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This is it girls!" Sakura said as the chakra blast in their hands had gotten big and powered up.

They all nodded.

"Lets do it!"

They thrusted the chakra of light energy forward, right at Kenji. He intern, did the same, letting his dark energy go.

The two chakra's clashed, staying there at a total stale mate. It was dead even.

Kenji growled loudly, "THIS IS THE END!"

he put a little more force into it, causing his blast to slightly over power the girl's blast.

"You've met your end Kenji!"

The girls put a little more power into it, causing their power to over power Kenji's blast more.


That stupid memory, that fucking stupid memory.

Those stupid Tenshi's, foiling my plans. Reincarnations or the real deal, fuck them.

it is I, Kenji. My body may be gone, but my soul still lives, waiting for the right moment to come back.

If the original Tenshi's can reincarnate, then I can take over someone's body. This is only the beginning of great Kenji.

you want to hear my story, of how I came to be, and how I'm going to change history? Of how I'm going to gain immense power and rule all? Oh, well let me tell you.

I came from a clan, the dark clan.

However, my clan, the Dark clan, is gone, but the souls like my own still live on.

My clan was a clan of noble people, with strong powers. However, there were two other clans; the Tenshi clan, also known as the Angel clan, and the Oni clan, also known as the demon clan. Those two clans lived in harmony, like ying and yang, needing each other to survive. The Oni clan never used their powers for evil, but they're powers did have immense power. Their blood, demon blood was pure with power. Any kind of blood transfusion could make a weak, innocent shinobi into a mass machine of power. However, the Oni clan never fought the Tenshi clan; they worked together in peace.

So with some people in my clan, the dark clan wanting to become stronger, decided to attack villages, obtaining money, land, more underlings and most importantly, power. During battle however, my clan went against our wishes, not wanting to us fight anymore. This is where blood lust came in. with our clan disgusted with our killings and our objection to stop, they disowned us. No matter, we killed them ALL.

Yes, we killed EVERYONE in our own clan.

Everyone thought the Tenshi's killed my clan because we were too powerful, but that was a lie. I did it, we did it. BLOOD LUST DID IT.

As much as we wanted land, and money, our mission was not complete. We needed MORE power, which could only be supplied by the Oni clan. We needed their blood–either by transfusion, cannibalism and sucking their blood, we would HAVE IT!

But those blasted Tenshi's! the Tenshi's hid the Oni clan and protected them. At this point, we attacked Wind country, killing there leader Sasha Tenshi in the process. She was disposed of with relative ease. It was a sneak attack, which surprised her for the most part.

Next was Earth country. Along the way, Rina Tenshi was also killed. She put up a good fight, but nothing to spectacular.

Eventually, our search was stopped when the other four leaders, Sakura Tenshi, Mai Tenshi, Rika Tenshi and Yumi Tenshi using one final attack, to destroy us all, while in the process, killing themselves.

However, this is where the Tenshi clan and my clan's special abilities come into place. The Tenshi's have special death avoiding abilities as you may have seen, but the leaders had one special ability–reincarnation. A special jutsu, the 'twice-a-life' jutsu grants you the will to be reincarnated. This is a forbidden jutsu, but the leaders knew of my intentions and used that technique. Also, if this jutsu is not preformed right, it may cause problems for the reincarnatee in the future.

within my clan we have a 'soul jutsu,' which is also forbidden. Only high ranked leaders are to know of this jutsu, but it just so happens I stole the scroll and learned the jutsu, along with my blood lust counter parts. We can keep living on, until our soul itself is killed. However, only those of the Oni clan know of the soul extraction jutsu, as it is one of their main powers. They can destroy our souls after the death of our body. This is why I needed to have Oni blood, and the extinction of their clan–with that, I would have gained immortality.

Now, I referred to the Tenshi's knowing my true intentions. These intentions were indeed to get Oni blood and destroy the clan, but I made another plan–a back-up plan. Knowing the Dark clans soul jutsu and knowing the possibility of death, I preformed the jutsu before my death, letting my soul live on. However, those Tenshi's knew of it, and they themselves used their own twice-a-life jutsu, coming back as Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, Tenten, Sabaku Temari and Tenshi Ami.

