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All characters are 27 years.


Echolls- Veronica, Logan, pregnant of a girl - Mayena

Fennels- Jackie, Wallace, Matthew (2)

Kanes- Duncan, Meg, Marissa (4)

Piznarkis- Piz, Parker, pregnant due in one month

Casablancas- Dick, Mac, Richard III (4)

A/N: These are the families present in this story, just background info.

A/N: Obviously AU, so situations that didn't happen in the show but are mentioned here, obviously did happen in my VM Universe.

"Sitting alone?" She asked as she neared the couch.

"Wallace just left to check on junior."


Veronica plopped down on Logan's lap, putting her arms around his neck.

Logan put his hand on Veronica's stomach.

"Speaking of junior, he's not giving mommy any trouble is he?"

Veronica sighed exasperatedly, "Logan, I was fine this morning."

"Yeah but the lack of puke this morning could mean you'd be spewing it out tonight."

"It's called morning sickness."

"Well, in one hour it'll officially be morning."

Veronica rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, I'm fine, if I'm not I promise you I'll tell you."

Logan was about to reply when Duncan's yell popped his eardrums from across the room.


"Yeah?" Logan and Veronica both replied in unison.

Logan smiled to himself, he never forgot how excited Veronica had been to become an Echolls and officially his wife. She had once confided in him how proud she felt every time she introduced herself as Mrs. Echolls, wife of Logan Echolls. Of course that only made Logan fall even more in love with Veronica, if that was even possible.

"You're going to have to be more specific." Veronica yelled back.

"Logan." Duncan replied.

Logan placed Veronica on the couch next to him and kissed the top of her head before heading off to see why Duncan nearly deafened him in his left ear.

"You rang?"

"Funny. Meg wants us to bring these boxes outside, they're crowding the space in the kitchen or something."

"Let me guess, you tripped over one before taking her seriously and doing what she asked."

"Okay, that was creepy, how did you know?"

"I heard Meg telling you, you scoffing and then a loud bang which could only mean you fell. Meg's laugh was, well in this case not the money shot, but you get my drift."

"Ha. Ha." Duncan deadpanned with the most serious look on his face.

"Just pick up the damn box."

Logan obliged.

Once outside Duncan turned to Logan.

"Listen man, I'm sorry."

"Like in a general sense or is there something specific you're apologizing for? Like potentially permanently deafening me in my left ear, maybe." Logan replied as he exaggeratedly fidgeted with his ear.

Duncan let out a chuckle. Trust Logan to try and ease the tension that was slowly forming.

"For high school. I'm sorry for high school. I dumped Veronica, she loved you, you loved her and I didn't have your backs."

"It's cool, man."

"No, it's not. Look, I was deluded I thought me and Veronica were meant to be together, I wanted her back thinking that maybe things would go back to the way they were before Lilly died. But I realized that I was wrong, especially when she stood up for you that time during senior year in high school. I love Veronica, as a friend. Meg's the love of my life. Veronica was just there to make me realize what I wanted and it's not her. And I know she wants you. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realize it and to apologize."

Logan was silent.

"What I'm trying to say is, and I know you already know this, I love Veronica as a friend, but I'm not in love with her anymore and I'm sorry that I made your lives hard by trying to convince myself otherwise."

"Dude, you were forgiven a long time ago."

Duncan smiled. "Still, I felt bad not having actually said the words."

"Look, you did things that weren't nice but Veronica and I kind of handled our relationship junior year, not too well. The way you found out and all. But...Water under the bridge."

"So we're cool?"

"We're cool, man." Duncan and Logan bumped knuckles in that typical guy manner.

"So, you nervous about being a dad? Because you know I can give you pointers."

"Yeah, if I want my kid to become president of the United States, I'll be sure to come to you."

"Hey! I can be fun." Duncan replied indignantly, knowing that Logan was joking though.

"Yeah, like the one time you got real wasted and tried to climb a wall."

"I said fun not funny. As in I can make you laugh with my amazing wit not by ridiculing myself."

"You have wit?" Logan joked as they entered the living room of Duncan and Meg's house.

