-1When it came to being her parents, Molly had already made it abundantly clear which of the two of them was Mom, and which was Dad. In all honesty, Matt didn't really have a problem with it; if he missed out on the quiet domestic moments, like teaching Molly how to cook, helping her with her homework or having laundry fights, then so what? It wasn't like Mohinder wasn't the one she turned to for advice about the school bully, or for chasing the monsters out from under her bed. And, he would be very happy to act his gender when Molly hit puberty and expected Mohinder to know what to do with bras and tampons.

When it came to him and Mohinder, however, and their weird sort-of-platonic-but-only-because-they-weren't-yet-having-sex-co-parent type relationship, he had the sneaking suspicion that he was the wife.

Not only that, he thought glumly as he folded the laundry, but he was a housewife. The kind who stayed relatively close to home almost all the time and cleaned because he was worried about what the husband was getting himself into- where the husband was, even. And then nagged him about not being around when he was home.

It wasn't like he thought Mohinder didn't enjoy being home. It wasn't like he felt that Mohinder was unqualified for the job, such as it were. It wasn't that he thought Mohinder wanted to be away so often, and in so much danger either. It wasn't that he didn't know that he (probably) had to do this to keep Molly, and, to a lesser extent, Matt safe and away from the Company's clutches and all its morally grey splendor.

It was that he was worried about Mohinder getting caught up in the heat of the moment and doing something stupidly heroic and leaving Matt as a single father. It was that while Mohinder could do the work, he couldn't do it, be the good father he was trying so hard to be and still get the proper amount of rest he needed. It was that he was worried that Mohinder was throwing too much of himself into the Company, which seemed to slowly digest it. It was that they needed him healthy and whole, and, if possible, home for a good long while, not out saving the world. It was-

Actually it was a lot like what Janice had said to him in virtually all of their marriage counseling sessions.

Great, not only was he a housewife, he was his own ex-wife.

Although, he supposed for the analogy to be completely accurate, he'd have to sleep with Elle and then impregnate himself with her child, and he really didn't feel like doing either.


Now he felt like dunking his brain in a tank of bleach. And scrubbing, Really, really hard.

He glanced at the clock. One hour until Molly had to be picked up from her friend's house. Four hours after that Mohinder would call, and talk with Molly about her day and inconsequential things, then she would hand over the phone to Matt, and Mohinder would tell him how his day really went, and Matt would tell him about the parts of the day Molly skipped over. If they were lucky, Mohinder would tell them when he was coming home; if they were really lucky, he would tell them he was coming home tonight.

Maybe, after he came home, Matt would talk to Mohinder about this…whatever it was. Problem. Issue. Thing. But until then, he had clothing to put away.