Those stupid girls may have beaten me, and used that Tenshi jutsu to create a fake body during our showdown, but they don't know of my soul still living on. I have the advantage.
I'm putting my new plan into motion–I need to find the body of a shinobi–one of a simpleton. I will become his self-conscious, telling him everything to do–more preciously, to kill anyone in his path.

Eventually, I will take over his body completely, with his old soul vanishing. With this disguise, no one will know of who I really am.

In addition, I have located where the Oni clan resides. It has also been brought to my attention, of these Jiinchūriki's, holding demons within them. The power of these tailed beasts are just what I need to take over the world.

There are only two tailed beasts left–the Kyuubi, and the Nekomata. The nine-tailed fox is held by Uzumaki Naruto, a close friend to the Tenshi's. the other beast, the Nekomata has been hidden over the years–however, my sources tell me a Oni has this demon sealed inside of her. Perfect.

My domination, my PROPER domination will start, and I will become invincible. The Oni and Tenshi clan will end, and the world will become of what I intended.

Let the Kenji era, begin.

Stronger then ever: Angels and Demons

Chapter One

The beginning of a new era

So now my search begins,

Looking for the perfect shinobi in which I will take over. He must be strong, and young–and good looks would top it off. I have to keep up my image after all.

I am currently fluttering over a stream, in my invisible spirit form, searching the lands for that perfect being.

But this stream isn't doing me any luck. Young, naïve little children are playing in the stream. Psh, they are of no use to me.

Silly little children.

Then, I sense it.

I begin to sense at least five large amounts of chakra. Looking behind me, I see five shinobi coming my way, wearing masks. That underling of mine awhile back, Kabuto, told me of these masked figures. ANBU as they liked to call them. they do feel very strong.

The children at that point left, leaving the stream vacant. An idea pops into my head, and if it plays out well, my plans for world domination will commence!

"Eh, senpai, I'm stopping by the river to wash up!" one of the younger shinobi says to his leader.

The leader nods, "alright Hideki, meet us up at the village once your done."

Hideki huh? Well Hideki, your walking right into my trap!

The said ANBU headed towards the stream. He began taking off his mask and arm guards, giving him easy access to the water. He scooped up water and splashed his face, waking him up completely. He then began pulling out his pouch of bloody kunai and shiruken, and his large bloody katana. I smirked;

This is the perfect subject to my destruction. This will be my container. This will be the NEW Kenji.

From his appearance, he looked to be in his early twenties, with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was in great shape, making him PERFECT.

This is now where my jutsu comes into play. Floating towards him, I had a large smirk plastered on my hollow skin. As I began moving towards him, I began doing hand signs, performing said jutsu.

I also began the chant the Dark clan's chant of a raising soul. As I got closer, I began raising my voice, even though he couldn't hear. It was all part of the jutsu.

And then, I finished the hand signs and chant. I, now directly behind him, planted my hands on his back, putting pressure into it. The boy froze, now feeling my soul entering him. He began screaming out in pain, as I began entering his body. There was no use of his screaming–there was no way of stopping me now.

He fell to his side, clenching his arms. My soul had now entered his body, taking full claim. He continued screaming.

Now that I am inside his body, my task is not yet complete. He already contains a soul, so now, I must drive it out.

or easily get ride of it.

Once inside his mind, there was another figure inside, who resembled the boy. He looked angry.

"Who are you!?"

I chuckled, thinking of an idea that would make my job easier, "I am the great Kenji of the dark clan that dispersed over a thousand years ago. My soul still lives on, and I have chosen you as my new container."

The boy took a scared step back, "what!? You were defeated in that war against the Tenshi's three years back! This can't be possible!"

"Oh but it is. Did you think I could be beaten so easily?"

"How did you get inside my mind!? Aren't you dead?"

I smirked, "does that matter? The point is, I contain great, GREAT power, and I need you."

the young man began to stammer, "W-Why me!?"

"Because, you fit the criteria. You're strong, young and that of an ANBU level. You can achieve great things under my wing."

The boy didn't speak, unsure of what to say. I continued, "you see, I need you, to help me take over the world. Together, we can take over and destroy the Tenshi's!"

"Why would I want to destroy the Tenshi's!? They saved us all from you! Why would I want to take over the world?"

