronger than the Water. Something that Suien didn't know that made them stronger… and it wasn't the time factor.

Sakura, though, heard a noise and took a look as Zetsu prepared to eat a kunoichi of the Waterfall Village alive. She stormed down and very politely tapped him on the shoulder and being slightly stupid, he turned to look. Sakura only smiled an innocent look and asked a question before she hit him, while he was trying to form an answer, hard enough to make a certain blonde woman proud of her relative!

Zetsu found out the pain that Jiraiya went through regularly when Tsunade found him peeping. He landed about three hundred meters out and craved a ditch about an additional fifty meters. While Sakura had made a 'V' for Victory sign back where she had struck him and stuck out her tongue in the process that made her look childish.

"We hates the Senju and Haruno," Zetsu said to himself as he sank into the ground, he wasn't a fighter and Sakura had caught him off guard… again.

Back with Naruto and Sasuke, they were beginning to prevail over Suien, his defeat assured.

"Look at you," Sasuke said plainly in his defensive stance, "You're already breathing hard and we've hardly begun to fight," and indeed Suien was growing weak and tired.

'The Water must be running out!' Suien thought with alarm as he pulled the Water of Heroes out, only for Shibuki to sent a blast of water that shattered the gourd.

"NO!!!!!!" Suien cried as the glass and water fell into the lake.

"We win loser, give it up and the medics just might be able to save your life," Sasuke said, ready to either fight or take him into custody.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Suien roared and attack, he was too fast for Sasuke to get a defense in place and was set flying back, but corrected himself just as Naruto blazed by leaving a trail of red chakra as he dropped Sakura's weapon into Sasuke's hands and followed the blonde.

Suien watched in horror as the two boys appeared before him and struck, Sasuke leaving a parting remark for Suien to tell the Ferryman.

"Fake power is not power at all, but death," and with that Suien vanished in a fiery explosion of plasma.

"Combination Arts: Wind Blade of the Inferno Strike," the two boys said softly and gave a small prayer for the dead from this action.

Everyone was freed and the people of Waterfall began to rejoice as the last of Suien's underlings gave up without a fight. The village was safe and the wounded being tended to. All was well and already, an hour after the fight, signs of a celebration brewing began, but that was when they appeared with Taki, her team, and Kakashi.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Naruto yelled and before he realized it was his brother Sasuke was sent into the trunk with such force that portions of his armor shattered from the impact and he dug an outline shape into the trunk about two feet deep.

"Sasuke!" Naruto watched as Sakura was able to get a wall of stone up from her punch, but that mattered little, it only saved her life as she was sent flying into the home Naruto had been sent into in his fight with Suien.

"Sakura!" Naruto turned to see Kakuzu right in front of him and his knees feeling weak and he couldn't move.

"You're coming with us," Kakuzu said, but a Water Whip lashed out and struck him… hard and threw him back into his comrades as a mist began to form.

"You should know better than to mess with those close to powerful allies," a haunting voice said coldly as the mist thickened and those who knew him, knew that he was back.

As everyone listened, they could hear a breeze in the wind and those who saw the shadows as faint as any wraith, felt a fear boiling with in. The mist enshrouding all with in its embrace, hiding all from sight and removing the slight. A truly powerful hidden means of death… or liberation?

Then suddenly appearing around the members of Akastuki was a single form in several spots at once!

"Now it is me you fight," the voice said close by from the several forms and from far off with in the shroud of mist, "Rokudaime Mizukage, Demon of the Mist…," the pause and effect, "Momochi Zabuza!" and then the real Zabuza appeared green and white robes snapping softly at his charge as the clones exploded sowing confusion and only Itachi just barely escaped as he and the three others had joined closer, falling into the trap that was set.

Hoshigaki Kisame had blocked the attack that had sliced Hidan and Kakuzu in half. Kakuzu was turned into water, barely making a Water Clone and switching with him in time, but Hidan wasn't as fortunate and fell in two pieces. The Demon of the Mist had made the first move and was back in the mist tracking his prey like a predator would and so now it was on with the game. Though Kisame had to ask the question that was now plaguing him.

