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Plot outline: Crossover fic. Jeff Dunham and Puppets are thrown into the Naruto-verse via magical swirly portal in a parking lot. When the puppets come to life due to the portal's magic and scattered throughout the Naruto world, Jeff has to find all of them before all hell breaks loose. But then again, with this bunch, that's not gonna happen.

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"Thank you! Have a nice night and be safe!" Jeff Dunham and one of his puppets, Marvin gave a bow. As the ventriloquist began packing up, a young stagehand approached him.

"Need any help sir?"

"Sure, here. Take this out to the Blue Prixis." Jeff Handed the young man a box with his beloved puppets inside.

"Noooo!! Infidel Jeff!! I thought I said not to put me back in here with HIM!!" A terrified Arabic voice emitted from the box. Following the cry a demonic laugh came from what sounded like an old man. "ARGH!! Jeff! I KILL YOU!!" The stagehand just about dropped the box, not having seen the entire show, having snuck off to smoke.

"It's alright." Jeff laughed. "I'm a ventriloquist, they're just puppets." The stagehand laughed shakily.

Everything was just about loaded when the stagehand said he had to go. Jeff thanked him and grabbed the case that the stagehand had nearly dropped and was about to put it in the car when something caught his eye. He turned to see a swirling black and purple mass behind him in the parking lot. "What the?" He approached it, case in hand. Suddenly he was pitched forward into the mass. While he was screaming, the case somehow came open and his four most beloved puppets flew out. There was a flash and a voice came that sounded scarily familiar.

"Holy Hell!"

"What the hell?!" Jeff screamed, for it was not he behind the voice like it always had been.

"AIYE!!" José the Jalapeño on a stick cried. Peanut on the other hand was giggling like an idiot.

"This is FUUNNNNNN!!" He screamed. One by one, the puppets began to fall away before finally Jeff himself fell. He felt the impact of something hard and vaguely smelled flowers before everything went black.

"Tsunade-sama!" Gemna ran into the office of the Hokage. Lady Tsunade sat behind her desk, piled with paperwork needing to be done.

"What?" The woman snapped, annoyed at being disturbed, having finally knuckled down and was making significant progress on the looming stack.

"A strange man has been found on the roof of the Yamanaka Flower shop. Should we take him to Ibiki-san for questioning?"

Tsunade considered the young shinobi in front of her. She really didn't need any distractions, but what the hell. "No, bring him here."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

With that he took off. Ton-Ton squealed and looked up disapprovingly at her mistress. "I quite agree Ton-Ton. This will need some sake to get through." The Hokage then leaned back in her chair and opened the hidden panel in the desk that Shizune had not yet found and removed the ceramic bottle. "Cheers."

"Wait, were am I? Were are we? Hey! I'm talking to you!" A panicked voice came echoing down the hall. THe door opened to reaveal Kotetsu and Izumo dragging an indeed strangely dressed man.

Tsunade took a swig of sake as Shizune followed the three men in. "Tsunade-sama! You shouldn't be drinking this early in the morning!" She reprimanded. Tsunade chose to ignore this, addressing the stranger instead.

"State your Name and business in Konoha. Now!"

"Where?" the man asked, throughly and genuinely confused. Tsunade sighed. This, was going to take awhile.

A half hour later, progress had been made. They had established the fact that the man was not from this world. "It's alright. We've seen weirder things chucked out of the portal than the likes of you." Tsunade and the rest shuddered at the memories of various screaming teen and pre-teen girls with eyes that changed colors claiming they were an Uchiha, Naruto's sister, cousin daughter, wife, Kakashi's wife or daughter, Sabaku no Gaara's wife or daughter or lover, Itachi's lover or daughter, Orochimaru's daughter etc etc.

"Look, you HAVE to help me Tsunade-sama." Jeff was desperate at that point. "Who knows what havoc they'll wreak if they've really come to life! Especially Peanut! Well, Walter wouldn't really do much, but still!" He cried.

"What would you be willing to pay?" Tsunade asked.

"My earnings from the last two nights." He then threw a high pitched squeak from Ton Ton's direction. "Please?" Shizune jumped.

Tsunade sighed. "What do these puppets look like?"

"So you'll help me? THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!" Jeff Jumped up and nearly crushed the Hokage in a hug. She cleared her throat. Jeff immeditly backed off. "Um, sorry about that."

"It's quite ok, Dunham-san. Just don't do it again." He chuckled nervously, wondering what the hell he had gotten into.

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