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Chapter 1 A Little Break

"Hey Raito-kun," the detective said, trying to wake his companion up. Raito groaned as he turned away from the other in his sleep. Sighing, Ryuuzaki gently shook the other to wake.

"Raito-kun, Raito-kun, Raito-kun!" Ryuuzaki whispered, shaking the said teen harder. Raito groaned as his brown eyes snapped open.

"What? Did something happen while I was asleep?!" the genius asked as he sat up suddenly.

"Raito-kun, I am sorry for making you stay up late for the investigation, but you have to get up." Ryuuzaki explained, not answering the younger's question.

Wiping away the sleepiness from his tired eyes, Raito sighed. It's been like this for two weeks. Raito hasn't been getting enough sleep from staying up late by Ryuuzaki's continuous researching and watching footage. Not only that was enough, Raito's wrist is chained to Ryuuzaki's wrist. Having another man with him 24/7 at first scared the genius. But after a while he became used to it. Only if he had enough sleep.

"Ryuuzaki please let me sleep in. If we keep this up I'll-"

"You'll what Raito-kun?" Ryuuzaki interrupted.

Raito sighed. "I'm going to collapse and fall asleep while sitting up or even standing up."

"Raito-kun, you can always take a nap at the investigation room." Ryuuzaki suggested, putting his thumb up to his lips and nibbling it. One of the detective's weird habits, also including holding everything with only his index and thumb fingers. He's also a sugar addict, eating nothing but sweets.

"But I would look like a slacker." Raito pointed out, standing up as he was being pulled along by Ryuuzaki.

"Perhaps," Ryuuzaki said. "but everyone there will understand that you need sleep anyways."

"Ryuuzaki, you don't understand. You know as much as I do that I have to catch Kira. No matter what, but if I fall asleep on the job then I won't forgive myself to miss out." Raito groaned, rubbing his head.

Ryuuzaki stopped midway of taking the donuts from the cabinet, looking over at the other. This is unlike the Yagami-kun he met at first. Nor was this the first time he found another example why he's not like the young genius in the past few weeks. Ever since he broke down in the cell, he's not like what he used to be.

"Why do you keep giving me these looks?" Raito asked, snapping the detective from his thoughts.

"If you keep pushing yourself, then you'll get yourself sick Raito-kun." Ryuuzaki said as he took a small bite of a chocolate donut covered with sprinkles.

"I made a promise Ryuuzaki. I plan to keep it that way." Raito sighed, taking out some coffee and added it to the coffee filter turning it on.

Noticing this, Ryuuzaki watched the other in curiosity. Raito doesn't usually have coffee in the morning. Usually he eats cereal or anything that is health based food. Coffee is what Raito usually has at night when he needs to stay up. Now he needs it in the morning. He really must be tired.

"Raito-kun, you usually don't drink coffee in the morning." Ryuuzaki pointed out, now getting a little worried over his genius companion.

Raito turned to Ryuuzaki. "I need this to keep myself awake this morning."

Ryuuzaki stared with his dark, expressionless eyes at the other. 'I should at least postpone for today until he gets some rest.' The detective planned through his head. Using his index and thumb to bring out his cell phone. Speed dailing for Watari's cell phone, waiting for the call to answer.

"Moushi moushi, Ryuuzaki." Watarinswered.

"Watari, tell everyone that the investigation is postponed until 8 o'clock tonight." Ryuuzaki said, stopping Raito from pouring coffee into a cup with his free hand. Raito stared in surprise, not sure if this will be all right. Ryuuzaki isn't serious, is he?

"Should I tell them why?" Watari asked.

"Just tell them that we need a little break. Also, if they want to go on the investigation by themselves, tell them they can do so. But I recommend a break." Ryuuzaki answered before he hung up. Ryuuzaki stared back at his friend's shocked expression.

"Ryuuzaki...why did you...?" Raito muttered, not believing of what he just heard.

"Raito-kun should get some sleep. We have until eight tonight to catch up in some sleep." Ryuuzaki smiled a rare smile. A feeling churned in the brunette's stomach as the detective lead him to the couch.

"Arigato, Ryuuzaki."

Ryuuzaki gave a grin in return. Sitting on the couch, the sugar addict detective pulled up his knees, his thumb returning to his mouth as Raito lay down on his side. Curling up, Raito sighed, closing his eyes. Turning on the TV, Ryuuzaki listened half way, watching Raito sleeping silently. Only did the news bring up a serious topic that they say is similiar to the Kira case.

"A group of men in a bar have all died from heart attacks last night around 10:39 p.m., all of these men were drunk at the time. Not one of them have even a record of violence during their life." the reporter said.

Turning his attention to the TV, Ryuuzaki thought over what was just said. All of the victims were men with no record of violence? Suddenly the reporter gagged as he fell onto his knees, hands to his chest. Obsidian eyes widened in shock as the reporter died right in front of him. Judging by his actions, it was a heart attack.

"Sorry, we've met some technical problems." the TV said.

"Ryuuzaki, I'm sure you heard that."

L turned to the other, surprised that he's still awake. "Yes, I heard all of it. It would seem that the new Kira is targeting men."

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