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"So this is the house were staying in?" The dark purple haired swordswoman asked, looking at the door in a bit of disgust for the home looked old and dusty,

Rian resisted the urge to roll her eyes, "Yeah, I guess so Kaguya."

"It was nice of the elder to let us board together. I wonder what the insides look like!" Takai piped up with a bubbly smile,

"Well Takai, we're about to find out."

Pulling out the key instructed to her, Rian put it into the lock, unlocking the door, and heading inside. Kaguya and Takai followed.

"Hey, isn't there suppose to be three other people living with us?" Takai asked curiously and as Rian was about to answer a yell cut her off,


Automatically, all three girls ducked down, as three kunai flew above them. Rian and Kaguya stood fast and armed themselves, while Takai sat on the ground, scared as her cat ears flatten instantly.

"Who did that?!" Kaguya asked impatiently, her hand ready to pull out her katana. A low chuckled came from the room to their left, and out of the shadows popped a girl that hardly looked like a girl. She had short, bloody red hair that stop at her neck, vividly disturbing golden cold eyes, and very light pale skin, making her look dead like.

"And who would you three be?" She snarled dangerously. Kaguya narrowed her eyes at her, slightly growling under her breath.

"It's only polite to state who you are first." The red haired girl just glared back. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted.

"Kira! How many times do I have to tell you to stop attacking people?!" Looking to their right, out popped another girl, with sandy blonde hair, worn in two low ponytails, with her bangs covering her right eye. Her eyes portrayed a honey brown color. Compare to the other girl, she seemed innocent though she was definitely irritated.

The girl name Kira rolled her eyes at her as the other instantly saw the change in her behavior, "Relax Yamiko. I was just making sure they weren't intruders."

Yamiko scoffed. "Well do they look like intruders? There's a little kid with them! I doubt there going to attack us or anything!"

"Well you can never be sure. Geez, you're never going to be cut out to be a proper ninja." Kira sneered a bit,

Yamiko's face boiled, "Well, you're …"

The two girls began arguing back and forth, about the other girl's flaws. Takai got up and nudged Rian in her side. "You'd think they're sisters or something, they sure act like they are."

Rian shrugged, "They could be. I don't really see a resemblance though."

"Would you two stop yelling?" A new voice intruded. All five girls turned to the right, and an older looking girl, looking around nineteen entered the room. She had long ebony midnight black hair that is in a high ponytail with her bangs covering most of her eyes. Through the bangs, they could see her eyes. Her eyes caused Rian to shudder inwardly, her eyes weren't just a demonic black color, so were her irises, and they had a bright red slit pupil.

"Bikou-san!" Yamiko said at once as Kira looked at bit solemn in respect, turning to the girl. She had an annoyed look on her face.

"Can one of you explain what's going on?"

Before Yamiko or Kira could reply, Rian spoke up, "I am Rian, and this is Kaguya and Takai. We're living in the same house with you three for the time being."

Bikou gazed at the trio. From what the girls could see, Bikou looked so graceful and…flawless. Bikou gave all of them a cold look, "I see. Please, keep the noise down."

And with that, she walked out gracefully. Kaguya rolled her eyes. "Hm, she's friendly."

Yamiko shrugged, "Sorry about her. That's Bikou. She likes to keep to herself."

"And you two are…"

Yamiko gave a wide grin as she put her hands behind her back, "I'm Yamiko, and this is my twin sister Kira."

Takai cocked an eyebrow in surprise, "Really? You two look nothing alike!"

Kira smirked, "Well, I got the looks in the family. Yamiko–."

"Yeah, looks of a rat!"

Kira turned to her sister angrily, her temper flared, "What did you call me cow!?"

"You heard me Rat!"

The two sisters began arguing, calling each other profound names. Rian, Takai and Kaguya just stared, sweat dropping as the sisters continued fighting.

"Ehem." Rian coughed. The two sisters stopped and Yamiko blushed in embarrassment while Kira looked away undignified.

"Heh, sorry. We'll show you to your rooms!" Yamiko said heading down a hallway. Along the way, something puzzled the young Neko.

"So why is Bikou so…unfriendly?"

Yamiko face saddened. "Bikou's…not the social type. She's had a hard past."

Rian rolled her eyes and thought to herself, 'Haven't we all?'

"What do you mean?" Kaguya asked curiously. Yamiko shrugged.

