Danny hugged his pillow tightly

Okay, so I probably should be working on Danny Phantom of the opera but this story idea kinda popped into my head a few minutes ago so I felt the need to write it down. Besides, I wanted to put SOMETHING up on fanfiction since I've been spending pretty much all my time on deviantart. I'll probably put this up on there too with pictures, but anyway, this story takes place before Phantom Planet so no one knows Danny's secret and takes place after Frightmare. Well, I think it's kinda random, but I hope you like it Please read and review with NO FLAMES! Remember, I'm still not that good at writing, I'd prefer constructive criticism if something's really bugging you about my formatting. Thank you

Chapter 1: Sleepless Night.

Danny hugged his pillow tightly. He couldn't fall asleep. No matter how hard he tried, something kept depriving him of sleep. The problem was, he didn't know what it was.

He lifted his head to look at the alarm clock. 3:30 a.m. and not a wink of sleep. Danny groaned and dropped his head back into his soft pillow.

He closed his eyes tightly. What can I do to get to sleep? He thought. Maybe I could count sheep…that works for some people! Let's see, one…two…three….four…

His sheep counting was interrupted by the sound of glass hitting the floor. His eyes opened and he looked around his room. It looked the same as far as he could see. There was very little light in his room except for a slim line of moon light running across the floor from between the curtains. Another crashing glass sound. Danny threw of the sheets and got up. He lazily opened his bedroom door and walked downstairs.

The hallway was pitch black. A glowing green ball of light formed in the palm of Danny's hand and the hallway lit up. As Danny carefully descended down the stairs, a blue mist escaped from his mouth. "Great, wonder who it is this time," Danny asked to himself, irritated.

He was already tired of not being able to sleep, the last thing he wanted was another ghost fight to deprive him of more sleep. Another crash and a loud scream. Danny ran down the stairs and into his parent's underground lab.

"Danny!" he heard his mother's voice called.

The glowing green light in Danny's hand disappeared quickly, Danny didn't want his mom seeing him using his ghost powers.

Just then, a bright, white light flashed in Danny's eyes, practically blinding him. He squinted to see the silhouette of his mother running towards him. She was holding a flashlight.

"Danny! Sweetie, are you alright?" his mother, Maddie, asked reaching out for his hand.

"Mom, what's going on?" Danny asked taking her hand.

"Ghost attack, no time to explain, come on! We need to wake up your sister!" Maddie said almost breathlessly.

She pulled on Danny's arm and led him up the stairs. As they ran upstairs, Danny asked: "What were you doing in the lab at 3:30 in the morning?"

"I'll explain later," Maddie said sounding panicked.

They ran into Danny's sister, Jazz's, room to see she was already awake.

"Mom, what's going on?" Jazz asked.

"Come on, I'll explain later," Maddie said taking Jazz's hand and leading her children out into the hall.

"Wait, where's dad?" Danny asked.

Suddenly, a loud, explosive sound emitted from down stairs. "BACK OFF SPOOK!" boomed the voice of Danny's father, Jack Fenton.

Blue mist escaped from Danny's mouth once again.

"Tell me, where is the ghost boy?" Danny heard a spine –chillingly familiar voice ask.

"No, it can't be…" Danny whispered to himself. Maddie flashed her flashlight in the direction of the voices.

"I already told you, ghost, there's no ghost boy here!" Jack's voice said.

"Don't lie to me human, just tell me where he is," the ghost's voice said.

"There's no ghost boy here! Now get out of my house!" Jack's voice bellowed.

"You are no use to me, human, at least not while you're awake. I think you'll fit my needs better if I put you to sleep," the ghost's voice hissed.

Danny could here whatever weapon Jack had been holding drop and then a loud thudding noise. Maddie ran to the stairway. "Jack!" she cried in horror.

Danny and Jazz ran over to her and looked over the rail to see their father collapsed on the floor with some sort of mechanical hat on. Hovering over him were dozens of floating green figures with eyes that had the appearance of sewn up slits. Danny's attention was focused on the ghost who was staring right at him.

Two piercing red eyes glared, almost burning a hole through Danny's face. The ghost twisted his frown into a smile. Danny recognized every detail of the ghost who was staring him down. He had a light scar over his left eye, a black goatie, and purple horns that resembled a ram. His long, thin, black body was covered in twinkling stars and he had long, waving tentacles for feet.

"Hello, Danny Phantom," the ghost, Nocturn, greeted wickedly.