"How did you achieve it?" he was honestly curious and his usual brash, cocky deep tone wasn't there at the moment.

"Learned that Tobi of Akastuki was the Mizukage who had assisted in the annihilation of the Uchiha Clan," Sasuke had perked up, despite blood loss and blunt force trauma, "and it was only a matter of revealing the truth and showing people that the reality was that we had become weak and had worthless rulers who sowed the sorrow themselves and created that weakness for their own gain as the puppets of Akastuki!" the haunting deep voice was everywhere… then the mist suddenly cleared showing the near entire of Hidden Mist Black Ops ANBU and Elite Jounin Corps and four others of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

The three, four if you count the resurrecting Hidan, looked at the surrounding force. They couldn't believe that Tobi had been routed. All members of the Akastuki were all S-Ranked, for one of their number to be forced to flee…

They didn't like it.

"Oh, yeah," Zabuza said, clothed in the green and white robes of the Mizukage and his sword at the ready, "forgot to mention he left one of his doubles in his place and it made things easier while he was off somewhere working with you."

Seeing the smirk under his bandages, they realized they lost some of the edge, but Kisame knew his former comrade better. Something else was happening and it wasn't going to be good. He looked about, being more professional than the norm he made himself out to be. He checked above them carefully, around them, and finally beneath them. That had been his only warning as the water they stood upon, just as Hidan finally pulled himself together, became a sudden whirlpool and having fought against Whirlpool Ninja he knew they were standing in a trap unless…

"JUMP!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled and the three others did so as they followed Kisame as he led them to escape, "MOVE!" he yelled as he spent as little time on the surface, even if it was a shallow jump, it would save his life in the end as more whirlpools appeared.

As Kakuzu jumped for the umpteenth time, he felt something wrap around his leg and he was hauled back down and crashed into the shore opposite the Shrine of the Great Tree of Waterfall.

He shook his head and saw Kisame and Zabuza with their swords locked several meters to his front.

To his left, by at least a dozen, Hidan was being turned into a pin cushion by the Mist Ninja who weren't stupid enough to enter his attack range and the four Swordsman, two men and two women, were ensuring he couldn't go and bring them into range either.

To his right, there was Jiraiya the Toad Sage again and he had Itachi on the defensive.

And right behind him…

He could hear the labored breath and the sound of a person barely standing.

"Shibuki, chunin ranked and leader of Hidden Waterfall," Kakuzu stood up and faced the wounded teen, "How foolish."

"You will pay for both your crimes and treason here and now," Shibuki brought his Water Sword to bear.

"Fool," and with that two were at it.

Quickly calling upon a Sword of Draining, Kakuzu slashed at the weakened ninja, but was parried and then countered as Shibuki stepped right into the dead zone and slashed, nearly removing Kakuzu's left arm.

Kakuzu pulled away, cursing that he had overbalanced himself and allowed a heart to be destroyed. He backed up some more as Shibuki kept to the offensive. He then decided to use a Lightning Jutsu as his Water Jutsu failed, but quickly found he couldn't as Shibuki landed another blow, nothing serious, just a scratch on his hip that stung like a bee sting. It was, however, enough motivation to withdraw back some and use the Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.

Shibuki dodged, lost his footing, but threw his weapon.

Kakuzu dodged the attack, only for Taki to appear and land a hard right to his nose as she collapsed, but behind her Naruto creating several Shadow Clones and performing what would become a signature move for him.

"U-" a high kick from to Kakuzu's jaw sent him into the air.

Kisame felt the sudden shift in weight that overbalanced him as Zabuza fell backwards, thrusting both of his feet into Kisame's stomach while releasing his sword to grab his opponent's hands and flip him over.

Hidan roared and launched a deadly attack on a shinobi who had slipped, but his attack was blocked and the four Swordsmen of the Mist struck with a torrent of attacks.

"Swordsmen Art: Four Storms of Blades!"

