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A/N: This story was inspired by my desire to see some interaction between Ratchet and the Dinobots. Despite being their co-creator, Wheeljack gets far more notice for building them and having a parental relationship with them. So I wrote something myself.

Ratchet glanced back at the battlefield. Turning back to Grimlock, his hands were a smooth line of motion over sparking parts and melted pieces. "How are you feeling Grimlock?" Ratchet inquired.

"Me Grimlock can fight. You Ratchet too fussy," the Dinobot groaned, trying to sit up.

Ratchet lightly smacked his creation over the head. "You stay as you are Grimlock, let me take care of things."

Grimlock settled back, grumbling lowly.

Several minutes passed undisturbed, Ratchet working as quickly as he could on his eldest creation. Grimlock suddenly tensed under him, growling. Ratchet could sense the energy field of another transformer near. Turning, he looked up into the blank red optic band of Soundwave, a gun pointed at his faceplate. Standing at the Decepticon's ankles was Ravage and a snickering Frenzy. Without thinking he sent out a silent SOS to the other four Dinobots and Wheeljack, hoping someone would reach them.

Ratchet shifted, blocking the vitals of his patient who was struggling to get up.

"MOVEMENT: INADVISABLE," the monotone of the Decepticon communications officer rung out. Ratchet didn't need to know what the threat entailed.

"Grimlock, stand down," Ratchet hissed, optics not straying from the gun.

Obviously he needed to install some obedience modifiers in the Dinobot as he could hear the further shift of Grimlock behind him. Soundwave's gaze shifted, gun swinging away from Ratchet.

Without thinking, the medic whirled around, crouching over Grimlock. Searing pain pierced through his shoulder and part of his torso. He slumped against Grimlock, the Dinobot just barely catching him. Ratchet turned his head watching Soundwave, hardly able to use his intakes from the searing pain.

He could vaguely hear the cackling of Frenzy. In the moments he'd blocked Soundwave's shot, Grimlock had drawn out his own gun, pointing it at the telepath's feet, at the Cassettes.

"You Soundwave leave, or it not you I Grimlock shoot," the Dinobot growled, blue optic band darkening in anger.

The silence stretched out, only interrupted by Ratchet's labored systems. Soundwave slowly lowered his weapon, sub-spacing it. "FRENZY, RAVAGE: RETURN," Soundwave said, chassis compartment opening. Ravage darted up, transforming and depositing into his creator. Frenzy leapt into Soundwave's outstretched hand, grumbling, but following after his brother.

Grimlock kept his aim trained on the two diminutive Decepticons, pointing at where the Cassettes were stored. Soundwave seemed to stall, debating whether to challenge the two injured Autobots. He may have stood a chance before the shrill cry of Swoop sounded from above. Soundwave quickly took off as Wheeljack and the other four Dinobots arrived.

"You two alright?" Wheeljack asked, helping Ratchet onto the ground beside Grimlock.

"Nothing we won't recover from," Ratchet grumbled. He turned to Grimlock, addressing him. "And next time I'm shutting your processor off, you ill tempered fragger."

"Me Grimlock say I get bad mood from you," Grimlock shot back, nature slightly lighter than Ratchet's.