Chapter Three

The streets of Tangier were nearly cleared out in the late hour, so there was no one for Skinner to run into. He slipped through the streets, trying to pick up anything that the street rats would have heard, smirking when he heard tales of a warehouse that may or may not have an underground section to it. Heading back to where Orion was waiting for him, he threw on his coat, taking shape. "Well, she can be in one of two warehouses. The first is on the wharf here, but it is too busy. The second is in bad need of repair, but there has been a lot of activity there recently Allen…I mean Orion."

The smirk was obvious in his voice and Orion, or Allen, was probably glaring at him before he removed his hood, proving it. "How long?"

"Since we met you at the grave. I just didn't say anything."

Allen snorted a little and Rodney leaned against the wall. "So, where should we go?"

"Back to Nemo's lady. And then to the second warehouse."

Allen pulled the hood back up and Rodney followed, inspecting his fingers. "She really your ward?"


"Did you know she was being hunted?"

The silence reined for a few moments before Allen answered. "Yes."

"No offense Allen, but why didn't you guard her better?"

"Have you ever tried to take a cub from a lioness?"

"No. Where would I have the opportunity?"

"Beside the point Skinner. Those that do, usually do not live. I'm more focused on how they lived."

Rodney did not comment. Allen was walking with a purpose and justified anger rolled off him in waves. Rodney picked up speed and an invisible hand rested on his shoulder. "She'll be safe soon."

For a moment, time stood still and then Rodney removed his hand. "If you've ended your pity party now, let's go save your ward. Then, I am going to enjoy a good sherry."

End Chapter Three