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She doesn't have much to say but she smiles just as much as always, the baby gurgling happily next to her or in her arms. So Sawyer doesn't really bother with the consolation thing. He figures...well, he doesn't know what he figures, just that for some reason Charlie's swan song and departure isn't really getting to her. Seems kinda heartless, but what does he know.

Most mornings she's up early, on the porch with Aaron and a cup of coffee, sometimes a book. He doesn't go much past what's polite. But then one morning she's just sitting, not doing anything, baby apparently still asleep inside the house and a lost look on her face. There's a long second where he's about to keep striding by -- she's not gonna hold it against him any more than anything else he does -- and then he knows he can't, not when her eyes are so empty and her pretty little face is so drawn.

Claire looks up at him quickly as he approaches, and the sadness gets forced away. Now he knows it's there, though, so he can see it still hanging around her mouth and eyes. He leans on the railing and doesn't have a clue what to say for a moment. So he just asks, "Got any more of that coffee?"

With a small smile, she replies, "Yeah."