"I don't really know. I hear things. Before the two of us came to this house a day ago, she was already here, just sitting at the table in the kitchen. We tried to talk to her, but she shrugged us off. After going on a walk through the village, we talked to some people in the village and they said she came from the rain village, and how her parents didn't care for her at all, so she was free to do what she wanted. However, the thing she wanted the most were her parents to love and for them to be proud of her…but her parents could hardly look at her. She was also…shunned by the people in her village for her eyes. It scared them into thinking she was a demon."

"Wait, this is the Bikou I've heard of with the Death Eyes?" Kaguya speculated. Yamiko turned to her.

"What did you hear?"

Kaguya took a deep breath, and spoke, "I heard of her eyes, and how if you look into them, you instantly die. She was shunned for this, and she was forced to wear a blindfold to hide her eyes."

Rian gave a confused look, "Wait, then how come we could stare into her eyes and nothing happened? She wasn't even wearing a blindfold when we got here."

"Her eyes are kind of an Oni thing. Her eyes were part of her bloodline within her family in the Oni family. However, her eyes don't affect other Oni's. Only simpletons… you know, people who don't come from clans."

"Ah, I see. Makes sense I guess." Kaguya said. Rian had a somber look on her face, 'Wow, she's been isolated. That's probably why she keeps to herself so much.'

Kira sighed, guilty. "We shouldn't be talking about her like this. It is her business, not our own."

After some walking in the small house, the girls came across three bedrooms. Yamiko pointed to one room. "This is mine and Kira's room. That one over there, Bikou is staying in, while this room is empty."

Yamiko opened the door to the free room. Inside, were two dressers, two single sized beds, a window, and a candle. Takai lit up and ran in and jumped on a bed, childishly causing Yamiko to giggle at her cuteness.

"I dibs this one!" She said excitedly. She began jumping on it, enjoying herself. Kira raised an eyebrow.

"Full of energy, isn't she?"

Kaguya smirked, "Oh, you have no idea."

Yamiko gave a confused look at the girl, tilting her head, "Hey, why does she have cat ears and a tail?"

Rian and Kaguya looked at each other skeptically. Rian shrugged and began speaking, "Well, she possesses–"

"Hey Kaguya, Rian…who's sharing this room with me?" Takai interrupted unknowingly. Again, Kaguya and Rian looked at each other, unsure.

Rian took a deep breath and a step forward. "I'll take the room with Bikou."

Kira let out a low whistle, "Strong girl, you are."

There was silence for a moment, until Kaguya spoke, "So what do we do once we're unpacked and stuff?"

Kira and Yamiko headed towards the door. "Well, I guess we'll take you three into town to see what the village looks like if you want." Kira spoke.

Takai nodded happily, "Sure! That'll be awesome!"

The two sisters nodded. Kira went out the door, but once Yamiko was standing in the doorframe, she turned around and grinned at the trio.

"Oh, and by the way, Welcome to the Oni village."


Angels and Demons

Chapter Three

The calm before the storm



Straightening out her uniform, Sakura looked at the clock. Noon.

"Come in."

The door slid open, and in came a tired looking Shikamaru. However, he was not alone, as a somber looking Temari treaded in. Sakura had a look of displeasure on her face.

"Well I knew one of you was coming. I wasn't expecting her too."

Temari sat down on the small couch within the office. She looked at Sakura pleadingly. "Sakura, can you please listen to us first before you jump to conclusions?"

Sakura folded her arms, her eyes narrowed at the two. "I'm all ears."

Shikamaru took a deep breath, and spoke, "What Ino saw…wasn't me proposing to Temari."

"Oh yeah? Then what was it? you practicing your proposal to Ino by using Temari as an Ino double?" Sakura said sarcastically before taking a sip of her coffee.

Shikamaru nodded, "actually, that's exactly what we were doing."

Sakura spat out her coffee, in total surprise. "What!?"

Temari nodded, "Shikamaru isn't exactly…ready to propose yet, so he asked me to help."

Sakura whipped her mouth of the coffee, and then turned to Shikamaru. "You were going to PROPOSE TO INO!? But–I don't–no way–aah–whoa. Shikamaru, are you serious."

Shikamaru gave a bored, unamused look. "Sometimes I wish I wasn't."

"So if you needed help proposing, why didn't you ask me or some of the other girls to help instead? No offense Temari."

She shrugged, "none taken."

Shikamaru sighed. "I tired, but you were all busy."

"Ah." Sakura said, turning in her chair. She let out a low sigh, "now it makes sense."

