Title: Last Will and Testament
Rating: PG-14
Mild language
Disclaimer: Characters created by Chris Carter; cared for by Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban; loved by fans. In short, I don't own them.
Spoilers/Continuity: Jump the Shark
Summary: In those last few moments.
Completed: March 28, 2008
Notes: After all these years, and all the effort that was put into saving the gunmen, I had to mourn. Aspects of my personal life over the last few years have lead me here. Have led me to my need to do this. It imitates life. And we all need to heal.


It's the first thought that drives through my brain. Followed closely by an arrangement of explicatives that would make the FCC explode.

I almost can't believe that Frohike pulled the alarm. I certainly can't believe that we didn't make a run for it. Not even in a moment of crystal clear revelation. We didn't budge. We didn't stand down.

Well, at least they can't accuse us of being a group of cowards who hide behind computer screens. Not anymore, anyway. Calling us stupid? Well, that's debatable. And if they ever needed proof that we were crazy, this might just be it. Who else would dive headfirst into this, and then lock themselves in with a ticking time bomb? Who else but three guys with a few glitches in the wiring?

Heroes.I could almost hear Jimmy saying it, with that lopsided grin slathered all over his face. The idiotic awe he'd always show.

Byers would shrug it off as if everyone else would do the same thing. I doubt that. I'm still not sure I've done it.

Could this really be happening?

Don't get me wrong, I know we did the right thing. I know, and I wouldn't change that for anything. But… maybe it's all the years we've spent with Mulder and his X-Files, I just can't help but question if this is really it. It could be a dream. Some mushroom induced trip. An alternate universe. One seriously messed up computer program. I could even be in-line with an alien experiment…

But it's the look on Jimmy's face; that broken puppy-dog look that tells me it's real. That this is happening. This is done.

We really have gone and saved the world from this dude. We really have locked ourselves away with him. And we really have doomed ourselves to die.

Go figure. This would be the one time it's not a dream. This time has to be real.


At least we all went down together, that's something, isn't it? Fitting maybe, or something cornball like that. And we've finally done what we set out to do; we've done something that matters. Something that will make a difference – but I don't think anyone will ever know about it.

No one beyond the faces on the other side of the glass. Maybe a handful of rogue Fibbies. Can that be fair?

"Buddy, fight the good fight." This is the one time I'm thankful for Frohike opening his mouth. Leave it to Frohike to know just what to say when the chips are down. Otherwise we'd be in the middle of another cycle of my cruses. And that's not the best thing to leave as your last words, I'm sure. Though, I think Frohike would find the amusing simplicity in it.

"Both of you," I add. Something, anything. I've never given a thought to a last testament. What are you supposed to leave as parting words?

"Never give up." That. Pure and simple. Patriotic and proud. Inspired meaning, hell, that's always been Byers. Just the thing to give Jimmy a shot in the arm, hell even Yves nodded a little.

Who ever thought this would be the hardest part?

I look from Frohike to Byers, then back again. I can tell, after all these years, finally we're all thinking the exact same thing, at the exact same moment.