Pretending to Save Her

Pretending to Save Her

Author: jedipati aka immortaljedi

Disclaimer: I am not profiting off of this activity. I also don't own POTC.

Characters: Will/Elizabeth, ensemble cast (first movie)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU,

Summary: The crew of the Black Pearl attacks Port Royal. The first mate is surprised to see a familiar face. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are both taken captive. CotBP AU

Author's note: This is my entry to the raisethedead challenge. Therefore, it's completely CotBP only.


Will Turner fought his way down to the docks, following the chaos and screams. He jerked to a halt when he saw Elizabeth Swann being dragged away by two of the pirates- one taller and skinny, the other short and bald.

He dodged a pirate that had stopped directly in front of him and chased after her.

He scowled as he had to stop and defend as another pirate got in his way. Tired of the delay, Will stabbed the pirate and hurried on.

Will had hoped never again to see the chaos he saw now. The attacking pirates were destroying or carrying off anything smaller then a house or shop. They were doing a good job of destroying the houses and shops, too. Will dodged an attack that he saw out of the corner of his eye. The other nearby civilians were running away. Will didn't notice any marines, so he kept fighting his way to Eliz- Miss Swann's side.

The pirate overbalanced and Will shoved him down. Unfortunately, this delayed him to the point that Eliz- Miss Swann's captors had reached the boats.

Will leapt forward and grabbed her. The two pirates stumbled as she turned to face him.

"Come on!" Will ordered.

She scrambled ahead as he fended off the nearby pirates. With a last stab, Will drove the majority of them back enough to follow her.

"The dock master's building!" Will shouted. She changed direction and headed for the large building, which Will knew he could use as a backdrop for any defense.

"Bootstrap! The girl has a medallion!" "Bootstrap" Bill Turner looked up at Ragetti's shout. He cursed when he saw which girl it was- the one fleeing toward a large nearby building, a young man just behind her. She was more than a girl, a young woman, really. The young man bringing up the rear was a couple of years older, he'd guess.

He chased after them. Even if the boy was a fighter, as his bloodied sword indicated, Bill should have no problem with him.

Bill caught up with the youths as they approached the building. Bill stabbed at the boy but, warned by some instinct, the boy whirled and avoided the strike. Bill lunged forward, but the boy retreated.

Bill couldn't get a good look at the boy's face as the lad continued to retreat, always keeping himself between Bill and the lass.

"Boy, if ye just toss me the medallion, I'll let ye both go!" Bill shouted.

"What medallion?" The boy replied. He stopped retreating, since he and the girl had backed into a corner.

"The one the lass is wearing f'r a necklace," Bill said.

"Elizabeth!" The boy shouted. She didn't waste a moment, but fumbled for it. Before she could get it off, however, the moon slid out from behind the clouds, revealing the combatants to each other.

Bill's sword dropped as he looked into the face of a ghost.

Will barely managed to hold on to his sword as his opponent turned into a rotting skeleton. Only the fact that the skeleton seemed just as startled to see his face saved him.

A second later, more skeletons arrived. They didn't seem to be shocked at seeing him, and Will was forced to defend once again.

Elizabeth was gasping for breath, but she hadn't screamed yet. Will had no time to see how she was doing as he continued to hold off the pirates. Will was just a hair too slow, however, and one of the newcomers knocked his sword out of his hands. Will brought his left hand around. A hatchet against cutlasses wasn't a fair fight, but he wasn't going to give up. The moonlight disappeared, and the skeletons appeared to be men again. The pirate he had been fighting first slid between him and the other pirates. Will paused.

"We're taking them both to the Pearl. Alive."

"The hell you are!" Will shouted and lodged the hatchet in his back.

The man simply turned around, ripped the hatchet out of Will's hands as he did so and smiled sadly. "That won't stop me, Will," he said.

Will gasped. How did this pirate know his name? A pirate that became a skeleton actually knew his name. This was too much. Will backed away.

He stopped when he realized that he couldn't move back any further without hitting Eliz- Miss Swann. He swallowed and made sure to stay between her and the demon-pirates.

He felt her grab his arm. "We are not going with you," he said. He was absurdly grateful that his voice didn't betray his fear. "You said if we give you the medallion, you'd let us go."

