ILoveYou has 8 letters, but so does Bullshit

- Chapter FINALLY IT'S OVER 10 –

And then I woke up.

Fuck, this isn't one of those "And then it was all a dream!" endings, is it? Because that would be such an expected conclusion to my life; the way it's been going for me. Really, that might as well happen.

Nonetheless, I literally did just wake up. I blinked my eyes for a couple of seconds. The bright light from outside could have easily fooled me into thinking I'd died and just ended up in Heaven, had I been drunk last night and woke up with a hangover today or something. And I completely would have accepted it. I'd just be like, "Hmm, I wonder what I did yesterday to get me killed?"

But I felt completely fine right now. Maybe a little too fine.

I got up slowly. I reached for my cell phone which was in the pocket of my jacket sitting next to me. It said:

0 Calls
0 Messages
7:49 am

Huh. Nothing sounds… strange.

I got dressed slowly with random clothes that were lying around.

I was kinda waiting for something suspicious to happen, actually.

I arrived somehow at my work place. I think I'm supposed to be here now? My lack of uncertainty probably meant that I am in fact supposed to be here.

It surprised me how I made it here in one piece, despite how dazed yet still fine I feel. I keep waiting for something to happen. And yet, I'm also unsure about what that something is. No doubt about it though, my mind is completely fucked and I have no idea what the answer to fix it is.

I ended up at my office cubicle through the elevator. Though I think I pressed every single button on the elevator unthinkingly, so it took me like fourteen stops to get here.

I stood outside my office and just peered into it, looking at the mess of shit everywhere. There is literally more stuff on the floor than on my desk.

Then I caught sight of a ginormous dent on the side of my wall. Pieces of cement, or whatever the hell wall is made of, were falling onto my carpet. How in the fuck…

"Hey, Haruno."

I whipped around. And then lips on my forehead was felt.

He kissed my forehead.

And then I saw a smirk when he backed off, before walking away across the hall. He was probably laughing at how heated up my face felt.

And then I guess it was me to be left standing here, watching his retreating back, regretting the fact that I should have said something instead of standing there like an idiot. Stupid Sasuke. Making me do nothing. I was too stunned what what the hell he just did to me.

I went to proceed into my office and pretend to do some work. Not thinking about the nothing that has not happened just now. I reached my hand out to slam my door… yet it was met with space. I looked around to see that there really was just space. The door that was usually there to keep my privacy, and also to hide that huge dent, was entirely gone. Even the hinges were gone.

Really, Sasuke? I know it was you. What's your game? Randomly removing my door, even taking out my hinges, as if he thought I was just going to forget that a door even existed to separate myself and the rest of the assholes around me.

Yes, you are included in the assholes, Sasuke. I still think you are an ass, even if I l-l…lov…

And then I stormed out, across the floor, and into Uchiha Sasuke's office. Well, someone still had their door intact. Full with rage…

I faltered. As soon as I saw him. He was just sitting there, but all my confidence just seeped out of my body when he looked up expectantly. My breath was caught short, and suddenly I didn't want to be here anymore. Just looking at him made me feel queasy.

This doesn't make any sense. I thought we had mutual feelings. Didn't we just establish that like a couple of days ago!?

I cleared my throat.

"Sasuke," I said with fake confidence, though I was wishing it would just come back to me already.


Holy hell. Did he just say my first name? Without putting something derogatory before or after it? I kind of stumbled backwards a little, as if the impact had literally hit me, being how taken aback I was for like the third time this morning.

"It's just my door…" I whined like a lost puppy. "It's kind of… gone."

I thought I almost saw a twitch of a grin in his mouth, but he skilfully kept his composure and said, "Do you really need it?"

I frowned. Of course I damn well need it!

"Indeed." What? Why the hell did I say indeed? Does that even work in this situation?

He almost really laughed right there. "Well, don't come crying to me."

He flicked a piece of paper in front of me. It landed smoothly on the floor. I looked at it, not even wanting to waste the energy to bend down to see what kind of horror could be written on that thing.

"Read it," he ordered, probably tired of telling me to do every single thing.

I picked it up despairingly.

All office members,

Workspace doors are NOT permitted as of Monday. We took the liberty of removing yours.


"What the fuck is this?" I said incredulously, as soon as I finished reading those three lines.

I stuck my head out of Sasuke's office. Every single neighbouring office cubicle was without a door.

"Why is this happening?" I asked, as if I was asking why the sky shot fireballs out of itself.

"To prevent transgressions and develop colleague friendliness to help improve work behaviour," he recited, looking at me as if I really gave a damn about improving co-worker friendship.

I raised an eyebrow. "What the hell? Is that really true?"

"Probably not," he said. "That's the boss's words."


"How did you even get that note? I didn't get one." Though that might be because of the crap all over my office. It could be there, hiding, and I would have no idea.

