"Am I… being defeated?" Vergil asked in disbelief. Defeat hadn't even been a realistic concept to him until recently. However, that's what seemed to be happening to him. But why was he losing? In their first encounter Vergil had easily beaten Dante and in the second they were still fighting on even terms. So why was it that now, after having received his father's mightiest sword in addition to his that he still couldn't defeat Dante?

"What, is that all you've got?" Dante spoke down to him. Dante was actually speaking down to him!

"Come on. Get up. You can do better than that." Vergil's pain and ache was nothing compared to his determination now. He wasn't going to just fall down and die. He would get up and he would fight. Vergil shakily pushed himself up from the shallow water of the strange demonic cliff and turned back towards Dante. As Vergil did so, however, the whole area started to tremble. Dante seemed to notice it as well, but his gaze barely even faltered. He'd changed.

"The portal to the human world is closing, Dante. Because the amulets have been separated." Vergil stated while regaining his breath.

"Let's finish this Vergil. I have to stop you." He said solemnly. All of the brash, cocky attitude that he so often had was gone now.

"Even if that means killing you." Vergil's eyes widened just a bit. They had been fighting since they were young. But while the fighting grew more and more intense as time went on and they got stronger, there had always been an unspoken rule between the two of them that they hadn't even really thought of; one brother would not try to kill the other. Being half-demon, that didn't really mean that they went easy on each other. It was virtually impossible to kill them. When one of them, who had always been Dante before, was defeated the other one would allow them to heal. But then… Vergil had broken that "rule" himself on the roof of Temen-ni-gru. Though he hadn't killed Dante, the act of impaling him with his own sword after Dante had obviously been defeated was something that went against their unspoken agreement. Yet, he didn't think that this was Dante's way of getting back at him for having lost. There was resoluteness in Dante's gaze. Something that he remembered seeing before in…

"In Sparda." Vergil thought, fighting to actually compare Dante to their deceased father; the person that he had wanted to be like. No. The person who he had wanted to surpass.

What was is that Dante had gained in this experience that Vergil hadn't?

"Dante walks the path of humans! So why is he winning when I should be so more powerful?" Vergil thought, his head spinning. After thinking for a brief moment Vergil knew that it didn't matter. They had nothing more to talk about.

"Instead…" Vergil thought as he raised Force Edge, their father's sword, and twisted it in the air before whipping it behind him, preparing to charge.

"I'll show my beliefs through this last strike."

Both of them were tired now. Though Vergil had clearly been exhausted more, Dante wasn't going to be running any marathons either. The next brother to strike a blow would be the victor.

There was a connection that most people couldn't make with fighting; it wasn't just some brainless activity as most people thought. At the very least, it wasn't restricted to that. If you could find the true meaning of fighting a whole new realm opened up. Fighting was a way of showing your beliefs. It takes a lot more resolve to take a punch to the face then an insult across the table. If you fought it showed that you were willing to risk your life for your beliefs. For the two of them, who had been around death and fighting their whole lives, this was more apparent than to the most seasoned war-veteran.

Dante barely moved, not preparing a stance. Whether it was because he couldn't or if he simply didn't want to was something Vergil couldn't tell, but it didn't matter. They ran towards each other, each holding a sword behind them as they did so. Time seemed to slow in order to allow them to enjoy these last few moments for all that they were. Then Vergil's foot stepped in a deeper area of water, causing a splash, and time came back to normal.

They attacked; the exchange too fast for a human to see, as they came to a stop on opposite sides from where they had been, still holding their swords up. Vergil waited a few seconds for the results and then knew them as he felt his stomach separate for a second, being held up only by his backbone. The wound healed itself, but expended the last of Vergil's energy as it did so. The final blow to his stamina made him start to fall forward and drop Force Edge in the process. He stuck a foot out in front of him to keep him from falling down into the water, but his amulet fell from his neck as he did so; as if abandoning him for his unwillingness to accept his defeat. But Vergil stooped to pick it up and then somehow forced himself to straighten up again. He turned towards Dante while taking a step back.

His twin, who had already sheathed Rebellion, his own sword, and turned towards him, now looking at him with the same resoluteness. The same strength. There was something else in them now though. There was just the slightest hint of pity in his eyes. Mentally sighing, Vergil thought of how pathetic this was for his younger twin to be looking at him with pity.

"I must have lost more than I thought." Vergil thought solemnly while still taking steps away from Dante, and towards the edge of the cliff.

"No one can have this Dante." Vergil said with a shaky but determined voice.

"It's mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda." He grunted as one of his boots hit a rock at the edge and he had to force himself to keep from falling. Dante dashed towards him, knowing what he was planning to do. But Vergil put Yamato, his katana, in his path.

"Leave me and go. If you don't want to be trapped in the demon world. I'm staying." He spoke while starting to lean back.

"This place… was our father's home." Then he pushed himself backwards, starting to fall. Dante rushed towards him again, reaching for Vergil's wrist. But regardless of the reason, this was Vergil's decision. And he wasn't going to change it. The tip of Yamato cut into Dante's hand, as if one final taunt of how Vergil wasn't going to accept Dante's help. Then, he fell back into the abyss, staring up at Dante. As he fell deeper and deeper, finally losing sight of Dante, Vergil realized why he had lost to him and closed his eyes in acceptance.

Dante had found his cause, while Vergil had lost his.