8.17 "Panto… what?!"

Written by damselfly, dragonfly, and AudiRox

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

(Scene from 8.15)

EMILY: (To Rory) You need to start dating.

RORY: What?

EMILY: I know the perfect person for you.

RORY: (Whines) Grandma!

EMILY: (Smiles)… dinner at our place at 7 o'clock Sunday evening.


TREVOR: (To Rory) Apart from our mutual fondness of hybrid vehicles, and distaste for golf… (Takes a card from inside his jacket) if you find anything else worth exploring, give me a call (he hands the card to Rory).

RORY: (Nods) Thanks.


NATE: (looks at the female and the two other gentleman) Stacy, Gus, and Phillip… meet Rory and Trevor…

They nod at each other.

GUS: (An older, slightly flamboyant gentleman) Glad to finally meet you, Rory.

NATE: (Explains as he takes a step to the side, and towards her) Gus and Phillip (it becomes obvious that they are partners) work at the New York Times.

PHILLIP: (Nods) Photography over here.

NATE: (Adds) And Gus heads the team that's going to Africa this summer.

RORY: Oh wow… the project sounds amazing from the little I've heard…


TREVOR: (To Rory) Hey, thanks for inviting me. And if you want to hang out again sometime… don't hesitate to call.

RORY: (With a curious smile) Oh… "hang out"… ?

TREVOR: (Smiles) Yeah, I hear I make a good friend to some unsuspecting poor souls. (Subtly gestures at the group – mainly at one particular person) besides, it seems like you're somewhat into… someone else.


NATE: (To Rory in the DiLuca kitchen) So it's a shame Trevor couldn't join our midnight snack.

RORY: (Sighs) Yeah.

NATE: (Casually) So, what happened there? He didn't like us?

RORY: (Lets out a sigh combined with a chuckle) Oh no… he really enjoyed tonight. But… (shakes her head as she ponders)…

NATE: (As he cuts the sandwich in the middle) But what?

RORY: (Chuckles) Nothing… really.

NATE: (Not wanting to push it) Okay.

RORY: (Intoxicated by the very late hour, and the one drink she had previously) He thinks I have a "thing" for…. (adds as she looks up at him) you.

NATE: (Looks up quizzically, then a moment later – he laughs) Is that so?

RORY: (Taken back, she makes a serious expression – which Nate catches) Well…

NATE: (Any sign of a smile vanishes…) Rory?

RORY: (Not sure how to revive the situation, she decides to be forthright) Well, there may be some truth to it…


(Scene from 8.16)

Rory makes her way to her work area. She looks around cautiously to observe the atmosphere.

KEN: (Walks by her) Hey, Ror!

RORY: (Jumps a bit, but composes herself) Hey Kenny.

KEN: (As he passes) Hey, we should sit down and discuss the new layout. This afternoon?

RORY: (Nods as she realizes that Ken is clueless) Sure. (A subtle smile of relief appears on Rory's face).

She continues to walk by the cubicles and offices, watching for anyone that may show signs of knowing about her embarrassing weekend.

Rob and Nate walk towards her as she reaches her cubicle.

ROB: (As he passes) G'morning Rory.

RORY: (Looks down at her bag as she sees Nate look at her) Hey Rob.

NATE: (Just as calmly as Rob) Morning Gilmore. (Rory's eyes widen as she realizes the normal tone of his voice. Nate continues as he passes her) Let me know when you take a look at the agenda for our next staff meeting. Have a few things on there that we'd like your input on… (nods, then turns and walks along with Rob).

Rory holds her breath for a moment as Nate and Rob disappear around the corner. Scene fades on her as she looks at their trail, completely taken aback.


Rory's cell phone rings.

RORY: Hello?

FEMALE VOICE: Hello. May I speak with Ms. Rory Gilmore, please?

RORY: (Curiously) This is Rory Gilmore.

