I completely forgot about Father's Day and wrote this on the spot; got it out in like, an hour. Kinda makes you readers wonder why in the Pit it takes me so long to update, huh? Truth is, I'm lazy and I procrastinate. Besides, I doubt I'd still have stuff to write for this story if I posted new chapters every day.

If Wheeljack had checked his chronometer upon on-lining today, he would have known why the Dinobots had suddenly decided to corner him. Or why Sludge had picked him up and carried him out of the Ark like a sack of coals. He should have realized something was up when he'd checked his schedule for today and saw it cleared.

So when he was set down outside the Ark, in the dirt, with the Dinobots circled around him, expressions eager and with Ratchet standing not too far away looking smug, he was a little confused.

"Anyone care to explain what's going on?" Wheeljack asked, looking between each mech.

"It's June fifteenth," Ratchet replied.

Wheeljack waited for further explination, but received nothing. "Aaand?"

"Hint: It's your turn to be celebrated for, Daddy," Ratchet cracked with a grin.

Wheeljack turned the words over in his CPU, optics widening when he finally caught on. "Oooh, Father's Day; thought I forgot about something."

Ratchet shook his head over the hopeless situation. "Don't mind him, boys. He'd forget his own head if it wasn't bolted to his body."

"Us Dinobots got you Wheeljack gifts," Grimlock finally spoke up, presenting the engineer with a large metal box that filled Wheeljack's arms as he accepted it.

The poor engineer barely caught himself from falling over from the weight. It felt like the thing was full of rocks. Setting it down and opening the hatch at the top, Wheeljack discovered his guess wasn't too far off. He pulled out the large stone carving and carefully set it down to get a better look at it.

"Huh, it's me," Wheeljack quickly identified, smiling behind his mask as his helm lights flickered blue in pleasure. The large red stone was carved to look like him, it wasn't master piece work, but considering it was from Grimlock, who made it simply because he wanted to for his creator, Wheeljack couldn't be more pleased with it. "Thanks Grimlock, this'll look great in my lab," Wheeljack said as he turned back to his eldest creation.

:Provided it doesn't get blown up: Ratchet commed to his mate.

:I'll put it under that reinforced, blast proof plastic/glass stuff: Wheeljack replied.

"Me Swoop next, me Swoop next," Swoop crowed, clambering up and handing over a, thankfully, smaller metal box much like Grimlock's. Wheeljack could comfortably hold this one in both hands.

Opening it, Wheeljack again grinned. He pulled out a transformer sized mug. It was painted white, but with Cybertronian words also painted on it in gray, green, and red, all the colors of his paint job. Written out was Happy Father's Day.

"Aw, Swoop, thank you. This'll be very useful for me," Wheeljack said, as he reached over and gave the pteranodon a pat on the arm. The youngling beamed at his creator before returning to his circle of brothers. Wheeljack set Swoop's gift on top of Grimlock's box to keep it elevated and hopefully safe from any large feet.

Snarl rose next, handing over a simple data pad to Wheeljack. Behind him, the other Dinobots let out snickers before he whirled on them and leveled an intense glare at the group.

Wheeljack paid no notice, booting up the pad and reading the small script of text written out on it.

There is long darkness

Light fills my sight for first time

I see blue optics

I hear kind and loving voice

I know I am safe and home

Wheeljack looked up at the stegosaur, touched. "Thank you Snarl, this is very beautiful. I can see you put a lot of thought into this."

The normally unexpressive mech gave his creator a rare smile before turning away and sitting down beside Sludge.

Slag, in a pre-emptive strike growled lowly at his brothers in warning before giving Wheeljack his gift, shifting from foot to foot impatiently as Wheeljack looked over the photo pad he had given him.

Wheeljack studied each picture obviously taken in the day-to-day Ark activities. Him working in his lab, him with one of the other Dinobots, even a few close moments shared between him and Ratchet, one just from yesterday where Ratchet had fallen into recharge on his shoulder while they relaxed in the common room. They were touching shots, and good besides. Clear, even, good lighting. "You have quite an optic for photography, Slag," Wheeljack complimented.

Slag humped, crossing his arms. "Not that hard, me Slag just have to wait for good moments and carry camera in subspace."

"Well still, this is lovely, and thank you."

Slag ducked his head in embarrassment before returning to his seat on the ground.

Sludge got up, bringing out his gift from subspace, a large, triple layer oil cake. "Me Sludge spent all night on this for all us to eat. But you get first piece."

Wheeljack grinned, the cake the brontosaur had made Ratchet for Mother's Day had been delicious. He could only expect the same of today. "Considering your knack for food, Sludge, I bet it'll be the best oil cake I've ever had," Wheeljack replied as he disconnected his mask from his face.


"So, was it a good Father's Day?" Ratchet asked as he lay back with Wheeljack on their shared berth.

"The best. I could get used to these Earth holidays. They certainly have a good idea, celebrating creators for raising good young. And ya know, we do. Even if the Dinobots are a little rough around the edges, they're good mechs. I don't think we could've asked for better with them," Wheeljack said fondly, settling on his side, chassis to chassis with Ratchet.

"Yeah," Ratchet said with a nod. "They are good mechs. They had a bad start, a few bad starts, but I think they're starting to adjust."

"And their gifts were all pretty thoughtful," Wheeljack added, spark warming at the thought of the gifts he'd received.

He froze as Ratchet rolled over, leaning on his elbows above Wheeljack with optics glowing indigo and a devious smile on his lips. "So 'Daddy', ready for my gift?" Ratchet purred as he leaned in close to his spark mate.

Wheeljack's engine revved in answer as his optics changed to match hue with his mate's. And he really loved Earth's holidays.

Just as a note, I had the ending planned before I even started on the first sentence of this chapter. My smutty mind, let me show it to you.