"Aye, but ye haven't given it up, now, have ye, Will?"

"Why do you call me that?" Will challenged as he felt Eliz- Miss Swann- move behind him.

"Its yer name, lad."

"If you want it that much, here!" Elizabeth threw the medallion as hard as she could toward the water.

Will caught a flash of firelight reflecting off gold before some of pirates surrounding them broke away to chase down the necklace.

The pirate- he seemed to be in charge- smirked as he stepped into the gap they left and into the flickering firelight. This, for the first time, allowed Will to study his opponent. And, to Will's surprise, there was something familiar about the man's- or was it demon's- large frame, long dark hair half hidden by his sailor's cap, and blue eyes.

The pirate glanced up the beach, to something Will couldn't see. "Let's get them to the Pearl," he ordered. "And make sure you don't hurt them."

Captain Jack Sparrow gave the order for one last cannon barrage on the town to give cover for the boats returning to the Black Pearl. He'd seen the crew loading up, and then abandoning, the boats. He lifted his spyglass again, to double check that the loot was still there. It was.

Finally, they'd returned from looking the town and shoved off. Jack frowned as he picked out his first mate, Bill Turner, and the two unfamiliar faces in another boat. What had happened?

He didn't do anything as the crew returned, bringing two young adults with them. The young adults had very different reactions as they were brought on board. The lad's eyes darted around, marking the number of crewmen, advantages and obstacles. Jack nodded slowly. This one might be a problem further down the line. The lass also looked around, but her gaze was less calculating and more wondering.

The young man helped her on board and stepped forward to guard her from most of Jack's crew. Jack ignored them for a moment. "Get us moving!" Jack ordered. "I want us out of here before the Navy can find their own heads!"

The crew scattered. Jack watched as several pulled up the anchor, the sails unfurled, and Twigg took over at the helm. Soon they were headed away from Port Royal.

"We've the last medallion, Captain," Bill reported as he held up the aforementioned treasure.

Jack smiled as he headed down to take the cursed coin. "Good." He glanced at the youths. "And you ha' brought something else as well."

The young man glared at Jack. The young lady drew closer to him.

Bill looked absolutely joyful and relieved as Jack took the coin. "Aye."

Jack spared a glance for his first mate before turning to the young man. He couldn't remember the last time Bill hadn't looked depressed.

Jack mentally shrugged. He'd ask later. He studied the boy. There was something very familiar about him. "You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?" he asked the boy.

Jack saw a flicker of surprise cross the boy's face before it was quickly hidden. "I make a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates," the boy retorted.

Jack studied him. He was young- perhaps only twenty if he was a day- with dark hair and eyes. He stood taller then Jack himself, and was dressed in the practical clothes of a craftsman. Jack still didn't know why he'd been brought on board.

"Well, it's a shame to put a black mark on yer record, but you're goin' ta be real familiar with pirates from now on," Jack said. He paused, took in the way the young man was protecting the lass and then continued deliberately, just to see what the boy would do. "And so is the little lady."

There was no question about it. The lad's eyes widened and he clenched his fists; he would have drawn a weapon if he had any. "What's yer names?" Jack asked. "It's always good ta know the names of me crew."

"I am not a part of your crew," the young man snarled.

Bill glanced at Jack and then at the lad. "Ye should have been, Will."

Jack glanced at Bill in shock. Did he just say…?

"Will. Short for William?" Jack asked quietly. If it was true, then how was he here? How had he escaped that explosion eight years ago?

The lad glowered at Bill. "Yes. William Turner," he broke off with a frown as murmurs of surprise were uttered by those watching the confrontation.

Now that he knew who the lad was, Jack could finally understand why the young man was so familiar and why Bill was so jubilant. Somehow, Bill's son had survived that explosion.

"William Turner," Jack said quietly. "And the lady?"

Will hesitated and then answered. "This is my wife, Elizabeth," he said softly and reached for her hand.

Jack looked at the young lady. She was tall for a woman, with blond hair and light brown eyes. She, unlike young Will, was dressed in an expensive nightgown. She was also quite lovely, and Jack had a sneaking suspicion he knew why she'd been brought on board.