FEMALE VOICE: Ms. Gilmore. Hello. My name is Kathleen Nelson and I'm calling on behalf of The New York Times…

RORY: (Shakes her head, not completely hearing the caller) I'm sorry, I didn't hear you…

KATHLEEN: I'm calling to inform you that your résumé has been reviewed and we believe that you are qualified for this position.

RORY: (Confused by the cryptic call) What position?


RORY: (Smiles nervously into the phone) Hey there. It's me, Rory.

Scene CUTS between Rory's Apartment and Trevor's office.

TREVOR: (Surprised, he leans back in his chair) Hey there. This is a nice little surprise.

RORY: (Smoothes her hair behind her ear) I… think… we prematurely ended what could've been a few great dates.

TREVOR: (Amused, he raises an eye) Really?


Rory enters the interview…

RORY: (Takes a seat in front of the panel) Thanks… I'm actually quite surprised to be here.

GUS: Oh, I know we were a bit vague on the phone. (Looks at his wrist watch) Actually we're waiting on someone else. (Looks at his colleagues) Maybe we should get started… (the colleagues nod) Okay… (Looks at Rory) As you may already be aware, I'm in charge of a small group of writers that will be going on a pretty exciting "collaborative" tour throughout Africa…

To Rory's surprise, Nate enters the room.

GUS: Rory, I feel I should be clear with you on this. Since you were highly recommended for this position by someone very close to the project, and after meeting with you on a professional basis, I think we are quite certain that the job is yours if you choose to accept it. I just wanted to verbally offer it to you, but also realize that you need time to think it over. So how about two weeks? Is that sufficient time?


RORY: ….it made me realize how unprofessional I have been. I'm so sorry for being such a pain about the whole thing. I completely see your point now. I just want you to know that.

NATE: (Nods, then a subtle smile appears on his face) As far as I know, it's behind us. (Rory is relieved. Nate gestures towards the room they had just exited) I should get back in there. (Stresses) Take the time to think about it, Rory.

Scene fades on Rory's face.



Scene opens on Taylor at the podium with his gavel.

TAYLOR: Alright fellow citizens, settle down. Settle down so we can get this emergency town meeting out of the way. (The town settles down) The most critical portion of the meeting will be covered later by Patty here…

BABETTE: (Makes a face) Huh?

TAYLOR: (Says in a blunt tone) I know how you people work… so I am going to take care of the lesser important stuff first, so you won't sneak out of the meeting.

LORELAI: That's deceitful, Taylor.

Gypsy waltzes in and takes a seat at front row. Her expression suggests that she has no idea why there would be a town meeting on a Friday night.

TAYLOR: (Flamboyantly gestures)Well, I'm sorry Lorelai. But if you were in my position, you'd do the same. (Opens the folder in front of him) Now, we have a few things to discuss here about next week's pantomime.

GYPSY: (Makes a confused expression) Panto… what?

TAYLOR: (Sees the culprit) Ah! There you are… nice of you to make the meeting, Gypsy. While you were away the past two weeks visiting your family, the town has been preparing for our first annual pantomime.

GYPSY: (Still confused) "Pantomime"? Aren't those things usually during Christmas or New Year's?

TAYLOR: (Rolls his eyes) Well yes, but let's call this a "post-Easter panto".

LORELAI: (Whispers to Luke) Is it me, or did that just sound really 'dirty'? (Luke rolls his eyes)

TAYLOR: (Looks through a list and continues) And since you were absent, Gypsy, the town volunteered you to be the lead stage help.

GYPSY: (Turns to see the people sitting behind her) Gee, thanks guys.

TAYLOR: (Continues to look through his list) Now let's see… we have Lulu who will be our Cinderella. (Lulu sweetly smiles from her seat)

GYPSY: (Outraged) Lulu is Cinderella? Why does she get to be Cinderella?

TAYLOR: (Rolls his eyes again in frustration) Because she was here the past two weeks for rehearsals, Gypsy. (Looks directly at her) Now, may I please carry on with the meeting?

JOE: (Shouts from the back) Yeah, quit hogging the meeting, Gypsy!

GYPSY: Shut up, Joe! (Looks up at Taylor) Who is Prince Charming?

