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A/N: This story is based on the hidden meaning of Hilde's name, which is posted on Saba's website. If you know anything about Norse Mythology, then you'll understand right away. If not, you're in for a crash course in Mythology 101.

Odin's Choice
Chapter 1
By: Loyce


Hilde stood on the front porch, a telegram clasped in the death grip of her right hand. Her angry cornflower blue eyes stared out into the front lawn. Through the blinding rage building inside of her, a lone salty tear slipped down her flawless cheek.

She scoffed as she looked down at the crumbled piece of paper. Grasping the telegram in both of her hands, she twisted the paper until it finally broke into two halves. She didn't need to reread the letter to remember what it said. The words were forever engraved in her mind. Through the light wind that blew through the colony, she could almost hear his voice dictating the orders.

It's time to bring him home. Midnight.

Closing her eyes, she thought back to the day she received her assignment . . .

She strode through the dark hallways of the castle with a purpose. Odin had called for her, and being his normal vague self, she had no idea why. Once she reached his private chambers, she lifted the huge knocker and brought it down against the heavy oak door. The doors then opened, leading to her master.

She stood just inside the doorway as she addressed him. "You wished to see me, master."

"Ah, Hilde, my second in command of the Valkyries. Please, come into the room."

As she walked further into the room, the heavy doors swung shut, locking out the rest of the castle. The cold stone room was illuminated by hundreds of candles. No windows were craved into the walls. This room was a sacred room, where Odin would choose the warriors who would die and come to his kingdom, Valhalla. In the middle of the room, was a mystical pool of water, which served as Odin's looking glass into the mortal world.

She stood beside her master and watched as he motioned for the water to display his choice.

"See the young man that I have selected. He's strong, brave and fearless. A perfect warrior, since he does not fear his own death; but he welcomes it. He'll make a fine addition to my army." Odin rubbed his bearded chin as he continued. "However, he is young and foolhardy. This young man needs to mature as a warrior before I will bring him here. That is why I've called you here, Hilde."

Turning to his servant, he placed his strong hands on her shoulders. "I want you to go to the mortal world and watch over this warrior. I will call for him when the time is right for him to come to Valhalla."

She was perturbed at the thought of being stuck with a worthless mortal, but didn't disobey his orders. "One question before I leave, master."


"What is this mortal's name?"

"He calls himself Duo Maxwell."

With a quick nod of her head, she turned and left the room . . .

'How dare they do this to me? Two hours? I only have two hours to prepare to save his soul.' A fury that she had never felt before burned throughout her body. The paper she held in her hands ignited quickly, turning the telegram to ashes.

Hilde brought her hands toward her mouth, opened them and blew the remnants of the letter into the wind. 'It's amazing how quickly things can be destroyed.' Focusing on her hands, she flipped them over to examine the damage to her palms. But, of course, there wouldn't be any burns, scars or redness. That was the price to pay for being immortal. A demigoddess, if you had to place her into a classification.

Hilde had been sent to the mortal realm on a mission, a mission in which she no longer wished to complete. 'How many times have I saved his life over the past 5 years? Too many to count on one hand.' Using magic, she had appeared in grave danger gathering the data from Libra during the Eve Wars. The 'glamour' was enough to pull Duo from a fight that he was suppose to die in. Odin had not been happy about that, but she had pleaded to him that her ward was not yet ready to join his army and Odin had agreed. But she could no longer out run her master. He was coming for Duo himself.

Turning quickly on her heels, Hilde headed back into the house. She silently closed the door and slumped against its sturdy frame. Her eyes drifted closed, as she listened to the joyous sound of Duo's laughter as it drifted from the living room.

It was such a wonderful sound; deep, soft, comforting and sensual all at once. Pushing away from the door, Hilde slowly made her way across the hallway, but the sight of him drew her up short at the entrance to the living room.

Duo wore a simple gray T-shirt and pair of black cotton sweat shorts. His feet were propped up on the coffee table, one muscular arm balancing a bowl of popcorn on his powerful legs. His cobalt colored eyes danced with amusement as he watched the TV screen. His long chestnut braid had come loose from its constraints, flyways framing his handsome features.

As she continued to stare at him, her palms grew sweaty, her heart beat faster, and she smiled like a fool. She had grown to love him over the past couple of years they had spent together. Sure, they were best friends, but deep down, Hilde hoped that he held the same feelings in his heart that were kept secret in her own. Since she loved him so deeply, she feared what the next couple of hours would bring for their futures.

Though she was uncertain about the future and the outcome of the impending battle, she was certain about the here and now. And now was the right time to show Duo what he truly meant to her.

