Let Me Be Your Reason

Cosmo slammed the door to his bedroom open and walked in, his feet dragging. He flew across the floor and looked at the mirror positioned above his dresser. He sighed when he saw his disheveled state. His light green hair was terribly messed up, there were huge dark bags under his emerald eyes. He and his wife Wanda had just gotten back from their recent god child, a small girl named Shelby who had been the bane of their nightmares for the 6 months they had stuck with her. She had been one of the many god kids who acted like the only reason she kept them around was because they were pretty much at her beck and call. She had kept them up every night with her constant wishing, giving them no break.

Finally, before Cosmo had thought he would go crazy, she had accidentally told one of her friends about them and within a second Mr. Jorgen Von Strangler had poofed in and wiped their memory's and sent Cosmo and Wanda packing back home to Fairy World. They had just got home when a fairy messenger had appeared to them and told them that they would need to report to Jorgen for their new assignment.

'Stupid Jorgen' Cosmo complained in his mind, while scratching a itch on his head 'We barely get home and you've already assigned us another god kid?'

He heard a poof and when he turned around he saw his pink haired wife standing there giving him a slightly stern look. "Come on, Cosmo" she said "We have to clean up before we go to the Council Office."

"I know that!" Cosmo retaliated "Just give me a second."

Wanda looked a little hurt at first but she shook it off and poofed out of his room. Cosmo sighed before poofing himself into the bathroom to wash up. He took off his clothes and stepped into the shower while turning on the hot water. He let out a small moan when the warmth swept over him. It had been awhile since he was able to just relax and he was gonna take his time whether or not Wanda disapproved of tardiness.

He thought back to the slight hurtful look that had been obvious on her face before she had poofed away. He then felt a tang of guilt but fought it back. 'It's her fault anyway' he thought as he stopped the water 'She was the one who told me that we weren't made for each other and to get my own life.'

When he got out of the shower he poofed himself dry and quickly got his clothes on. He took one last look in the mirror and fixed his hair the way he had kept it for the past ten thousand years. He then poofed into the living room where Wanda was patiently waiting for him. She looked at him before giving a small smile "You ready?"

"As I'll ever be" replied Cosmo with a grim smile. They took each others hands and both waved their wands to be poofed into the Fairy Council's office.

The office was small but it held a large desk in which sat a large woman with light purple hair that was held up in a bun. In an instant the receptionist behind her desk noticed them and glared at them behind her large glasses while saying "Your late."

"Apparently..." Cosmo replied coldly. "Cosmo..." Wanda said, silently warning him to keep his behavior in check here.

The secretary looked at them strangely before holding out her manicured hand and asked "Do you have your reports on your last kid?"

"Right here" said Wanda as she took out a large stack of papers from nowhere and gave it to her. The secretary asked while looking down at the files "So...how was little Miss Shelby?"

"She was a disaster" Cosmo said without hesitating.

"Cosmo!" Wanda yelled, warningly. The secretary raised an eyebrow towards them but didn't question them.

Before anything else happened two tall figures entered the room. One was a man with white hair and piercing yellow eyes. The other was a woman with flowing black hair and amethyst eyes. Anyone could tell from their pose and somewhat royal like clothing that they were of high ranking and status.

"Ah, Council Leaders" Wanda exclaimed, slightly surprised "We didn't know you would be here. We thought Jorgen would assign us our child."

The male Council Leader named Valen replied "Yes, well Jorgen is assigning others their god children and Valeria and I wanted to speak with you in personal about your new god child."

"What about him or her?" asked Cosmo, starting to get a little scared.

Valen cleared his throat before replying "First things first. Valeria, if you will..."

Valeria then strolled over to them and handed them a brand new file filled with most of the information they would need to know about their new assignment. Wanda took the small file gently, not noticing that a picture had dropped from the papers onto the floor. Cosmo noticed the fallen picture and bent down to pick it up. When he held it in his hands he turned it around to get a good look at his new god child.