BABETTE: (With a chuckle turns to her) Rory!

TAYLOR: (Looks over at Lorelai and Luke and raises an eye) Who, by the way, is not at the meeting. Lorelai, if your daughter insists on participating in town events, she must also make it a point to show up at these meetings.

LORELAI: (Speaks up) Sorry Taylor, she had a prior engagement – but I promised her I'd take good notes. (Leans into Luke and whispers as Taylor's voice continues in the background) Did I mention how ecstatic I am that I was able to miss Friday night dinner?

LUKE: (Responds softly) Yes, you mentioned a few hundred times… at least. I wonder how they're doing.

LORELAI: (Looks at her husband) April and Rory? (Dismisses it) Oh, they'll be okay. (Luke smiles at her) Besides, dad's taken an interest in April. They seem to get along just fine.

TAYLOR: (As he goes down the list) Lorelai… how are the costumes coming?

LORELAI: Coming along fine, Taylor. (To the rest of the town) Wednesday's the last fitting guys.

Lorelai looks over at a silent Kirk with a tentative facial expression, to which Kirk responds with thumbs up.

BABETTE: (Giddily explains to Lorelai) Oh, I can't wait to get into my fairy godmother costume!

TAYLOR: (Checks it off the list) Good. (Looks at the man sitting next to Lorelai) Luke? How's the set coming?

LUKE: You know how it's coming along. You've been micro-managing the whole thing, Taylor.

TAYLOR: (Ignores him) Okay, I will check that off as well.

GYPSY: (Leans and asks Babette) Who's playing the evil step-mother?

TAYLOR: (With his sharp ears, explains) Ah, a good segue, Gypsy. (Looks over at Patty to his side) Patty?

PATTY: (Steps forward and takes the gavel) Thank you, Taylor. (Looks at the townsfolk) As you may all know, Edgar Bellowes of Woodbury, who's done the best Grand Dame in the history of small production pantomimes, was to be our guest actor – as Cinderella's step-mother. However, this morning, he had a small accident on his Vespa, and broke his left foot. (The townsfolk look at each other in surprise) Don't worry; he'll be good as new in a couple of months. However, we now have to cast a new Grand Dame. So does anyone here have any good suggestions?

LUKE: (Speaks up) Taylor Doose. (Everyone turns to Luke as Lorelai tries not to laugh)

TAYLOR: (Looks up from his seat) What? (Chuckles) No, no… that's ridiculous. (Patty ponders as she looks back and forth between Luke and Taylor).

LUKE: (As if he has a bone to pick) Why is it ridiculous? You and this Bellowes guy look alike.

TAYLOR: (A little offended) No we don't!

PATTY: (As if a light bulb just turned on) Wait a minute… he's right. (Looks at Luke) You're right. (Looks back at Taylor) You'd make a perfect Grand Dame.

TAYLOR: (A little annoyed) Stop it Patty. (Looks out to the townies, and gestures) What… what about Jackson? He'd make a…

JACKSON: (Sitting next to his wife, Sookie) Already got a role, buddy!

TAYLOR: (Shakes his head) Now, in all seriousness…

PATTY: (Cuts him off by addressing the town) Okay, everyone who thinks Taylor Doose would be a good evil step-mother, say aye!


PATTY: (Hits the gavel on the podium) That's settled then!

TAYLOR: (Protests as he raises his clipboard) But I'm the Assistant Director!

PATTY: (Grabs the clipboard as she gets down from the podium) Not anymore, (looks over at a townie) Carrie, you will be my new assistant.

The townies start to leave the studio and we can hear their chatter as Taylor mumbles his protests. We faintly hear…

GYPSY: (To Babette) Who's playing the ugly step-sisters?

BABETTE: Kirk and Jackson.

Scene ends.


Episode 8.17 is a collaborative effort by damselfly, dragonfly, and AudiRox. Reviews are very much appreciated.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the visual of the pantomime (some of the townies in costume), please check the LiveJournal post for this particular episode. Link is provided in the author profile.