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Your Own Hobby

"Harry?" the purple haired ten-year-old asked, reaching for a cupcake, "I've got a question."

"Yes?" Harry said.

"Do you know what my dad's been buying?"

"Come again?"

"Well," Teddy started, peeling the wrapper off of the sweet, "About a week ago, Dad came home with a bunch of bags from some toy store. He tossed me a model train, but he still had a bunch of bags. When I asked him what it was, he just said, 'never you mind,' and went into the office. I've tried to sneak in and find out what it is, but the office is either locked, or he meets me at the door and won't let me in."

"I've no idea," Harry said, completely puzzled.

"Do you think Mum could be…you know, about to have a baby?"

"What? No," Harry shook his head. Unless that was a really recent development, he would have known about it.

"Well, could you ask? It's starting to creep me out."

Harry just laughed and joined his godson in a cupcake.


Remus looked around him, at the boxes and Muggle toys he had bought. Tonks was currently in the kitchen, working on a project, and Teddy was at Harry's house. He could play uninterrupted; but he was still paranoid. He had thought, when he had found out about Tonks's coloring habit, that hiding a hobby just because it was something that kids normally did, was a bit silly. Now, however, he saw her point. He shook his head and went back to playing.


"Mum! I'm back!"

"Hi Teddy," Tonks said, helping her son brush off the soot from the fireplace.

"Where's Dad?"

"In the office; and no, I don't know what the bloody hell he's doing," Tonks chuckled.

Teddy was fed up. Giving his mum a quick hug, he ran up the stairs. He knocked on the office door, and then backed up. He eyed the door, and mentally measured where and how his father would stand when he answered it. He was going to be in serious trouble if this didn't turn out to be another "coloring incident". He'd probably still be in trouble, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he braced himself. He heard his dad unlock the door, and as soon as it was completely open, Teddy dove.

He had misjudged how far apart his dad's legs were when he stood, so he ended up knocking him over a bit. He scrambled the rest of the way into the room, listening to Remus yell for him to come back. Passing two shelves of books, he skidded to a halt in front of the towering stucture his dad had been hiding and picked up a box.

Remus and Tonks came in after him. Teddy morphed himself into the "I'm sorry" look; blue hair and Bambi eyes. Tonks stopped and started laughing as she saw what her son was holding.

"Dad, is that Hogwarts?" Teddy asked, pointing.

"Yes," Remus answered grumpily, "And you're grounded until you go there…"

"Legos, Remus?" Tonks laughed.

"I got my own hobby," Remus smirked at his wife.

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