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Time had passed in the wizard world since Voldemort's defeat. Harry had received an order of Merlin first class for defeating the dark lord. The ministry had offered him a position as an Auror even if Harry had never passed his NEWT in Potions. Harry refused the job offer though. His public statement was that he had had enough fighting for a life time. The public accepted that easily. They did not take it quite so well when Harry did not settle to have a family. Not that it bothered him much; Harry secluded himself in his house, and kept away from the public. In 42 years of life, Harry never took a job. It was a rather foolish notion really. He was the heir of one of the wealthiest family in the wizard world after all. The management of his estates was enough.

He wasn't idle though. He spent his days experimenting and doing research. In fact, his house resembled a library much more than a house. Hermione would have been proud had she lived ... well, she might have been slightly annoyed at the quantity of books on Nargals and such. After all, Luna had helped him build the library... Harry could just imagine Hermione scowling at him from the Heavens. No matter, he'll see her soon. The thought made Harry chuckle. Soon he would see all of them again.

Harry carefully placed a note in plain sight on the table in his dining room; a table on which he had never eaten a single meal... really the table was a lot more suited to hold a dozen books, then again Harry thought the same for all surfaces - if his house was anything to go by. Said books were now neatly resting on the shelves of the library - it wouldn't do to leave his house in disorder. Harry strolled happily to his study, and picked up the dagger that would serve his goal. In one clean stroke... Harry cut a shallow wound on his palm, and let the blood fall on the center runes of the pentagram.

The runes flashed once, and Harry disappeared.

In the smallest bedroom, in a boring house of Privet Drive a loud groan was heard, before Harry happily passed out.

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