He could feel her staring at him from the doorway. Not that he minded, no, not one bit. She would get this sexy smile on her face as she daydreamed. That smile would cause his pulse to start to rise and would cause it harder to breath. Hilde never seemed aware of what her smile could do to him. Probably because Duo never let her know exactly how much he loved her. She never once judged him by his past mistakes or his flaws, and besides all of that; Hilde was his best friend.

Duo cocked his head to the side and flashed her his famous 100-watt smile. "Hey, Hilde, who was at the door at this time of night?"

Hilde's bare feet made little noise as she padded across the hard wood flooring. "A pizza deliver boy had the wrong address." She moved closer to him, moving his feet off the table so she could sit in front of him. "Duo, we need to have a talk."

Duo threw her a questioning look. "Can it wait until after the movie?"

A sad smile crossed her face. "I'm sorry, Duo, but this is really important." Flicking her hand in the direction of the TV, the screen went blank. The room was cast into a shadowy darkness. Neither of them moved for what seemed like hours, but it was merely a couple of seconds.

Finally, Hilde sank down onto her knees between the couch and the coffee table. Reaching out into the darkness, she took hold of Duo's face in her hands. She let her hands explore the texture of his warm skin. She could feel the muscles of his face flex as her feathery soft touches roamed around to the back of his neck. Slowly, Hilde brought his face down to hers.

The breath caught in the back of his throat as he felt Hilde's lips press a tentative kiss against his own. Applying a little more pressure, the kiss became all-consuming. Duo's arms tightened around Hilde, bringing her against his body. His hands snaked their way up her back and into her short cap of silky hair. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip and as she sighed, he took full advantage of the situation. How many times had he dreamed about kissing her like this? How many times had he wondered how she'd taste? How she'd feel?

A small whimper escaped his lips as she pulled away to stare into his passion clouded eyes. "Hilde?" Duo asked in a hoarse whisper. He wanted to make sure that she truly wanted to take their relationship further. He wouldn't pressure her one way or the other; this would be totally her decision. Duo didn't want her to have any regrets in the morning because he knew that he would never regret making love with her.

His answer came in the silent reply of her kiss. Gathering her up in his arms, he climbed the stairs two at a time and kicked the door shut once they were inside his bedroom.

The only light in the room came from the moonbeams that danced through the window. Duo continued to hold her in his arms as his mouth plundered hers. He heard the muffled sound of her whimper against his lips and felt his knees grow weak. Pulling his arm out from under her knees, Duo set Hilde down in front of him, never relinquishing hold of her lips. His hands continued to roam over her body, as she explored the contours of his own. He was amazed that how they fit perfectly together.

Hilde nipped at his bottom lip as she pulled away from the kiss. Taking his hands in her own, she was able to get him to release his hold. Stepping back from him, she smiled as she pulled her tank top over her head, exposing her petite breast to him. The chilly night air caused her nipples to harden, or was it the arousal she saw in Duo's eyes? Though she seemed confident, she was shaking like a leaf on the inside as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them down over her hips.

Duo felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him. Before him stood a heavenly angel, cloaked only in the dim moonlight. He took his time looking at her; her breast, her narrow waist, her round hips, her toned legs and . . . Duo swallowed hard as his eyes lingered on the apex of her thighs.

Hilde could feel herself blush down to her toes under Duo's admiring gaze. Finally unable to stand by any longer, she walked over and pressed into him. As his lips found hers again, her hands found the hem of his shirt. Tugging, Hilde was able to pull his shirt over his head and toss it quickly to the floor. The feel off his warm skin against her sent chills up her spine.

Where their bodies met, Duo felt he had been scalded. He was so lost in the feel of her breast pushed into his chest that he hadn't realized that Hilde had worked his sweat shorts off his waist and that they were laying in a pool at his feet. He didn't notice, that is, until Hilde clasped her hand around him. She slowly stroked her hand back and forth along his erection. A hissing sound escaped his lips as pleasure shot through his body. Hilde smiled to herself, at the power she had over him, that he was enjoying her touch. As she started to move her hand faster, she began to trail kisses along his neck, down his chest and across his stomach.

His eyes widened as he felt Hilde breathing against him. As she took him into her mouth, Duo grabbed her shoulders for support. Her mouth felt like heaven as it moved up and down along his body. Hilde began to flick her tongue across him, causing Duo to moan her name. She liked the control that she had over him, but she realized that if she kept it up, she would get more than she bargained for. One last time, she took him deeper than before, causing his legs to nearly give out underneath him.

As she felt his knees begin to buckle, Hilde pulled her mouth away from him and stood up, licking her lips. Duo didn't need any more invitation than that as he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He lay on his side beside her, his hand resting on her thigh as his lips began their assault on her the side of her neck, working their way down to her breasts. A heavy sigh broke the silence in the room as Duo's tongue wrapped around the taunt peak.