Itachi and Jiriaya were about equal and both tired as hell as they traded Taijutsu moves, though Itachi did inquire when the next book would be out as he was a minor fan.

"It helps pass the time," Itachi shrugged when questioned by Jiriaya.

"ZU-" a clone to the right said as he kicked a second later.

Kisame couldn't stop the move and was sent flying, but as he recovered, there was Zabuza and the new Mizukage struck with a vicious short slash and a back flip kick.

Hidan was sent tumbling with many wounds and he wouldn't be able to regenerate fast enough, so he chose to disengage and made for where Kisame was.

"You are still strong Master Jiriaya, but in the end, Akastuki will win," and with that said and the release date known, Itachi also broke off and began to rejoin his allies.

"MA-" another to the left reported as he performed a high kick in the next second.

Kisame landed hard as Zabuza came down after him, ready to end it, but Kisame brought his sword up at the last moment and staved off death as Zabuza dodged an attack from Hidan and motioned for his ninja to remain back as Jiriaya landed next to him and Itachi next to Kisame.

"KI-" the last clone called out from a kick to Kakuzu's unprotected back.

The three Akastuki members began to withdraw.

Kakuzu rose several meters from the kicks into the sky and there already above him was Naruto himself. His leg lifted and ready to perform an axe kick. Kakuzu had been hit in the chin, both sides of the head, and finally to the back of the head, though he wasn't completely dazed, it had hurt.

Naruto made contact with his kick.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO BARRAGE!" Kakuzu was impressed, but was able to avoid the swords below him that would have run him through and taken out the remaining hearts he had.

Still it was a hard landing, but he felt himself picked up by Kisame as Itachi had Hidan and then Itachi unleashed Amaterasu and barred any hope of pursuit while the group fled.

"Do not pursue!" Zabuza ordered, as his ninja and those of the Waterfall looked to the new Kage, "Tend to those who are hurt and police the area, make safe the village, and then see to food and rest, Kami knows a lot you need."

Zabuza's words were true, many ninja, especially from Waterfall were not in the best of shape. His own ninja were tired from the exhausting march they had to perform to get the Hiddan Waterfall Village in time. The information had fallen into his lap at the last possible moment and he had a differcult time mobilizing his forces and planning defenses. It would take time and he had to be patient, though that meant his forces would be at half strength, though a sudden general mobilization would have been a lot worse.

'Sometimes, I don't think I'm ready and yet… when comes down to it, I seem always ready…' Zabuza always had that thought on his mind, the only time he would say he was not ready…

Zabuza looked to his adopted daughter's husband. The boy already had been fighting and being in more water than he would normally probably be in one day than in a whole year. Now that the fighting was over, he was slumped near his teammates, the Uchiha looking more the worse, but then again, being slammed into a rather large tree, 'cue the understatement,' would do that to a person. He was just thankful to have arrived. A friend had sent word to him as to the gender and name of his grandson.

'I talk to him later, for now, we need to rest and make preparations to return home,' he had a smile under his bandage mask, he was now leader of his home and it was beginning the process of rebuilding, but first thing's first.

In the end, Zabuza would find that Naruto was emotionally drained and was in a forced slumber, which took about a dozen tries, so he could rest and recover from the hectic mess he was thrown into. Zabuza had only nodded and said that was for the best. He knew though that Naruto was a tough nut, it would take more than his teammates getting serious thrashed to break him. Still, the boy had frozen up at the sight of Kakuzu, but he also recovered to do some damage.

Indeed, Genin in rank, most likely a higher C-Class Ninja, it was going to be interesting when the boy got into the Chunin Exams.

A little over a week since the 'Raid on Hidden Waterfall' had past and the medics allowed Naruto to fully reawaken. The boy was not so surprisingly displeased, but he was now up and about and fully rested and able to think clearly. He was also hungry as hell, but thankfully, Team 8 had escorted the Ichiraku Family to Hidden Waterfall and Naruto was a bit content with about eleven bowls of ramen in his gut. Then he went looking for his teammates.

"They were already sent back home Naruto," Yuhi Kurenai told him and the boy was as predictable as painting drying.

