"And this is turning out to the rematch of the century, folks, with so many twists and turns that it's making my head spin. Neither Yugi Muto or Kari Ironhide seem to be ready to give up, but with only one hundred points apiece left, this Duel must be coming to a conclusion now."

"I'm not out yet Yugi!" Kari smirked. "I sacrifice my Magician of Faith for my Dark Magician Girl!"

"She's no match for my Sorcerer of Dark Magic." Yami smirked back, as the 2600 attack point Mage-in-training appeared on the field, attack boosted by the fact there were two Dark Magicians in the graveyard, facing down a 3200 attack point high mage. "And you can't stop him using trap cards."

"I don't have to." Kari was fully aware of this fact. "I activate Mage Power!"

There was a roar from the crowd as the Dark Magician Girl grew to 3600. 500 for each card she had in the magic and trap card spaces.

"Now she can handle your Sorcerer, Dark Magician Girl! Burning Magic Attack!"

Yugi's Sorcerer attempted to hold off the wave of magic. "Waboku!" Yami roared above the crowd.


The attack fizzled out, leaving the Sorcerer standing and Yami's life points untouched.

"Fine." Kari growled, looking at her hand, then her deck, with only three cards left, "I end my turn."

"You're not the only one who can power up their monster." Yami said, "I activate Sword of Dark Rites!"

His Sorcerer grew to the same attack as Kari's Dark Magician Girl.

"So now what?" Kari asked, intrigued by Yami's tactic.

"Now I end this, and play Soul Taker!"

Kari froze as her Dark Magician Girl keeled over, her green eyes growing dark before she vanished from the field. Kari's life points went up by 1000 but the teen was giving Yami a look that could kill. "What did you do to her?"

Yami realised exactly what she meant and knew he'd be just the same if it had been his Dark Magician. She wasn't asking what the card had done, it was more a 'what happened to my friend'? "Soul Taker destroys one enemy monster and grants my opponent one thousand life points." Kari scowled. "And this Duel is over, I attack you with my Sorcerer!"

"I activate Soul Shield!"

Kari's points dropped to 50 as something drained from her and formed a protective shield.

"Sorry Kari, but you forgot my Sorcerer's special ability."


Her Soul Shield died and with it her last hope.

Her points hit zero.

The crowd roared eagerly as the announcer re-announced Yami as the King of Games.

Yami however was busy wondering how painfully Kari was going to kill him when they got home. Soul Taker had been a recent acquisition and he hadn't wanted to use it, but it had been the last trump card he'd had, he too had been down to his last few cards.

"Well played Yugi." Kari said coolly, then she sighed and smiled. "You do realise that I'm going to get you back for that, don't you?"

Yami smirked, "You can try."


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