This is my first fanfic venturing out of the FMA world and will probably be my only piece in this section. Originally I am a Hagi/Saya fan but since there are so many writings supporting the couple, I decided to tip the favor in Solomon's direction. Also Hagi fans be warned. I cannot oddly place him in the background of a story (like many fics do) when he is not a background character. Hagi and Saya's history is too great to push it aside.

So…yeah, I'm protected by the government.

Takes place after Episode 40 and before Episode 43

Summery: Solomon was anything but a simple man. And though the matters of his heart were strangely simple, the circumstances were dangerously complicated. Eventual Solomon/Saya.



Reigning Truths

"Things are changing

It seems strange that I need to figure this out,

You've got your life, I've got mine,

But you're all I cared about,

Yesterday we were laughing,

Today I'm left here asking,

Where has all the time gone now?

I'm left alone somehow…

Don't say goodbye"


The air was dark and oppressing as Saya stumbled her way through the murky alleyways of New York. Though it was not easily seen, as wounds of the heart are often hidden, the permanent absence of her dear Chevalier weighed upon her as heavy as any physical blow. It felt as if a part of herself had been ruthlessly ripped away, leaving the edges of her jagged and frail.

He was gone.

Hagi was truly gone.

She fell to her knees, the sword shifting awkwardly at her side as it clattered beside her to the brick. This past year in their relentless search for Diva had all been in vain simply because she had lost him. She suddenly wished she had treated him a little better instead of letting their mission consume her so fully. And despite it all he had followed her and had helped her unconditionally.

"No matter what happens, I want you to live on, Saya."

Her very reason for existence just seemed so hollow now for she had lost the support behind her drive, had lost the dam that had kept the waves of insanity at bay. She had lost sight of her lighthouse and was being tossed about in the violent storm. Now she was stranded. Vengeance stronger than any she had ever felt welled up inside of her. Yet at the same time her fingers spanned along the bumpy road, supporting her hunched form as her shoulders began to shake with sobs.

"Forgive me, Hagi…"

The skies wept their own bitter tears along side with the Queen just as its great grumble showed its own grief. In the midst of all of this, a pair of warm, strong arms enveloped her person; a shelter from the rain; a cleft in the rock, and for the briefest of moments she allowed herself to believe Hagi had not died by Diva's hand and that he was there with her, holding her tightly within his protective embrace.

Then he spoke and the woven spell was shattered.

"I'm sorry, Saya."

Reflexively the young Queen tensed and her fingers curled about the hilt of her katana.

"Why are you here?" Her voice was a monotone whisper but no less fierce. How dare he come to her at this moment, and after what happened.

Solomon pulled away, sensing the abrupt shift in the enemy of his former Queen. Saya did not look at him for her head hung below the set of her shoulders, and still the hairs on the back of his neck rose in warning."

"I am here because you are hurting."

A small, nearly insane laugh bubbled from her lips as a wave of grief overwhelmed her.

"Do you know why I'm hurting?" she snapped.

"Yes I do." The fair skinned chevalier answered her quietly. "I had no ill feelings toward him as your Chevalier; he protected you with his life, as was in his nature. His death is the cause of your grief; of course I care."

"This won't stop me, Solomon," she glare up at him; a wild look now present in her mahogany gaze, "I will kill Diva. You cannot stop me."

The silence was overwhelming as nothing but the pounding of rain and the rolling of thunder could be heard. Solomon allowed his hand to fall to her cheek where he gently tilted her face up from where it had fallen, forcing her to look at him once more. The way she stared up at him was as if something had died behind those crimson orbs. His gut clenched.

"I'm not going to stop you," he said, "I'm going to help you. No longer am I Diva's Chevalier as I renounced that status before the attack. I am yours to command now."

There was such a blank expression in her countenance that his heart ached. Silently, Saya began to tremble as the seeping chill began to settle in her bones and in her heart.

"Here." He removed his now black jacket to drape it across her shoulders. Then in a bold movement, he lifted her up into his arms and began the journey towards home. During the duration of the travel, Saya's hands fisted themselves in the folds of his shirt as she looked at him with fevered eyes.

"Why?" She whispered and he had stopped in mid stride to look down at her; undeterred that she had began to drift once more into slumber.

His voice was most solemn as he answered.

"Because I am in love with you."

Remember that because Hagi has died Saya's personality will not have the same outcome as it did in the series. Spoiler Warning: And even though she thought Hagi had perished by Amshel's claws and was able to semi-move on with her life, Hagi's absence has taken place in a more critical time before the final battle between Diva could be fought and before Saya could resolve the issue to live. Hence Solomon's presence…

Eh, whatever. I'll be sure to elaborate as the story goes on. Please tell me what you think of this piece.