Time for some manipulation, "from what I've seen, you have power–great power. Aren't you tired of being bossed around by your senpai? Don't you want to stand out and be someone? Haven't you ever wanted to be that of Hokage standards?"

he stared hard at me, "its every shinobi's dream to possibly be one day, a kage."

"Exactly. Now, did you ever want to be a Hokage?"

"Of course."

"Well I can make that happen. I can even make you more powerful then a Hokage! Do you want immense power!?"

"I've never had the desire for power."

I was surprised by his answer, "Never?"

He shrugged, "well, I've never had a strong desire for it."


"Who was your squad captain? He seemed to have a huge amount of power."

"Uzumaki Naruto, the next self-proclaimed Hokage."

"Self-proclaimed Hokage huh? And the odds of him being the next Hokage are…"

"Very high. He is techniquely next in line."

"Very interesting… well why don't you try to become the next Hokage?"

"I'm no where near that standard. I'm not as strong as my senpai."

My smirk grew, "well then, this is why you need me. I can amplify your power. I can give you anything you want."

He looked like he was considering my proposal, "well, its always been a dream of mine…"

I began to chuckle, "now you see the light! Join with me, and we will become a destructive force!"

He then gave me a skeptical look, "well what do you want from me?"

"I need your body. I will become another subconscious within you, directing you. I will command you, and give you my powers; in return, you do my bidding."

Hideki began thinking, Power…immense power. I could become Hokage. I could take Naruto's position…

He looked up at me, with a straight look, "what is my first task?"

Part one of my plan, Success.

Dear Sakura,

Hello Sakura! How are you? I am writing on behalf of myself, Akito and all the guys. Also this is probably late, but happy belated birthday girl! I hope your gift came in one piece. I'm pretty sure you're party was really great and I wish the boys and myself could have attended. Sigh, oh well.

Speaking of which, its been awhile since we last saw each other, and I'm wondering how things have been in Konoha. Things have been great for myself and Akito ever since we've gotten married six months ago. We continue getting mail from Uzumaki Naruto, who continues mocking Akito and myself for getting tied down to early. Like is it really a crime to marry at nineteen!?

Things are looking great here in the Tenshi village. Akito is becoming a leader in this village, under Yugi's guidance. There is a young group of young genin here, working to become stronger. Ryo, Sora, Kouji and myself have all become jounin and have our own genin teams! The kids are all really sweet, and look to become very strong, noble shinobi in the years coming.

To get onto more pressing issues, I got some news. This was a shocker to myself and Akito most, but …I'm three months pregnant. After we got married six months ago, Akito and myself wanted to wait awhile before we start a family, but things happen! I thought Akito would be disappointed and angry, but he's actually very happy. We're taking extra precautions with this child, seeing as I'm still nineteen. For the time being, my genin team has split up, with one child going to either Ryo's, Sora's, or Kouji's team. Even though we are no longer a team for the next little while, they always come over and help me with house chores and preparing for the child. They're such good children.

Anyway, I hope things are going good in Konoha. I hear Naruto's going to be appointed as the next Hokage in soon time! If it does happen, I'm sure Akito and the boys, plus myself will attend the ceremony.

Hope to hear from you soon. Hopefully you're gift isn't broken!




A girl with light purple long hair, almost white in a sense whipped around, with her also purplish pale eyes that could be mistaken for the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan if not for the pupil.

"Yes?" she asked in monotone, staring at the man behind her.

"Here is the book, and the scrolls you requested."

She nodded and walked towards the door, where said man was standing. She took the documents from him, "thank you. You may go."

He nodded, and with a POOF, he was gone.

Rian closed the door, causing the room to go black, except for the corner desk, where a candle was lit, giving off light. The said girl walked over to the table and placed her documents down. Pulling the chair back, a loud screech of wood sliding across wooden floor echoed in the room. Once sitting down in the chair and moving closer to the desk, her bracelets on her hand clanged together, as she grabbed the scrolls, opened them, and scanned them over.

It was about time she learned of who she really was.

"Hideki, remove your forehead protector. You may not give away your self as being a Konoha nin."

Hideki did so, as the voice inside his hand commanded him to do so.

"Now, head towards the small village across the river. Your first test begins now."

Hideki nodded, and began making his way to the small village. It was a small mining village, known for not having a big military and a small population.