"Yeah, and I don't know what to tell Ino."

Sakura nodded, "yeah, it ruins the surprise. Well, I'll talk to Ino and see if I can get her to come talk to you–"

"No, don't." Shikamaru interrupted. Sakura cocked a brow.


"I'll talk to her myself. She'll just get more mad if I talk through people."

Sakura was about to object, but then nodded, agreeing with the solution.

"Alright, then good luck. She's… in a pretty bad condition."

Temari gave a confused look, "what do you mean? That she's an emotional mess?"

Sakura shrugged. "Sort of. She's driving Sasuke-kun up the wall."

Temari smirked. "Oh yeah?"

Sakura sighed. "Well, she and Sasuke-kun don't get along to well as I've come to the conclusion of. You see…"


"Sakura! you have no food in this house!" Ino whined, looking through pantries. Sakura was in the other room, folding laundry.

"What are you talking about? There's plenty of food! Look in the fridge!" she called out from the other room.

An emotional Ino trudged to the fridge. Opening the fridge, she was met with the cold air. Opening her eyes to the contents in the fridge, she gapped.


Cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, PURPLE TOMATOES.

Ino remembered how Sakura told her Sasuke had a thing for tomatoes, but this was CRAZY.

Tomato, tomato, TOMATO.


It was making her head spin.

However, there was a certain…desire Ino felt like completing. Tomatoes were 'okay' to eat in her mind, but they also had a better purpose. The purpose of aiming at someone, chucking it at them, and having their juicy contents splattered all over their face.

Oh, Ino could SMELL REVENGE!

Picking up an armful of tomatoes, she began lurking out of the kitchen, and into the hallway. She looked around conspicuously, trying not to get caught.

"Where are you going with those?" a voice said behind her. She whirled around, and there was Sasuke.

Ino was frozen in spot. Tomatoes were Sasuke's 'other love' as Sakura would say. Trying to play it cool, Ino regained her composure.

"I'm…uh… throwing them away! They're expired, and you could get sick!" she said trying to play it cool. She began walking away, but Sasuke appeared right in front of her again.

"I bought them yesterday."

Ino began sweating, feeling Sasuke's intimidating presence. Sasuke was now in-between her, and her revenge!

She glared at him, and he glared back. Through her arms full of tomatoes, Ino began performing hand signs, and made four bushins of herself.

She smirked, "You'll never get me!"

Sasuke sighed. He had the feeling Ino was still feeling the affects of her late night drinking last night. There was no way he wouldn't see the empty shake bottles lying around.

Two Ino's ran at Sasuke, one trying to attack him, while the other 'poofed' and created a smoke. The other three Ino's ran out of the room, and ran outside into the yard.

"Hey, what's going on?" Sakura said as she appeared around the corner,


Three Ino's ran by Sakura, spinning her around and knocking her over. Before Sakura hit the ground, Sasuke appeared and caught her. Sakura gave Sasuke a confused look.

"What's Ino doing?"

Sasuke lifted Sakura up and grunted, "Wasting my tomatoes."


Ino and her bushins jumped up on the roof, and then slid down onto the street of the Uchiha district. As she landed, two kunai's flashed past her, and destroyed her bushins, leaving her alone.

She landed on the ground, almost dropping a few tomatoes, when Sasuke appeared in front of her again.

"Give them back now." he said murderously. Ino shook her head furiously. "Never! This is the sinful fruit! The sinful fruit of temptation, and they have tempted me to extract revenge on Shikamaru!"

"The sinful fruit of temptation is an Apple."

"Apple, tomato…WHATEVER! They're both fruit and red!"

Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes. Man, did his girlfriend have some troublesome friends.

"Hand back my–" Sasuke never had a chance to finish, as a tomato hit him right in the chest, splattering all over him. He growled, and looked up and there was Ino, armed and ready.


She began throwing tomatoes at Sasuke, but he continued to swiftly dodge them, trying his best to catch them. However, Ino, much like Sakura had some monstrous strength, infused with her Tenshi powers, so it made it harder for Sasuke to grab.

"Hey, Sasuke-teme! What's–WHOA!–"

As Naruto entered the Uchiha district, a tomato came flying right at him. He instantly ducked as the red projectile flew past him.

Naruto fumed, "TEME! What did you do to make Sakura-chan mad at you and throw your precious tomatoes at you?!"

Sasuke scoffed jumping around, dodging his beloved food. "It's not Sakura."