Duo's hand didn't remain still for very long. Gradually, his hand began to roam across the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, working its way higher and higher. Hilde started to move restlessly against him as he stroked the fire that was burning in inside her. He knew just how much pressure to exert and just where to touch her to drive her wild. She released a ragged moan as he thrust his fingers inside of her.

He smiled at how responsive she was to his touch. He curled his fingers deep inside her, causing her hips to buck off the bed. Her breathing became more erratic the faster his fingers moved. She was so hot and wet, Duo just had to taste the fruits of his labor. Withdrawing his fingers, he brought them up to his lips and licked them. Hilde stared at him with wide questioning eyes as he slowly moved down to the bottom of the bed. Grasping her legs, Duo pulled her knees further apart and placed his mouth over her.

With the first flick of his tongue, Hilde grabbed a handful of his long hair and held him down there. She couldn't stop herself from whimpering. Biting her bottom lip, she tried to muffle her moans, but to no avail. Duo looked up and watched as her eyes grew darker and as she continued to bite at her bottom lip. Her arms were over her head, her hands grabbing at the pillow, like she was trying to hold onto some sense of sanity. He barely had a handle on his own sanity, because the sounds she was making made it harder to hold back.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Duo crawled up the bed, covering her body with his. His mouth found hers again and held it captive, while his hands roamed over the curves of her body. Hilde felt like she was drowning in a sea of different sensations. She craved something, but she didn't quite know exactly what. The gleam in Duo's eyes let her know he was one step a head of her.

Rolling to his side, Duo landed on his back, bring Hilde with him so she straddled his hips. His erection lay against her wet folds. His blue eyes were nearly black with passion as he smiled at her. Hilde leaned forward on her knees and brought her face down to his. As she took his lips with her own, she slowly pushed herself back onto his length.

Duo's hand fisted into the sheets as Hilde slowly began moving up and down, working more of him into her body. He refused to let go of the sheets, for fear that he would grab her hips and thrust deeply into her, causing her pain.

Hilde could feel herself stretching to accommodate the intrusion of his body into hers. She never imagined that so many of those corny lines were true. 'Two become One. I thought mortals just liked to say that, but to experience it, it gives the expression a new meaning.' Her eyes held his the entire time she coaxed her body into accepting his.

Finally, Duo butted up against the barrier of her virginity. For a moment neither of them moved, both afraid that the pain would over take the pleasure. Looking at Duo, she smiled slightly and nodded her head. Never once breaking apart, Duo rolled Hilde over onto her back. The laid his entire body down onto hers, putting his arms under her back and grabbing her shoulders. Burying his head into her neck, Duo whispered, 'I'm sorry' as he thrust deep into her.

Duo was unable to suppress the groan of male satisfaction that escaped his lips. He was too shaken at first to worry about what he was doing. There were no thoughts, just her. He could only feel her, tightly wrapped around him, clinging to him. It felt like heaven. In all the times that he had sex, it was never about love. This time it was all about love, passion and lust. And now that he had a taste, he would crave making love to Hilde for the rest of his life.

Pain shot through Hilde like a thousand tiny knife pricks. She tried to pull away from Duo as tears escaped her closed eyes, but he firmly held on to her, not letting her move. "Sshh. I know it hurts, but I promise it will pass. Please open your eyes and look at me, Hilde." His sensual voice had a deep calming affect on her, and she complied with his wishes and opened her eyes.

She could see the concern etched across his face. But she could also see a glimpse of emotion that was hidden behind his concern. Hilde tried to look deeper, but Duo picked that moment to slowly withdraw and push back into her. All of the places that the pain had radiated to earlier were now overridden by pleasure.

Upon hearing her softly moan, Duo continued to slowly pump into her body. Hilde arched her back off the bed and slipped her arms around his neck. Her eyes drifted closed as Duo quickened his pace and instinctively she tightened her legs around him, trying to keep him inside of her. He let out another primal moan when Hilde began to move against him.

A fever seemed to burn through their bodies, feeding off one another. They both became giving and demanding at the same time. As their movements became less controlled and more instinctive, Hilde could feel her body begin to hum. She could feel herself get closer to the edge; she was so close. Scoring his back with her nails, Hilde pushed her hips forward and accepted all of him. Duo sucked in a deep breath and thrust deeply into her one last time.

They clung to each other as their worlds came apart. Their orgasms seemed to last forever, leaving them breathless and their hearts racing. Duo pulled his face out of the corner of Hilde's neck and looked at the contented smile that played across her lips. Her eyes were still closed and Duo could tell that she was nearly asleep. Rolling on to his back, he pulled Hilde up on his chest. He placed a kiss on her forehead and smiled when he felt her cuddle against his body. Laying his head on top of hers, Duo closed his eyes and feel asleep with a smile on his face.

Neither one of them aware of the black cat that stood on the windowsill; who kept a watchful eye out into the yard.