The day had become evening, with the dark blanket known as night quickly approaching. It was a prefect opportunity for the test to begin.

Once at the gates of the small village, Hideki asked 'himself,' "What is my next move?"

"Kill them all. Let no one live."

Hideki froze, "w-what!?"

His new subconscious replied back, "this is how you will obtain power. This is your opportunity Hideki. If you can't do this, you are of no use to me."

Hideki stood there, making the biggest decision of his life.

And he had made his choice. Readjusting his ANBU mask so his face was concealed, he took a deep breath.

"As you wish, Kenji-sama."

"Naruto you baka! How could you do that!?"

"Sorry Sakura-chan! It was just a jok–"

"Pah, you wouldn't like it if Akito was sending you letters, making fun of you for being married to Hinata! Seriously you baka, you better write them an apology letter, or I'm gunna–"

"Okay, okay I will! And Sakura-chan you're putting the bandages on too tightly!" the blonde interrupted loudly, as the pink-haired medical nin bandaged up his right arm.

"oh, sorry Naruto!" she said loosing his bandages. Naruto gave his trademark smile, "its okay Sakura-chan! You're doing a great job anyway."

"Stop trying to score brownie points dobe."

Both Naruto and Sakura turned around and saw Uchiha Sasuke, leaning against the wall in the hospital room, arms folded, with his trademark smirk flashing. He donned an ANBU uniform.

Naruto pouted, "brownie points teme!? What are we, eight year old scouts!?"

Sakura rolled her eyes as she finished bandaging Naruto's arm, where he injured himself on his last mission.

"Alright, I'm done Naruto. Your free to go now."

Naruto flexed his arm, feeling the bandages tightly on his arm. after said flex, he smiled.
"Thanks Sakura-chan! I have to get going. I got dinner plans with the Hyuuga's…" towards the end of his sentence, his happy voice sunk down into a scared one.

Sakura gave the blonde a smirk, "oh, good luck impressing Hinata's father."

Sasuke gave a mocking smirk to the blonde, "don't screw it up, or you'll never get to see her again."

Naruto froze, "N-Never?"

Sakura gave Sasuke a punch in the arm; it was enough to leave a bruise. Of course, Sasuke didn't even flinch, being the tough guy he is.

Sakura then patted the blonde on the back, "ignore what Sasuke-kun said. Just don't do or say anything stupid and I'm sure things will go smoothly."

Naruto gave a confident nod and opened the door, "Yosh, I will make sure of it. Bye Sakura-chan," Naruto gave a smile to Sakura, then turned to Sasuke with an annoyed look, "and teme."

Sasuke just scoffed as the blonde left. Now it was just Sakura and Sasuke.

In a hospital room,


Sakura put her hands on her hips, giving Sasuke an annoyed look, "why'd you say that to him! Your crushing his confidence!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Hn, well its not my fault Hiashi won't accept the dobe."


"Hn, sorry."

Sakura rolled her eyes and headed towards her desk. "Seriously, you can be so negative sometimes!"

Sasuke shrugged and walked over to the hospital bed and laid down comfortably. He then spoke, "well, before I came in here, you were giving Naruto hell for something anyway."

Sakura picked up the letter she had just received from Ami, "well, for good reason. He was sending Akito letters, making fun of him for being married already!"

The room went silent, as the two had no more to say at the moment.

Sakura put the letter down and looked at the figurine on her desk. It was a beautifully carven angel. It looked exactly like Sakura, with her pink hair and emerald eyes. Sakura stared in amazement at the fine work put into making the figurine. She would remember to ask Ami next time she saw her how she did it.

Sighing to herself, Sakura stared at the pictures on her table, in silver frames. These pictures brought a smile to the pink-haired medic's face.

Looking at the one picture in particular, it was of all the Tenshi girls. It had been sometime ago since they took down Kenji and saved the world. Sakura, now nineteen was jounin level, but decided to pursue the medical field and became Konoha's number two medic, after Tsunade.

Naruto and Sasuke both became ANBU not to long after the battle with Kenji. Naruto was now rumored to become the next Hokage.

Kakashi also went back into the ANBU, feeling the need to stay close with team seven.