"Very funny." Duncan deadpanned as he went to get Meg out of the kitchen. Logan headed to Veronica, who was still sitting on the couch, exactly where he had left her.

"Hey, what did Duncan want to talk to you about?"

"Did you bug me or something?"

"What? No."

Logan raised an eyebrow.

"I'm a detective, Logan. I can sense this stuff. Besides you guys were out there way too long. Putting down two boxes at the end of the driveway doesn't take that long."

"Well, sweet detective of mine, Duncan was just apologizing."

Veronica looked confused.

"For what?"

"I'll explain at home."

Veronica looked wary. "Okay."

It was getting late. Night had officially turned into morning an hour earlier, along with the clocks placing their hands from twelve to one. Three families had already left, leaving the Echolls with the Kanes. If you had asked people in their sophomore year in high school who would've comprised these families, you would've been met with a chorus of Lilly and Logan Echolls and Veronica and Duncan Kane. But that wasn't how it was supposed to be. Meg belonged with Duncan and Veronica belonged with Logan. The four of them were sitting in the living room of the Kane mansion, laughing. Veronica in Logan's lap and Meg next to Duncan, her head on his shoulder.

"Remember the purity test?" Meg laughed.

"Oh, yeah. And you scored what? A 48?" Veronica teased. Fondly remembering the time she had helped her friend out.

"Better than a 14." Meg recanted.

"Ouch." Veronica pretended to feel a blow to her heart.

"But if you remember correctly, our scores were fabricated."

"Aww, and here I was thinking the PI badass was harbouring a deep, naughty secret." Logan teased her. She slapped him playfully.

"Anyway, be careful. I could find out your score if I wanted to." Veronica replied. Duncan chuckled.

"Yours too." Veronica shot him a pointed glare.

"After, what, ten years?"

Veronica smiled mischievously. "I'm sure Mac still has the scores somewhere on her hard drive. She's good at finding those things again, you know. Quite the computer whiz."

Logan and Duncan paled slightly. Veronica and Meg burst out laughing.

"It was Mac?" Duncan choked out. Meg nodded, still giggling, but ending in a yawn that didn't go unnoticed. Veronica stood up.

"Well, hubby, looks like it's time for us to split. Seems its past Meg's bedtime." She took Logan's hands and pulled him up.

"Yeah, with Duncan keeping her up all night." Logan grinned.

"All night? Ha! He wishes..." Meg joked.

"Hey!" Duncan said indignantly. Meg silenced him with a kiss.

"Just be quiet and look pretty while we say bye to our guests." She chastised him jokingly.

All four walked to the door.

"Bye, Meg." The two girls hugged. "Thanks for everything."

"Oh, it's our pleasure." Meg said.

"See ya, man."

"Yeah, see ya, Logan."

"Bye, Duncan."

"Bye, Veronica."



Veronica let out a sigh as soon as the door shut.

"That was quite a night."

"You had fun?" Logan asked her.

"Yeah, I did." She said with a smile as they started walking to their house at the end of the road.

"I missed you, though." She said.

"Well, I'm here now." He replied, taking her hand.

Veronica smiled at him and gave him a soft and chaste kiss.

"Are you tired?" She asked him.

"I'm okay." He replied slowly. "Why?" He quickly added the question.

"Let's not go home yet."

"Okay, usually I would love this, you know how I'm a sucker for impulse, but you're pregnant, Veronica."

"I'm fine." She replied. "Besides, I don't want to go run a marathon. I was thinking, you know that ice cream parlour on the beach? The one we've been going to since we were twelve? Why don't we go there? Besides, you know how much I crave ice cream, especially when pregnant."

Logan thought it over for a few seconds. "Okay." He relented. Loving the way her face lit up when he agreed.

"But will it be open on Christmas Eve, Veronica?"

"No. But I've got a bobby pin." She gave him a grin that couldn't mean anything good was to come of this.

"Breaking and entering, naturally. Not even born yet and already this kid will have committed a felony." He muttered to himself as he followed his wife.

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