Cosmo's breath was caught in his throat when he looked down at the picture. It was of a young teen boy. The boy had burnette hair in a fashion that was quite like his own, and it looked like he had almost sky blue eyes that seemed to glow. He was only smiling a little in the picture but just that small smile seemed to be enough to stop Cosmo's breathing. He didn't know what it was but he could tell, somehow that this boy was...special.

He was too engrossed with the picture that he didn't realize Wanda had come up from behind him and was looking down at the picture too. She smiled down and said "He's quite handsome."

"Hey Wanda" said Cosmo, not taking his eyes off the picture "What's his name?"

"Oh, according to the files his name is Timmy Turner" she said. "Timmy Turner..." Cosmo muttered under his breath.

"Yes" Valeria said, folding her arms across her chest "Timmy Turner is age 14 though his birthday is in a couple of months. His parents are rich folk who wants nothing to do with him and on some...unfortunate events they finally found a place to keep him."

"What do you mean 'unfortunate events'?" Wanda asked.

"That is what we need to discuss in our office" Valen said, not really looking them in the eye "There's something about him that you have to know about before you go to him, and we'd rather not talk about it in public view."

"Is it that bad?" asked Cosmo.

"He's in an Insane Asylum?!" yelled Cosmo and Wanda together, not believing what they just heard. They were sitting in the Council Leader's office. Valen and Valeria were sitting opposite of them on their dark green sofa, slowly sipping their coffee. Cosmo and Wanda were sitting on the wooden chairs placed in the office for guests. The room was the size of a small library, two desks lined the back wall and countless of bookshelves lined the others.

"I thought we were supposed to be assigned to kids who were lonely or depressed not kids who were psychologically insane!" said Cosmo. He couldn't believe that the sweet boy who had been smiling in the picture was somehow crazy.

"It's not as bad as it sounds" said Valen, slowing rubbing his temples "The boy was placed there two years ago falsely by his parents. They thought he was slowly going crazy but countless nights of research has told us that the boy is clearly NOT crazy but is merely misunderstood and lonely."

"And the only reason why he's been there so long" Valeria stated "Is because he keeps telling his doctors that there's nothing wrong with him, which is true but the doctors there hardly listen to there patients, so they've kept him there all these years."

"I see..." whispered Wanda, apparently thinking it over in her head "But are you sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with him?"

"Only loneliness and a slight depression" said Valen "His trust for man kind has vanished almost completely in the past two years and we were hoping you two could gain it back for him."

"Well...what do you think Cosmo?" asked Wanda, turning her head to find her husband still looking down at the picture of Timmy. Cosmo barely heard her, but when he took one last look at the boys eyes he saw a hint of loneliness in them. He could feel his heart pounding inside his ribcage as he nodded his head. He didn't if it was fright, anxiety or if it was just joy. But he couldn't possibly be feeling the latter, he hadn't even met the boy yet! So he shook off the feeling and put the picture in his front pocket on his white shirt and said with a smile "We'll do it."

"Perfect" Valen said, smiling for the first time in their meeting "You may spend a few hours watching the boy if you will it and then you can decide fully if you want this assignment or not."

"Uh we tried that last time with Shelby" Wanda said "A few hours showed us that she was a good little girl to her parents but it didn't show us that she would be a disaster later on."

"Very well" said Valeria "We will give you exactly 24 hours to watch over the boy...starting at exactly 1 hour from now."

Cosmo and Wanda both nodded their heads and bowed a little before poofing themselves out of the office. "You think they can do something about him, Valeria?" Valen asked.

"I'm sure they'll do fine" she retorted "Try having a little faith now and then."

"Are you sure you wanna try this one, Cosmo?" Wanda asked as they were repacking their bags. Her husband seemed a little excited and was packing his bags much faster than she was. Maybe he was a little too excited?

"I don't know Wanda, but I've got this...feeling inside of me" Cosmo said, finally done packing "And I think it's saying that this one is different from the rest. I think this assignment is gonna be better than the others."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

Cosmo stopped for a second then grabbed the picture of Timmy from his pocket and looked down at it. A smile grew on his face and he nodded saying "I'm sure. This one is special. I can feel it."