summary: Clark's thoughts on the final scene in "Veritas" A small viggie for anyone who's a Clana fan.

A/N: I do not own Smallville, if I did, Brainiac would so be fried!! Anyway please enoy the story.

Clark Kent walked down the dimly lit hallway, his breath caught in his throat. The small figure slumped in a wheelchair not too far from Clark made the man feel relieved Chloe had allowed him privacy. Clark felt as though he was going in slow motion and he'd never make it to Lana's side. That he would fail her again, as he seemed to have been doing recently. Clark hesitated for a moment at Lana's back. Even though he had seen her already, the sight of Lana's blank white stare made Clark want to die. He had promised himself to protect her and Kara, and he had failed both.

Clark's body seemed to have a mind of its own, however, and soon Clark found himself kneeling by his girlfriend's side. "Lana?" Clark whispered, hoping she could hear him.

"A tiny part of her is aware of everything around her," Brainiac's voice resounded in Clark's memory, mocking him. Clark was so disgusted that the vendetta against him, against his family and friends; had been taken so far. Clark briefly closed his eyes. The sunlight shone brightly in the room, and Clark felt grief surge within him. It was so wrong that the weather was so beautiful and clear and Lana was stuck in some kind of coma. "Lana? Can you hear me?" Clark asked with a soft voice, staring up at his girlfriend. Lana's expression remained totally blank. Heartbroken, Clark bowed his head when a word fell upon his ears. If not for his super-hearing, Clark might have missed it entirely.

Leaning his head closer, Clark listened as Lana opened her mouth and uttered a final, chilling message:

"Kal El... You're too late, Kal-El." The words bounced around Clark's head in an echo.

Lana once more fell silent, but the message was clear. Lana's suffering was because of him. Clark slowly lifted a hand. Lana's white eyes stared at him with no emotion. No sadness, no anger, nothing. Just blankness. Unable to take Lana's stare, Clark gently closed her eyes. Moving his head, Clark slowly leaned in, hoping to give her one last kiss, hoping that something would happen, but... Clark backed away from Lana slowly. Nothing could be done. Except to find Brainiac and make him reverse the damage that had been done to Lana's mind. Clark slowly broke down, laying his head on Lana's lap and bursting into tears. Clark was aware of Chloe standing in the doorway a few feet away, but Clark didn't care at the moment. All he could run through his mind was Lana was gone... Lana was goneNot in the physical sense, but Lana's personality had been locked away, and Clark felt utterly helpless as to what to do.

You're too late, Kal-El.

You're too late.