BANG!! A scream another explosion all is chaos the metal leaders are nowhere to be seen, but I know they are there for I can hear their whistles. The bomb demons are hit by a bigear and his magic floaters are destroyed. We are ordered to attack it and we destroy it rending its flesh and bone with our stems.

Red leader orders us to carry it but there is no room for me to carry it. It is getting dark so they are trying to rush I see a dead biter and go to carry it without being ordered. I get to the creator and am about to put it in when it takes off with the leader's metal creator. I am stranded what am I going to do?

My instincts instantly tell me to find somewhere to hide. As I am searching a devourer sees me and it begins to chase me. I run and run but it gives no signs of tiring. To survive I must go somewhere he cannot and that is when I see a large geyser spouting not water but flames! I run around it but the devourer is to stupid to go around he steps on it and screams in pain giving a snort of disgust he begins to hunt for easier prey. I quickly find a cave near where the leader's creator was earlier and sleep there. I wake to the sound of the leader's ship and quickly run to the creator and get inside. Safe at last.

I was bored so i decided to edit the grammar and such im hopin fer more reviews XD