Gwen walked into to the hub with a scowl on her face. She hated breaking up with Rhys but he was so much safer this way. It had been the single hardest thing she had ever had to do but he would be safe now. She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she just about jumped out of her skin when Jack called her name.

"Gwen! There is rift activity, I have the location lets go."

Her mind was still on Rhys' face when she fed in false memories to make sure that he didn't want to be with her again. The tears running down his face as he saw, in his mind, walking in on Gwen and a strange man having sex on the very same settee he had asked her to marry him from.

Jack's voice broke her from her thoughts yet again. "Shit!" he shouted he stopped the SUV abruptly.

There in front of them stood Captain John Hart. The snide grin he had on his face annoyed Gwen to no end. He was standing in the parking lot of the factory where the rift activity was registering from. Jack and Gwen both leapt from the SUV with their guns drawn.

"Well, well, I figured you'd show up Jack, but I didn't think that you would bring Gwen with you." John's voice was slightly taunting.

"Can I just shoot him Jack, please."

Jack chuckled at Gwen's request, "Well let's see if he will leave first, then we will decide whether or not to shoot him where he stands."

"Funny you should be here, Gwen, I have a present for you." John talked as if no animosity hung between them. He rolled a tennis ball sized opalescent ball at Gwen. It opened as soon as it reached her and engulfed her. She had screamed but it closed to quickly for her to be heard.

Inside the ball she heard John's voice, "I told you that you couldn't rely on Jack, now I am going to show you why. Oh, and just so you know, when this is over and the ball dissipates it will only have been 2 seconds to Jack and I."

Gwen then saw, on the shiny interior wall, Jack and John in a dark alley. They were walking in silence, apparently hiding from someone or something. Suddenly she saw men dressed like some sort of police rush down the alley towards the two men. Jack laughed and pushed John out of the hiding spot and into the lights of the police like people. Just as they began beating John, Jack used his wristband thing to teleport away.

The scene then changed to a small tan room, there was a young man, no a teenage boy, tied to a wooden chair. A man was twisting a knife into the boy's thigh. "I am not a Nazi!! My parents moved here before the war!!" The boy screamed.

That was when Gwen realized that the man torturing the boy wasn't just any soldier, it was Jack!

"Our intel says different, it says you are a Nazi sympathizer, that you have been in contact with Nazi operatives, that because of you some of our guys are dead." Jack hissed as he twisted the knife.

Gwen was crying, how could Jack be so cruel, this kid was far to frail and scared to be lying.

Suddenly the door opened and another man came in. He spoke quickly, "Captain, we just got a report that our intel is wrong, it was a trap set to catch our informant, the boy is innocent.

The image shifted again. Now she saw herself talking to Jack in his office, they are talking about Bernie and the visions of the future that the ghost machine showed him and the images it had shown her. She leaves but Jack is still in his office, and is talking to himself. "She is going to try to stop this and cause everything to play out like she saw it. Maybe she will learn to leave well enough alone."

Gwen couldn't believe that he would have let her go forward with trying to help Bernie knowing this. She had ended up killing Ed Morgan that night. She hadn't meant to but she had.

The image changed again and again showing the less than charming side of Jack until Gwen was no longer angry or crying but completely cold. Suddenly the bubble popped.

"Gwen!" Jack's voice was the first thing she heard. He rushed to her to hold her up as her legs seemed to go out from under her, but John got there first.

"So gorgeous, you still want to hang out with Jack or maybe come have some fun with me?" John asked in a cocky tone.

Jack laughed, "Don't be stupid John. Gwen would never leave with you. She is a member of my team."

Gwen got her bearings and looked at Jack then at John. "Take me away from here, please just get me away from him!!" Gwen pleaded with John. Jack's face moved quickly from shock to pure rage.

"What did you do to her!!" Jack screamed his gun aimed at John's head.

"I showed her some of your past Jack, some real eye opening stuff!" John replied smugly. "Now that she knows more about you I doubt she will feel the same about being a member of your team. At least I don't hide my transgressions."

John pushed a button on his wrist strap and he and Gwen disappeared in a flash of amber light. Jack was left alone and confused.

Gwen held tight to Captain John as the amber light encompassed them. She felt her body being pulled and twisted then hear a pop and they were standing in a large living room looking out to a beautiful lake. John's hands were on Gwen's hips.

"You have a type of purity about you that, even with my nasty disposition, I couldn't let him tarnish. I may be a dick but he is worse. He abandons everyone that cares about him, anyone that depends on him, he always has." John's voice was unusually calm.

"I don't know what to believe but I do know that it is safer to be with the devil who says he is the devil than the devil that hides. Everything you showed me could be a lie, I hope it is a lie, but something inside me says it isn't. You are a despicable person but there was something kind in you when you first warned me Jack couldn't be depended on, that was before you paralyzed me."

"Yeah well I didn't think that you would survive that. Your team was faster than I thought they would be. I knew your loss would hurt the team, and Jack for that matter, worse than any of the others. I don't like being kind, it makes me nauseated, but there is something about you, something that makes me want to be, be, NICE. That is why I really wanted to kill you. But once it didn't work I needed you for your team to save my life, and now, I just want to protect you. If I believed in it I would swear you bewitched me." John said matter of factly. "Besides I need a new partner, and you will make a good one. After we toughen you up and train you a bit. Are you up for adventure, sex and some rather lucrative cons?"

Gwen sat on a cushy red chair looking out at the lake. She really had nothing left to loose. Rhys was gone, Jack was a mask, her parents were angry she had hurt Rhys so much, she had really messed everything up, and all for Torchwood. She had been trying to help the world, but what about her, she had ripped apart her life and the lives of others and gained nothing, maybe John was right.

"Fuck it, I will try anything once." Gwen replied.