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The new family arrived at Paris, France. The flight was long and tiring, especially for all three men and Toki (Ichigo's babysitter and Godmother) for Ichigo wouldn't stop crying every few hours. Now all they want to do was to sleep the whole year. But there was work to be done. A case got L's attention immediately his ears heard of it. B has escaped.

To everyone's understanding was that B died, even L thought so. B must've found a way to trick the police system by either corrupting his files or placing himself in someone else's death bed and allowed himself to be buried until later when the coast was clear. Either way, he was just spotted in London, England. After all this time B hid himself, and with this many years being free he could be more dangerous then he was five years ago.

But what worried L most was the fact that B tried to get information from Whammy's Orphanage. Knowing B, he would've kept watch on any new information on the Kira case, but with it closed before he could make a plan to rid L he went to the orphanage and tried to steal some files that has L's wherabouts.

B's plan failed him. N and M1 knew from the second they saw him that he was B. N gave the warning while M1 sized up B into a corner. B got angry of course, he sweeped M1's legs and threatened to rid both N and M1 if they got into his way again. Then he left. And there wasn't any sign of him since.

Once the new family settled in, each person set up their own work. Well, all but Ichigo. All he gets to do was to lay there and look cute. Matsuda mentally grinned to himself when he walked into his new office. He set up all the connections and kept a look out for any new information. L and Raito sat behind very familiar screens and computers full of files of every case that L solved. Toki decided to take a nap, every once and a while she had to wake up to either feed Ichigo or change his diaper.

"Hey L," Raito called, glancing from B's file to his lover. "How dangerous is B?"

L bit his thumb. "More than you I'd say."

"You mean Kira?"


"But I thought-"

"Kira's weapon to kill was technically more dangerous then Kira himself. B on the otherhand is in a class of his own. His IQ is that equal to us, N, and M1. Maybe even better than us combined. But that was back in the Los Angeles BB Murder Case. Right now he acts only to get rid of me and my successors."

"Wasn't that how he acted in LA?" Raito asked.

"Yes, you could say that. But now he knows that I know him personally. So he won't hold back any oppurtunity he can get to get rid of me." L glanced at the photo of Naomi Misora, the FBI agent who helped solve the case.

"She was a brave woman. Too bad her talent couldn't last." the detective mumbled to himself. Despite the low mumble, Raito was able to hear the sympathetic sentence. He frowned.

"What's wrong Raito-kun?" L asked, immediately noticing the sudden change of mood. Raito bit his lip.

"I'm sorry..."

"About what?"

"Naomi Misora. I wrote her name down the day she went missing." Raito explained. "She had great deductive skills. So great it made me...afraid of her. And so I talked to her about the Kira case, since she was demanding to see the task force, and her theory was that Kira could kill more than just heart attacks. I knew right then I had to get rid of her. She even came up with the conclusion that I could be Kira, she didn't say anything but I had a feeling that was what she was thinking."

L stared for a few moments, eying Raito's every move when he explained. All L could get out of it was guilt from Raito's expression and tone. Seeing that he was telling the truth, he raised his hand to gently ruffle with the longer, auburn hair. Lightly massaging Raito's skull in the slow rythem he liked it.

"I won't blame you for it. Think of it this way, if she had talked to me and the task force, you would be dead. And I would not have gained a lover in the midst of all the crisis." L nuzzled his lover's neck tenderly, earning a small moan.


"Ashiteru Raito-kun."

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