As for the Tenshi girls, they're all off doing their own thing. Tenten also became in ANBU with her high skills, while Ino stayed as a chunnin and teaches at the academy. She feels the need to 'whip those snotty-nosed brats to into shape!' Hinata has her own genin team, and is now preparing them for the chunnin exams. Temari continues to be an ambassador for Suna, dealing with Konoha-Suna relations. Ami, Akito, Sora, Ryo, Kouji and Yugi all live back in the Tenshi village, living up their own lives. In addition to that, Akira and Daisuke had moved into the Uchiha compound, sharing a house together across the street from Sasuke's and Sakura's.

Oh and Sasuke and Sakura… have been dating for a while now. Sakura moved in with Sasuke into the Uchiha compound, sleeping in 'different rooms.' Sakura's father was skeptical on the idea of the two sharing the house, but agreed to terms that Sasuke, "would keep Papa Haruno's baby girl a virgin till she was married." Sakura put that memory of her fathers words in the back of her mind.

Sakura then gazed at another picture on her table. It was of Ami and Akito's wedding. All the Tenshi girls went. Sakura became Ami's maid of honor, while the rest of the girls became bride's maids. Akito chose Sora as his best man. The picture was of the married couple, Sakura and Sora, dressed up. Ami and Akito had been dating ever since Kenji was gone, and well… when you love someone for that long, you get married. It was a little early in Naruto's mind for marriage, but Akito and Ami didn't think so.

And now, the two were expecting their first baby! Sakura was glad for Ami, and couldn't wait to tell the other girls.

The last picture was of the rookie nine and Gai's team. It was the WHOLE rookie nine this time, which made the picture even more significant.

Sasuke sat up from the bed and headed for the door, "are we going to get dinner or what?"

Sakura grunted, "do we have too? I still have a lot of paper work to do, and then–"

"–We're going."

Sakura rolled her emerald eyes, "Fine Sasuke-kun! Let me just go home to change!"

As she sat up, Sakura felt arms snake their way around her waist. She blushed instantly as she felt Sasuke's hot breath at her ear.

"You look fine the way you are."

They stood there, as Sakura took in what he just said. Sasuke always knew how to sweet talk Sakura.

Sakura sighed, "fine, lets go."

She couldn't believe it.

An Oni? I'm an Oni? Reading the scroll, and then the paper with her family tree line, she came to a conclusion.

She was an Oni. A descendant of the Oni clan, or the demon clan if you will.

Her parents were also descendants. Thinking it over, it all made sense.

Her 'other powers,' her parents giving her a sheltered life before they both fell ill and died. It made sense.

She turned her head towards the wall, where her ANBU clothes hung on a rack. Her mask, that of a tiger stared at her. Ever since her parent's death, she worked hard to become a strong kunoichi–that, of an ANBU level.


Rian jumped up, a little startled by the knocking noise. She quickly closed the books and scrolls and hid them. she fixed her clothes and headed towards the door, opening it.

There stood a cloaked figure.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

the figure nodded, and outreached a hand, with a scroll. He then spoke, "you are an Oni."

She stared in shock, "H-How did you know?"

"Because I am an Oni too. the Oni clan disappeared many years ago. Now, we are reuniting within the mountains to the east. We will bring the clan back. You are requested to join."

Rian took the scroll and stared blankly at the figure. "Who are you?"

The figure smirked, "that is of no importance at the moment. You have one week to make it to the mountains."


He disappeared. Rian stood there, confused. She closed the door and headed towards her desk. Once she sat down, she unraveled the scroll, reading its contents.

It was in another language, but for some reason, she understood it. It was like she knew this language her whole life.

To whom this may concern,

You are asked to reunite in the mountains of Sukai with the rest of the Oni's.

Enclosed within this document is a map. We hope to see you there.


it was everywhere.

Dead bodies.

Covering the streets.

And it was all his fault. He did it.

and he didn't feel bad.

in fact, he felt good. He felt POWERFUL.

"You see? This is power. This is what has been waiting to be unleashed!" Kenji told Hideki. Hideki let out a menacing chuckle, proud of his work.

the old, sweet and kind Hideki was gone.

The new and improved, strong, powerful Hideki is now in existence.

"What is my next task?"

"We get some sleep. Tomorrow we will continue."

Hideki nodded at the inside voice within him, and headed to Konoha–to his home for some shut eye.

Kenji smirked widely. His plan was going perfectly.

This is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

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