Naruto scratched his head. "Then who?"

"Nara's crazy girlfrie–"


End of Flashback

Temari attempted not to break out info a fit of giggles by letting out a low whistle.

"Wow, she's taking this seriously."

Sakura nodded. "It took forever to calm down Ino. She's insisting on staying at our house for awhile, and Sasuke's not too pleased. They brought me into it, wanting me to take one of their sides. It was like a game of tug-or-war. I got here as fast as I could, before anything more could happen. I contacted Tenten and Hinata, and they're taking her out to a spa, to calm her down."

Shikamaru put his face into his hands. "Ah, troublesome. Sorry Sakura for all she's done."

"Oh no worries. She keeps things exciting." Sakura said rolling her eyes, with a playful smile on her face.

"How long is she going to be out with the girls?" he asked. Sakura put a finger on her lip, thinking. "hmm, I'd say till… late? After dinner I suppose."

Shikamaru nodded and headed to the door. "That gives me enough time to think of what I'm going to say to her."

"Good luck. Watch out for flying tomatoes!" Sakura said with a smile on her face. Temari just nodded in approval as Shikamaru opened the door, and left.

Temari sighed and laid down on the couch, her hands on her face. "Sakura, what have I done?"

"Its not your fault. She just appeared at the wrong time. She'll come around eventually."

"You think so?" Temari asked. Sakura shrugged.

"I hope so."


"Uzumaki Naruto." A broad voice said outloud. The blond gulped, ready to speak.

"Y-Yes Hiashi-sama?" Naruto said politely, trying to make a good impression, although his reputation to the Hyuuga was disapproval.

"So I hear you gave my daughter a promise ring…"

Yes indeed, the blond gave his love, Hyuuga Hinata a promise ring. He wanted to do something special for her, and went to Sakura and Tenten for advice. They thought marriage, but Naruto was skeptical about it, saying he 'wasn't ready.' The girls asked him how much he felt for Hinata, and Naruto replied blushing, 'what he feels for her can't be measured.' So the girls figured Naruto should give her a promise ring, declaring how much he cared for her, and how he would one day marry her.

"Yes s-sir, I did."

Hiashi face tightened. "So, you're serious about my daughter."

Naruto nodded truthfully. "I am."

"And you want to marry her one day?"NOT WORTHY!? Did he know who he was talking to!? UZUMAKI NARUTO, the next Hokage!

"I know I will marry her one day dattebayo."

Hiashi glared. "I disapprove."

Naruto's face dropped. "W-What?!"

"You are not worthy of my daughter."

Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Naruto stood up, angered by his words. He had to stick up for himself.

"I am worthy! I would do anything for Hinata! I know I don't seem like much but–"

"And that's why I cannot allow it. Hinata is the heir to the clan, and therefore, she must live up to the clans standards! She cannot marry the village idiot."

Oh, that hit him hard.

"Okay, so maybe I can be a little stupid sometimes, but I love Hinata more then anything, and I will marry her! I'd do anything for her!"

Hiashi perked up, "anything?"

Naruto nodded. "anything!"

Hiashi folded his hands together. "I may give you another chance, if you can complete a certain task for me."

Naruto kept a straight face. "Anything."

Hiashi smirked. This was going to be interesting…

"Heh, heh."

"Shut up teme! I could DIE on this mission!"

Sasuke leaned back on his stool at Ichiraku ramen and crossed his arms. "It's your fault you opened your big mouth dobe."

Naruto opened his mouth to rebuttal, but he knew Sasuke was right. He really should start thinking before speaking.

"Well I think its romantic Naruto-kun! You're willing to risk your life for Hinata-chan. That's the biggest vow of love!" Akira, the young Uchiha sitting next to Naruto said with hearts in her eyes. The other young Uchiha, sitting on Sasuke's left rolled his eyes.

Naruto blushed. "Well…I-I …you know."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Stop babbling. You should be training for this, rather then stuffing your face."

Sasuke gave Naruto a stern look, who intern gave Sasuke the same look.

"I can't let my long time rival die out there until I beat him. You need to come out alive."

Naruto cracked a grin at Sasuke's words. "Thanks teme. You're such a great friend."


"How you feeling now Ino?"

Ino let out a sigh of relief. "Much better now. The spa was a wonderful idea Hinata. Who would have thought a mud bath would be…enjoyable?!"

"Definitely not you Ino, but we're glad your enjoying it."