"WHAT!?" was heard throughout the village, though he was informed why he was held back.

Naruto was then led to see Shibuki who was still recovering.

"Hello Naruto," Shibuki greeted with a smile from his hospital bed.

"Looking better Shibuki," Naruto replied with a smile of his own.

"Yes, but I'm still out of it for a while, though I wanted to say thank you and to inform, that one of our kunoichi, Taki is her name, is being handed over to the Leaf for protection and to help you with any issues that come up with your burden, as she too carries one," Shibuki had seen the look of surprise on Naruto's face and of fear, but then it turned to relief... That he wasn't alone.

"Also, as a gift, we are giving you Hisame, the woman who was one of Suien's Lieutenants," Shibuki said, surprising both Genin and Jounin.

"WHAT!?" Kurenai yelled, taking offense, sure it was a part of, albeit a bad part, of being a kunoichi, but that didn't mean she had to stand it.

"She will be of use to you, as we are in need of allies, but there are so few and that, reportedly Hanzo of Rain is dead," Shibuki said with a nod, knowing that Kurenai would object and take offense, "but this is also a way to show that Naruto is to be respected as Hisame is still a talented ninja and her being handed over, for whatever Naruto desires in the future, will let her learn much and would also serve as her punishment for her actions," at that Kurenai had to agree, since being given away practically destroyed Hisame's status in life, it was better than an executioner's block, as Naruto would not be cruel, but he would still be tough… as tough as his heart would allow anyways and Shibuki knew that.

It was unsaid, but enough death had occurred and Hisame wasn't as guilty for crimes as the others under Suien had been.

Still, punishment for her crimes, which were in their own right, grievous, was needed to be meted out. Torture and execution would have been the common sight, but with a few more kunoichi captured and a number of the Watefall Ninja were suffering from weakening bloodlines and thus the prisoners could escape death and have some 'honor.' Though the majority was being sent to the Leaf as 'thank you' gifts with three marked for Uchiha Sasuke and another trio for Hatake Kakashi, finally forcing the Copy Cat to actually have children, Naruto was only getting Hisame and no other as he was also getting something else.

"Also, Taki and you are going to be living together, in marriage," Shibuki said and Naruto's just hit the floor in a silent yell of disbelief as he stood there bug eyed to the point the blue of his eyes were hard to see.

"The Leaf and Waterfall want to show a united front, and this will help keep a few off of Waterfall as the land and village needs time to rebuild as of this time," Shibuki explained to the shocked boy who only grumbled about how Taki would feel and whether or not the two would even be able to be together.

"Relax, you are a popular ninja and have great political power as the adopted son of Momochi Zabuza, the Rokudaime Mizukage," that made Naruto blinked as Kurenai explained that in several weeks, he would be declared the adopted son and his marriage to Haku would be formalized with her having to decided on a personal name and that whether he would carry the Uzumaki or Momochi.

"In any event, you will become the son of a Kage, a high place and honor and referred to as a royal as such," Naruto was standing there for one moment and the next was thud as he fainted… he was royalty, but both being of a Kage's blood and of Royal decent.

"He took it better now than I would think," Shibuki and Kurenai heard Kanna, the chunin that Kirisame had assaulted earlier, the silver haired green eyed Kanna as her tan skin had a healthy shine to it as opposed to just over a weak ago and a ring on her finger as she lay in the next bed just beyond Shibuki.

"-Chuckle- Indeed," Shibuki could only nod, but knew that any child born through such a union between Taki and Naruto would be legendary in their own right.

Meanwhile, back at the Hidden Leaf, things were much different when compared to the returning sense of calm in Hidden Waterfall. The Mizukage had left behind something extra, as a sign of peace. It was a woman long thought dead by many. It was this woman that had helped chase off Akastuki, even though she wasn't supposed to get involved. She was a strong woman of great character and even greater pranks. The bane of one Hokage and the love of another…

Uzumaki Kushina was resting peacefully, since her return to the Leaf and the medics were not happy with what they were finding.


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