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Mikhail hasn't held much stock in egalitarian societies with utopian daydreams for quite some time. His years in Afghanistan, surrounded by that daydream getting pumped full of machine gun fire and its limbs blasted off by bombs, took care of that. So when he steps off the submarine onto the dock, he suppresses the urge to roll his eye at the fact that he's just walked into exactly that sort of society.

The benefits of this place outweigh the silly idealogies, though. It's warm, for one -- a nice change from Vladivostok. Sunny. Isolated. The DHARMA Initiative has told him over and over that it's saving the world, and that he'll be helping with his valuable service. He doesn't know about that, but as a man introducing himself as Horace Goodspeed shakes his hand, Mikhail can't see any downsides to having accepted this offer.