Me: Finally the epilogue's here, which means this story is over

Me: Finally the epilogue's here, which means this story is over! I don't own Digimon, of course. This is based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode that was on yesterday.

Tai: (sighs) Now we can relax, right?

Me: Unfortunately, no.

Tai: WHAT?!

Me: You heard me-there's a new storyline thought up-all I need to do is give it some thought.

Tai: Oh boy!

Digimon: The Needs of the Many…

Epilogue-A piece of my heart is with you

Tai, Sora, Agumon and Biyomon all landed hard on Sora's floor in her room.

And they were all tangled up, which made it hard to move, until people-and Digimon-tried to untangle themselves.

"All right-where's your mother?" Tai asked calmly as he rose to his feet.

"You told my Mom about this?" Sora noted with a tinge of worry shown on her face.

"Apparently, someone else beat me to it, because when I got here to tell her, she already knew." Tai explained.

"Come on, Sor. Let's go find her."

Tai's suspicions were right, of course. He-and Sora-both knew the only place Ms. Takenouchi would go to ease her fears and pain was the flower shop. That's where they found her.

"Mama? I'm home."

Almost instantly, her mother, who was overjoyed in seeing her daughter back once again, enveloped Sora and Biyomon in a big hug.

Have you ever been close to tragedy or been close to folks who have?

Have you ever felt the pain so powerful, so heavy you'd collapse?

No? Well, I…

Tai smiled with satisfaction as he saw the happy Takenouchi family reunited again and motioned for Agumon to leave.

"Tai? Come here, please."

Stopping with a slight grimace, Tai turned back around to where he saw Ms. Takenouchi make a motioning move with her hand, inviting him and Agumon inside the circle.

Tai soon found himself in a hug of love and content alongside Sora. He was lucky that amidst the silent sobbing Sora was finally letting go he was able to hear her mother's response of gratitude.

"Thank you for bringing her back to me."

Chorus: Never had to knock on wood!

But I know someone who has, which makes me wonder if I could

It makes me wonder if I…

Never had to knock on wood!

And I'm glad I haven't yet, because I'm sure it isn't good

That's the impression that I get…

Later on that week, Gennai-who was rejuvenated again and looked younger than he had earlier-had contacted only Tai and Sora via their computers. They were needed in the Digital World, post haste. So, they departed once again side by side to the Digital World.

"Yeah, Gennai? We're all relaxing ever since this whole Blightmon mess-surprisingly enough, Davis and Yolei are together and so are Matt and Mimi. Never thought that day would come." Tai cracked cynically.

"I felt that since you were connected the most to Sora, that you should be here when I ask her this question-what happened to you after you were deleted by Blightmon?"

Sora shuddered in pain and utter agony once Gennai asked her that question. Almost instantly, Tai moved close to her and consoled her. A second later, she relaxed again and felt safe in his arms.

"Thanks, Tai. I do think I need to get this off my chest, though. Well, it all happened so fast and quickly that I don't really know what to say."

Tai nodded and just continued to hold her in his arms. "Whenever you're ready. Just speak from the heart."

Sora smiled as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to remember what had happened after her deletion. "After I sacrificed myself for Tai, as well as the others, I found myself in a place of peace. Pure contentment, joy and happiness. Nobody was unhappy there, no one shed any tears and nobody had to die. I felt almost complete but knew there was one thing missing. You weren't there, Tai. You've always held a piece of my heart for as long as I can remember, and without you there with me, I didn't feel complete. I didn't feel pure happiness. Then, before I knew what was going on, I was pulled out of there by the power of the Digital World or something else. Whatever pulled me out of that place and put me back here, there must have been a reason, right?"

"Sure, Sora. There's always a reason for things. Like your death, your sudden return had to have meant something. I think I know where you were-it's where we'll get to go one day, right?"

"Mm-hmm. We'll get to go back there…together. But, can we not tell the other DigiDestined about this, including Matt?" Sora asked sleepily. Tai chuckled a bit and picked her up, holding her head against her shoulder.

"Yeah. I had no plans to tell any of the others about this at all. We'll see you later, Gennai."

As Tai walked off with Sora in his arms and the Digimon trying to keep up with him, Gennai looked up to the skies and couldn't help but smile.

"Thank you for allowing her to come back. She wasn't truly complete while she was there. Only the other piece of her heart could make her feel that way…"