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Chapter One: Before

Kyuubi no Kira ran through the forest at a speed that he normally couldn't have maintained, but panic and worry had upped his energy output immensely as he tried to get his best friend and little sister to the summoning circle that could very well save her soul.

Just hang on little sister. Almost...there.

I know Kira. I'm still here.

The nine tailed fox demon pushed himself even more, his desperation to get his sister to their destination mounting, but he slowed when he realized that there was a multitude of humans in front of him. In fact there was a village there that had never existed before, and it was directly in his path to the circle. He tried going around, but everywhere he turned there were humans attacking him! Try as he might he couldn't stop them without killing them and his anger was burning hotter and hotter until finally he decided that if the city being there was stopping him then there would no longer be a city there.

So began the destruction wrought by the nine tailed fox.

When Kira was facing the Yondaime and saw what the man was doing...when he saw the death god come to answer the summons he wailed in grief and sadness.

"Why? Why did you attack me?"

"You attacked us Kyuubi!"

"My sister is dying! Her soul cannot piggyback on mine for long! She will die and she is the one who least deserves to!"

And then the Yondaime saw something that no one would have thought possible.

The great Kyuubi cried.

Shinigami watched as one of the greatest demons to ever exist cried for the sister that he was now supporting and felt something for a creature he had not felt in a long while.


The kyuubi had learned, as all the biju had, compassion from the little human-turned-demon lord in the millennia since they were first pulled from the demon world to this one. Shinigami smiled mirthfully when he remembered what Shukaku was doing and vowed to be there when he met up with his little sister again. For all the bluster of that particular biju he was deathly afraid of the little ten tail, particularly of her tears. It was hilarious to watch the demon lords, the males anyway, fall all over themselves trying to get their little sister/queen to stop crying, as her tears terrified every one of them just as much as her anger did. Shinigami looked at the human who had summoned him and then to the Kyuubi and instantly saw the problem.

Someone had tried to summon Juubi improperly and in the process had torn her mind and soul from her body. That was why Kyuubi was in such a rush. Well. He could fix that.

Shinigami grabbed the soul of the Kyuubi, making sure to wrap his hand around the soul of the Juubi as well, and yanked it out of the fox's body before placing it into the seal created by the Yondaime. He then turned to the Yondaime with a grin that heralded hell.

:I will be changing your seal slightly Hokage, as it was not designed to hold two souls:

"Two souls? What do you mean?"

:The Kyuubi was carrying his sister's consciousness and soul. He was trying to get them to the original summoning circle in an effort to save her life. Now the child will be host to both souls:

"Won't that kill him?"

:No. When he meets them, which he will, they will instruct him on how to give Juubi her body back:

"So then the ten tail will destroy Konoha in revenge? That is just as bad as this!"

Shinigami laughed.

:Human, the ten tail is by far the most compassionate being I've ever had the honor of knowing. She will not destroy Konoha, in fact if I don't miss my guess I'd say that you're son will have a surrogate mother the moment he frees her. She will make him strong. And when the other biju discover her whereabouts Konoha will become one of the most guarded cities the world has ever seen.:

With that the death god grabbed Kazama Arashi's soul and ate it, sending the man to his judgement. The god lingered over the child for a moment before smiling when he saw the whisker marks and the slight peppering of scales adorn the boy's face and neck.

The dragon would return and he would watch the child to make sure of it.