Ino smiled as the mud soothed her. "Thanks Tenten! Thanks guys for everything. Its been a long day."

Hinata reached her muddy arm over and put it on Ino's shoulder. "Well that's why we're here. Its too b-bad Sakura couldn't c-come."

Tenten sighed. "yeah, she's really busy at the hospital these days. I can't believe she'd rather work at the hospital then be an ANBU."

"W-Well I think even if she w-wanted to be, Sasuke-san wouldn't allow i-it. he's v-very protective of her." Hinata spoke, giving a halfhearted smile.

Ino tensed. "Yeah, probably. In a way though, I envy her because of it."

Tenten and Hinata looked over at Ino confused. "What do you mean?" Tenten asked confused.

Ino shrugged. "Well, it just shows just how much he cares for her, and how he doesn't want her to get hurt. I mean sure, he probably says 'she's too weak,' but that's his way of telling her he doesn't want her to get hurt."

Hinata and Tenten stayed silent for a moment, before Ino began talking again. "And you Hinata…Naruto can be a total baka sometimes, but he's always there for you and is willing to show his love freely. Tenten, Neji gives you freedom, showing basically how he honors your commitment to him and how strong your bond of trust is. What do Shikamaru and I… 'did' have? Sometimes he'll hardly say five words to me!"

Tenten and Hinata gave Ino sympathetic looks. "Ino…"

Ino jolted up with a smile on her face. "Oh, no worries girls! Shikamaru…wasn't worth the time. I can find better! This is Yamanaka Ino, the Tenshi of lightning were talking about here!"

Tenten smiled as Ino continued praising herself, "wow, you don't actually seem to fazed by the whole deal at all."

Ino turned to her with a smile on her face, while doing the peace sign, "Pah, Shikamaru was a faze. Now, its time to find a real man. That guy who works at the kunai shop has a pretty nice build. OH, and that other Jounin Rui–"

"I-Ino, stop."

Ino turned to Hinata completely surprised. "what?"

Hinata took a deep breath before she spoke, "I-I think you should go t-talk to Shikamaru to figure out what r-really was happening. Or if you d-don't wanna know, set things straight. I-I can see the pain i-in your face I-Ino. Even though your trying t-to hide it through your f-fake smiles, it isn't working. Your hurting, and the only way to set y-yourself free is if you go t-talk to him."

Tenten nodded, "Hinata is right Ino. Your acting through it all, and we're worried about you. If you want to start fresh, and be happy, you need to confront him."

Ino sat there in deep thought. She knew they were right…she just didn't feel like talking to him yet.


"We're not saying you have to do it now Ino…do it when you're ready."

Ino turned to Tenten, and smiled. "Okay. Thank you…both of you."

Hinata gave a genuine smile and put a reassuring hand on Ino's shoulder. " No worries. W-what are friends f-for?"


"So that's it…that's the village."

"Yes Hideki, hidden in the mountains to keep out of sight…clever on the Oni's part."

"When do I attack?"

"In two days. Their festival has just started, and we want to give them time to settle in. It will be a full out sneak attack."

"Hai Kenji-sama, as you wish."


I need to set things straight with Shikamaru. It's hurting, keeping all this pain inside. I have to let him go. I need to start all over.

Sighing, Ino swung her legs around as she sat down at the park bench. Little kids were running around, pretending to be ninjas. She smiled, gazing at a random rock on the ground. The thought of little kids, and how their lives were so worry free made Ino sigh. Being little, you get to run around, have fun, not have to worry about money and work, and relationships and so on.

To be young again…to be free…to be–


Ino froze, recognizing that voice, the voice that had hurt her so much this past little while.

Looking up, there he was.


Shikamaru gazed down at the blonde, hands stuffed in pockets. Surprisingly, no cigarette in his mouth.

"We need to talk."

Ino laughed half heartedly and stood up. "Yeah, I guess…and you know, I've given up having cold and angry feelings to you Shikamaru. If you liked Temari why didn't you say something earlier? I would have totally understood and–"

"–Ino, there's nothing going on between me and Temari."

"–I'm sure that ring was really expensive you were gunna give her, and she probably deserves–"


"–I just really wished you wouldn't have been dating in secret. It really hurt, and if you had just said earlier–"

"Ino stop!" Shikamaru said putting a hand on Ino's mouth. She stared wide eyed as he silenced her.

"You troublesome woman…listen, nothing was going on between me and Temari, okay?"

Ino zoned out for a moment. Was she hearing him correctly?


