The Secret of Mewtwo's Clone

Author's Note:I don't own Pokemon. This story has a clone of Mewtwo that is twice as strong as Mewtwo himself. Has an Mewtwo Clone OC and female Mewtwo Clone pairing. Also, psychic speech is displayed like this: (speech), thoughts are displayed like this: italics, telepathic thoughts are displayed like this:(speech), and human speech is normal.

Mew Island, the lush island where scientist Prof. Drake Cedar, is busy at work attempting to make not one, but two, new clones of the most powerful Pokemon mankind has ever known; Mewtwo.

The first of the two new clones, a male named in honor of the original Mewtwo, is floating in his Cloning Chamber and listening to a telepathic communication from the second clone, a female named Mewthree, a.k.a Aurora.

(Hello Mewtwo. How are you today?) asked Aurora as she telepathically flew around Mewtwo while she giggled.

Mewtwo telepathically sighed inwardly and looked at his friend. (I'm fine Aurora. How are you?) he asked as he crossed his arms over his chest due to the fact he was feeling uneasy with the way Aurora kept 'looking' at it.

Aurora giggled even more and started to blush telepathically. (I'm doing very well today. Thank you for asking. Hey Mewtwo? Do you think that, maybe, when we get out of these Cloning Chambers we could go see a movie?) Aurora asked the male clone she felt extremely attracted to as she flew past, and very close to, him again.

Mewtwo sighed, then suddenly, he vanished from the Telepathic Realm only to open his eyes.

"Prof. Cedar! The male clone, Mewtwo, he's awake sir!" cried a human female as she looked at Mewtwo directly in his eyes.

Mewtwo closed his eyes and thought about what the woman had just said. Awake...Am I awake? Yes, I feel awake. In fact, I feel...powerful! thought Mewtwo as he opened his eyes again and saw his red fur with powerful muscles underneath it.

Suddenly he closed his eyes again and pictured the glass of his Cloning Chamber being shattered. As if responding to his wishes the glass of his Chamber cracked and shattered, littering the floor around him, and spilling the green liquid onto the floor as well.

A human male stepped forward and smiled. "Well, it seems that Mewtwo is awake, and by the looks of things very powerful. I can't wait for Mewthree to awaken as well." said the human.

Mewtwo, a very suspicious creature but nonetheless curious, glared with both suspicion and curiosity at the human male. (Mewthree? What is that human?) he asked the human male, his voice powerful and commanding, yet gentle and soothing.

The human male smiled and indicated the second clone in another Cloning Chamber, one that Mewtwo recognized as Aurora, still sleeping in the Cloning Trance. "Mewthree, or as we've learned from your conversations with each other Aurora, is another clone of the very Pokemon that you both resemble called, ironically, Mewtwo. She was created to be your mate." said the human.

Mewtwo looked at the human and glared at him in suspicion. (And who are you human? Seeing as how you know my name I believe that I am entitled to know yours as well.) stated Mewtwo.

The human laughed and nodded. "You're quite right. My name is Prof. Drake Cedar. And I am very glad to make your acquaintance Mewtwo." said Prof. Cedar as he held out his hand to Mewtwo.

Suddenly, the glass around Aurora's Cloning Chamber shattered, and everyone turned to see that she had woken up and was now looking around her new surroundings.

(Wow! This place is beautiful!) whispered Aurora as she continued to look around the lab. Soon she noticed that Mewtwo was staring at her, or rather her chest, which had two mounds growing on it and when she saw this she began to blush furiously. (What's wrong Mewtwo? Is there something wrong with my chest?) she asked her friend and, though he hadn't sensed it, crush.

Mewtwo shook his head to clear it of all thoughts of what it would be like to have Aurora's body pressed against his and of them commiting an act that he knew humans refered to as sex. (No. Nothing's wrong. Nothing at all Aurora.) Mewtwo lied as he tried to hide the slight blush that was begining to form on his face.

Aurora, having noticed that Mewtwo seemed very interested in her chest mounds that she had realized were her female breasts, smiled slyly and gracefully walked over to him while she moved her arms behind her back. When she reached him, she noticed that his eyes had widened and he was now staring at her breasts again, and she sensed that he wanted to touch them. She giggled and provocitivly thrust her breasts out at him. (Go ahead Mewtwo. They're yours. Just tell me that you love me.) Aurora told him.

Mewtwo swallowed hard and nodded. (I love you Aurora. I always will. Please say you'll mate with me tonight.) Mewtwo begged.

Aurora giggled and nodded. (Alright Mewtwo. I'll mate with you tonight.) she told him as she kissed him on his lips passionately.

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