Gains and Losses

As soon as he stepped foot in the bookstore, Chris Jericho knew he was not getting out anytime soon. He might as well set up a sleeping tent. Meanwhile, Tracy wanted to spend as much time at the bookstore as possible. Tracy knew Chris was just being nice so, she was going to try and hurry up, but that did not means she wasn't going to tease him. Chris and Tracy had known each other since they were in diapers.

Tracy Adams was currently 18, a senior in high school, and Chris Jericho's best friend. Chris was 20, a college student, and bored out of his mind. Its not that he was complaining, but Tracy can take up to 5 hours at the bookstore. Freezing, burning hot, no matter what the temperature was, you can be sure Tracy would be at the bookstore. He would always care about Tracy no matter what happened, and he was sure of that. Even if he had to compete with the jock of her boyfriend of three years, Andy Dallas.

Tracy Adams was what you can consider a leader. She was the school president, straight-A-student, and girlfriend of Cedar Hills most hottest football captain. She had many friends, but the one person you would not see her hanging out with Rebecca Donaldson. She and Rebecca weren't friends for the simple fact that Rebecca felt threatened by Chris's "friendship" with Tracy. Rebecca always made it her job to make rude comments to Tracy because of her relationship with a jock.

7 hours later ……………

A tired-out Chris Jericho heard the pillow calling to him because of his exhausting day with his best friend. Unfortunately, that was nowhere near happening because his girlfriend Rebecca was calling him.

"Hello", Chris answered the vibrating phone next to him.
"Chris, I have to tell you something about your best friend", Rebecca said.

What is it Rebecca, because if it is one of your stupid remarks Im not up fror

"She said she loved you."