Shikamaru sighed. "We were…well … she was helping me with something…"

Ino thought for a moment… Temari was helping him with something? If he needed help, why didn't he come to me? It seems like she's more important to him them I am…

Taking a deep breath, Ino knew what to say. "Shikamaru, if this is true that nothing is going on between you two…do you love me?"

Shikamaru stared into her blue eyes, curious at what she was getting at. "You know the answer."

Ino's eyes furrowed. "But why don't I feel like your answer is legit? It feels like…I don't know…you'd rather be around Temari then me. Look right now, I just need some time to think."


She gave a small smile to Shikamaru. "If you're telling me the truth and you do love me, you'll set me free for awhile, right? I'm just not ready to get back into a relationship with you at the moment."

Shikamaru's eyes widened. "You mean…"

She nodded. "I'm breaking up with you…or going on a break at least. I just need to relax and settle down. I don't know the real reason to why you were proposing to Temari, and at the moment, I don't really wanna know. What I want right now is some space, and time to think. You can understand that, can't you?"

Shikamaru stood there, disbelieving. Ino had such a sad look on her face, Shikamaru knew she needed time to herself.

"Yes, I do. If this is what you want Ino, I understand."

She gave Shikamaru a half smile. "Thank you."

Hesitating for a moment Ino slowly began walking away, face down. Tears began welding up in her eyes as she left her ex-lover. Half were tears of joy, and half were tears of sadness.

She knew she was doing the right thing…

Or at least she thought so.

Turning the corner, two pairs of arms caught Ino and hugged her tightly.

"Ino, I'm proud of you girl." Tenten's voice sounded in her ears. Ino buried her face in Hinata's shoulder as Tenten rubbed her back

"Guys, am I doing the right thing?" she asked, as the tears were coming out full force.

Hinata smiled. "We can't j-justify your actions for you, but your heart can."

Ino chocked back sobs. "B-But what if my heart can't d-decide right now?"

Tenten smiled. "Only time will tell."


Shikamaru stared at her back as she walked away, his hands clenched in his pockets. His right hand was squeezing a small brown box. Pulling it out, he opened it, gazing at the stone.

Grunting, he stuffed it back into his pocket, and ran a hand through his hair. "Ino, you troublesome woman."


Maybe becoming a doctor was not the desired occupation Sakura should have picked. The hours were long, and she hardly had a chance to take a breath.

And her she REALLY needed to set things straight for Ino before she would do something she would totally regret.

But right now, she needed a nice little nap. She laid her head down on her desk and closed her eyes, attempting to get some kind of sleep.

Mmm, sleep. something she needed. After last night's episode with Ino, she was ready to faint.

And just when she felt comfortable, ready to drift off into dream land, the door slid open.


"Shishou!" Sakura said leaping to her feet and bowing. Tsunade and Shizune came in and nodded toward the young doctor.

"Sleeping on the job?"

Sakura shook her head, embarrassed. "Oh no! I was just–"

"Save it Sakura, you have a mission."

Sakura blinked. "A mission?" she hadn't had a proper mission in six months.

Shizune nodded. "You, are to head to the light village to train some of there ninja proper medical skills. Yugi had special requests that you come."

Sakura thought about it for a moment, but wasn't entirely sure. "It would be nice to go to the village of light again…but am I not needed to be here more?"

Tsunade gave her a stern look. "we'll be fine. Plus, this is a special request from Yugi. I think it would be good for you to go. There has also been some…sightings around the area and the villagers are getting suspicious."

Sakura arched a brow. "Sightings?"

Shizune nodded. "no one's really sure of what, but they see shadows in the night, and hear laughing noises. Its been occurring a lot lately and a few of the villagers are getting scared."

Sakura nodded. "I see. But why am I going to help medics?"

"Yugi feels they need some solid medics in their village. Its only for two weeks. They have some decent medics who can do simple things like close open wounds, but none can perform any kind of surgery." Tsunade stopped for a moment. "also, Yugi feels something disturbing is going to happen to Ami's child. I want you to check on her health."

Sakura looked stunned. Something wrong with Ami's baby?

"I'm also sending Tenten, Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji with you. I want them to patrol the area and check for these strange sightings. They make up one of the best patrol teams in Konoha. You all leave tomorrow morning."

Sakura nodded as Tsunade and Shizune left. As the door closed, Sakura sat down at her desk, sighed, and then slammed her head on the desk.

"Do I ever get a moments peace?"


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