Jack frowned. Young Turner was lying about the marriage. Still, the whelp was smart; it was a good way to protect the girl. At least, on his ship it would suffice; it wouldn't matter a whit on another ship. "Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Turner," he said. He'd pretend to believe the lad for now. "Mr. Ragetti, take them to my cabin."

Jack looked at Twigg. "Change course to Isla de Muerta." He ordered. "We've a curse ta break."

Bill started to follow his son. Jack stopped him. "Bootstrap, I need ta speak with you."

Bill took a deep breath. "Captain?" He continued to watch his son and the young lady as they followed Ragetti to Jack's cabin.

"Bill," Jack said. "William- I know you want to talk to him, but I need you to think for a moment."

"Jack, he's my son. My son is alive." Bill sounded as if he couldn't believe such good news. His voice was nearly nonexistent, but the joy leaked through.

"Aye, he is," Jack agreed. He stared at Bill. His old friend was still staring at the door to Jack's cabin. Bill looked better than Jack has seen him in eight years. It was as if long held grief and guilt had disappeared. Jack almost hated to shake him out of it. "Bill, are you listening to me?" He pulled Bill to the side, and leaned against the rail. He could watch and make sure no one got close enough to hear this conversation from here.

Bill shook himself. "He's alive, he's free, and he's made a life for himself."

"That might be well and good," Jack agreed, "but given his reaction, he thinks that pirates are nothing but Satan's handmaidens, an' we need a way to break the news gently." He frowned. "And if those two are married, I'll eat me hat."

Bill coughed. After he recovered, his gaze turned thoughtful. "You're right. Me son's barely twenty one. He's probably just out of an apprenticeship, if that. He wouldn't be married yet."

Ragetti walked out of the Captain's cabin, firmly closing the door behind him. "They're settled in f' now, Captain, Bootstrap."

"Mr. Ragetti, why didn't you just take the medallion from the lass?" Bill asked before he could turn away.

The younger pirate looked away. "She's pretty," he said defiantly. "Pintel an' I thought that, since it's a three day trip t' Tortuga from the Island, we wouldn't have t' wait."

Bill frowned at him. His hand drifted down to his belt knife and Ragetti flinched back. "But we didn't know she was yer son's wife. We won't do anything."

"You better not. I don't want my son cuckold."

Ragetti nodded sharply, and then reached up to adjust his eye patch. Jack rolled his eyes. "Don't you have a station to get to?"

Ragetti hurried off.

Jack returned his attention to Bill. "That explains why they wanted ta bring her on board. Why did you?"

"I wasn't thinking too well," Bill admitted. "I'd just seen who I was fighting. He was beating me, ye know. An' we had ta get out of there in a hurry."

Jack nodded. "We'll need ta do something about her. Yer lad can join us. If he can beat you in a fight, he'll be useful."

"Aye," Bill sounded proud. "He could probably beat you, if he wanted to."

Jack scowled. "Better then you, I c'n see. It's hard to conceive he's better than me." He shook his head. "Back ta the girl. What should we do with her?"

Bill frowned. "We don't tell the crew that Will was lying."

Jack frowned. "No, yer right. That won't stop some o' them, mind." Jack considered for a moment, and then shrugged. "No matter. So she's not Elizabeth Turner. Who is she?"

"She's the one who had the medallion," Bill admitted.

"So, she did have the medallion; they do know each other. They might be affianced, and the medallion is his pledge to her, but I doubt it."

Bill frowned in thought. "She's the daughter of one of the upper class in Port Royal. Did you hear her speak?"

"Ah," Jack smiled. "Ye've hit upon it, Bill."

Bill groaned. "Not another ransom scheme."

"Why not? If she's the daughter or even wife o' some high and mighty muckety-muck, we ought ta get plenty for her."

"Remember the last one?"

"This time, it's different."

Bill shook his head and stifled another groan. "You always believe that "this time" will be different."

Ok, a few explanations. This universe is obviously different from the one we all know. Jack chose Bill Turner as his first mate when he first became a pirate. Because of that, there was no mutiny. I'll explain why Bill sent Will a medallion later in the story. (Or rather, Bill will explain)