"It was posted on the bulletin board on the wall in front of the elevators."

"What? It was posted… does that mean you just took it from there?" I asked in amazement. What is this guy? A kleptomaniac? Sheesh. Don't go stealing something as worthless as a piece of goddamn paper for no reason.

"Yeah? So?" Now would be a good time for an animated sweatdrop. "I figured you would just pass by it, freak out when you don't have a door, and then come crying to me."

Damn he knows me inside and out. Does that mean that he did it all for me though?

"Err…" Let's not talk about how stupid I am anymore. I'm really getting tired of being told how idiotic I am. And that happens quite a lot. "So how come your door is still in existence, living unhappily in your office, still having to deal with your stupid…"

"Because," he said indignantly, cutting me off on purpose, "I'm rich. And don't you know, rich people always get what they want? Always."

Well, put any more emphasis on always and he'd be throwing a fit. How unfair. I wish I was rich. Then again, who doesn't, really? And what would they be, the really idiotic idiot? The even-lower-than-a-normal-idiot idiot? Hahaha… finally someone who's lower than me. That'd probably be Uzumaki Naruto. All he seems to care about is Hinata-chan.

"So are you talking about a bribe?" I asked. Like he bribed the higher-ups with money to deem him the only one worthy of owning a door. Though I'm clearly not really expecting him to actually say yes, but whatever.

He answered, "I don't know. Why don't you get rich and see what you do with your money."

He's definitely talking about bribes. That little son-of-a-bitch.

"Why? Why do I even try, Sasuke?" I said airily to myself. "I was leading such a wonderful life…"

"What in the world are you talking about?"

"And now I have to live with this. Every day." I sigh dramatically. "This" is pretty much just Sasuke and his ego. "As if I even have a reason to live…"

Fuck, I've turned emo.

"What about me?" Sasuke asked.

I looked sharply at him. "What about you?" Though I guess he is one of the reasons why I haven't killed myself and woken up in the Heavens, and then wonder how I got there. Then suddenly remembering that I took an overdose on alcohol. Or something.

Sasuke grimaced. "I thought you lov–"

"Don't say it!" I interjected, putting my hands up as if to shield myself from the terror that was about to be produced from his mouth. "Really. It embarrasses me."

I blushed, as if to prove that it really does embarrass me.

"Oh?" he said delightedly, like an idea just popped into his head. "Then maybe I should say it more often?"

I pretty much just dug my own grave for that one. "Err… how about no?"

I shouldn't be allowed to talk. I looked back across the hall to see my wonderful office. Doorless, but still somewhat wonderful. I could see everything from here: the piled-up crap that has no significant value to me, the humongous dent…

"Wait, you can see everything in my office clearly from here," I said aloud, as if I hadn't just established that in my mind already.

"Indeed," he mocked. Yes, he mocked me. Just because saying indeed sounds so funny. Though when Sasuke says it, he sounds sexy and composed.

"That's a little creepy," I stated, thinking about all the times Sasuke will have a chance to stare at me from across the hall and I can do nothing about it. "And, a little freaky too now that I think about it."

He chuckled strangely. "What? I can't have a healthy dose of pink hair every now and then?"

"Ahaha…" I laughed nervously. Embarrassment, Embarrassment, Embarrassment… "It just sucks that I don't have a choice in this, yet you can close your door whenever you want to. Though I guess you'll probably never want to since I'll always be there for you to see and... poke fun at."

I sighed at that. Good things are never really good for me in the end.

"Really?" Sasuke got up from his seat at his desk. Striding past me he said, "I kind of want to close my door now."

I gasped a little as I heard the door click shut. "Oh, S-Sasuke..."

Now there was just the two of us in the same room, and no way out. He got closer to me. I couldn't breathe, yet I was hyperventilating inside my head.

He closed in, and it was just him in front of me and the wall behind me.

And yet, I was happy. I'm happy that he's here. I'm happy that I am still in existence to be able to meet him.

I really thought my life was a complete tragedy before him, but now it's full of emotion and feelings. Even if like half of those are about his asshole-ish behaviour. At least I wake up every day, looking forward to conversations and arguments with him.

If he's about to rape me right now, I don't think I'd mind.

Which means it's not really a rape then, is it?

In the midst of the silence, Sasuke said out into the dark, "Can I ask you question number twenty now?"

I looked at him. He's asking for permission. How sweet. This is the first time I thought he was a gentleman this whole time I've known him.

I closed my eyes, nonetheless.

"Yeah," I answered.

The air around us softened, and I felt his hand on my cheek.

"Is it OK to tell you, I love you?"

And for some reason I didn't flinch when he said that. Not nothing. I smiled instead.

"It damn well is OK." He laughed quietly, and I did too. "I love you, Uchiha Sasuke."

I opened my eyes to see his smirk.

And I guess that's my Happily Ever After.

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