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Just a Typical Day

Ziva woke up, very-very early. She rolled over in bed and looked at the clock. It was 3:30. She sat up and reached for the holster on her bedside table, retrieved it, and holstered the 9mm handgun that she had slept with in her hand. She blinked a few times and tried to shake off the latest reoccurring nightmare. She walked into the kitchen and started the coffee pot, and then went to take a shower.

She was dressed and ready by 4:30, but she didn't need to be at NCIS until 8am. Knowing that she had to kill 3 1/2 hours, she decided to go off to a little 24 hour diner and get some breakfast. She ate and effectively killed 45 minutes. Still needing to kill time, she went to the dam by the lake, climbed all 116 steps, and climbed over the guardrails, and sat on the rocks about half way do

wn to the water. She'd been doing this a lot lately because it wasn't busy and it was quiet, she could sit amongst the water, and rocks, and fresh air and just think. She sat there for well over an hour and a half before she looked at her watch and climbed back up over the rail, and down the 116 steps.

On her way to NCIS headquarters, she contemplated getting coffee at NCIS, but opted for the coffee at the little grocery, knowing it would taste much better. She got a cup, doctored it up the way she liked it and got in line to check out. Right before she paid, there was an interruption...

"Everyone Down!" Came a voice from the door. He and four others charged into the store, armed with handguns and shotguns.

"DiNozzo, you're late!" Gibbs yelled, coming down into the bullpen.

"Sorry, boss." Tony replied, hurrying to his desk.

Tony heard Gibbs hand raise to slap him, and he braced himself for the blow, but Gibbs stopped and took a silent headcount.

"Where's Ziva?"

"Haven't seen her today boss." McGee said from behind his computer screen.

"DiNozzo..." Gibbs began.

"On it boss, calling her right now." Tony interrupted.

A few seconds later, Tony got an answer on the other end, "Tony?" Ziva said in a whisper.

"Ziva, where are you, what's wrong?" he asked, panic showing on his face and in his voice.

"P.K.'s Groceries... 5 of them... have guns, send help." she said, and then ended the call.

Tony flipped his phone shut, and began, "Uh, boss..." he started, "We've got a problem, Ziva's at P.K.'s and she said there are guys, 5 of them... with guns." he said.

"McGee, call local P.D.!" Gibbs barked.

"Got it boss, on the line." he replied.

"DiNozzo, truck, now!" Gibbs ordered.

Tony was already on his way to the elevator when he heard the order. Gibbs and McGee followed, and soon they were on scene.

Ziva was scared. For the first time since she was a child, her fear overcame her... but only for a moment. A single gunshot brought her back, and she heard a man yell,

"Everyone quiet, to the back of the store!"

Instinctively, she reached back to her holster, but found another hand already there.

She swung around to fight, but was persuaded to stop by the feel of the cold steel of her own gun touching her forehead.

"Try me." the gunman said plainly.

"Hey Joel, we got a cop here tryin' to be a hero!" the man yelled.

"I am not a cop." Ziva said coldly, "I am a Federal Agent."

The gunman didn't take kindly to her 'disrespect', he landed a blow hard to the side of her head with the gun, and it almost knocked her unconscious, "Don't speak unless I say so!"

She stood back up slowly, feeling dizzy.

"Cuff her, in the back with the others." the command from another gunman, presumably Joel, came.

As the two walked through the isle, gun pressed in Ziva's back, she said, "You and I both know this will not end well for you. All that is going to come from this is five dead gunmen." she finished as they approached a pole thin enough to put a handcuff around. He hit her again, this time twice as hard, and although she tried to fight to stay awake, the darkness approached from the edges of her eyes and she fell out...

"I said don't talk." was all that the gunman offered as a consolation as she fell unconscious.

Within minutes, the building was surrounded by police vehicles and the NCIS truck. Tony's driving had very much resembled Ziva's as he'd gone well over the speed limit, ran a few red lights, and narrowly avoided an accident with a semi-truck. Gibbs went to talk to the commanding officer on scene, and informed him of the situation about his agent on the inside. The 2 men continued talking when a single gunshot rang out and silenced the crowd.

A man appeared in the doorway, holding a woman by the neck with a gun to her head.

"Listen up! Get back or she's gone! I've got hostages, and a Federal Agent in here and they're all dead if you don't do as I say!" He yelled.

"Listen man, you don't want this..." The negotiator began.

"No! No! Don't try that on me! You think I'm stupid? Huh? Try your luck, I've got at least 20 here and I'm not screwin' around! Just gimmie the phone and I'll call you when I want to talk, and until then... come near here and the cop's the first to go!" He finished, retrieved the throw-phone, and backed into the back of the store.

The 3 NCIS agents stood outside awkwardly trying to reassure themselves more than each other.

"Don't worry Probie... she'll be fine. She's got like, super secret ninja skills, you know?" Tony said.

"Yeah, Tony. I know." McGee responded, sensing Tony's need for reassurance.

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