(Full) Summary: As newly appointed Head Girl, I had my entire year planned out. Things were going to go just as I wanted them to and there was nothing anyone could do to stop that. Except for Dumbledore, that is, who did so by assigning James Potter as Head Boy. And for some reason, this Head Boy believes that I need more action in my life. Lovely.

Disclaimer: It belongs to Jo.

A Stag in the Wandlight

a Siriusly Klutzy story.

Late. Why did he have to be late? What could possibly be so important to James Potter that he is late for the Prefects meeting where we introduce ourselves as Heads. The prefects and I had already been waiting there impatiently for him for about twenty minutes before he walked in out of breath and slightly sweaty. But he walked over to where I was sitting with a grin plastered on his face, all on eyes him.

"Where were you?" I asked in an annoyed whisper. "You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago!" We're supposed to set good examples for the prefects and future heads, not encourage tardiness. Everyone knew that.

"Sorry," he responded in his normal voice. "A second year couldn't get his trunk onto the train, so I offered to help."

A likely story. "And that took twenty minutes?" I asked, still whispering. The prefects were now looking at me impatiently, waiting for us to start the meeting.

"Can we talk about this later? They look like they want to get out of here," James pointed out. And he was right. There were eye rolls coming from Connie Marie and Michael, the fifth-year Ravenclaw prefects, and Judith McKay, the sixth-year Hufflepuff, looked like she was about ready to fall asleep.

I nodded and went to pull out the parchment that I took notes on this summer, reminding myself what to address during the first meeting. Some may call it over-prepared and, well, I'd agree with them. I tended to be a bit paranoid about forgetting something and then looking like a complete loon in front of a bunch of fifth and sixth years.

But before I could get the parchment out of my bag, James had stood up and cleared his throat.

"You all know why you're here, right? Because you're prefects and have to sit through one of the many times that you'll listen to Lily and I babble in front of you. I just want to get the basics down, right now. You know, patrolling schedules, main rules, privileges and such." He cleared this throat, gaining the attention of Judith McKay. "Let's start with patrolling. Right. So, there are eighteen of us over a three week schedule and we need people to do this every night. That makes only nine pairs, so every once in a while, you're going to have to double up."

By this point, I had stopped looking for my parchment, not because I couldn't find it- well, that was part of it,- but because I was in absolute shock. He had completely taken over the meeting. James Potter, the boy who was late, had taken over the meeting. I was supposed to be the responsible one. I made a list of the topics we needed to cover!

I stared up at him curiously, my mouth slightly open before I remembered to close it. He looked down to where I was in mid-rummage and grinned.

"If you have a problem with the scheduling," he continued, "just come find Lily or me and we'll try and sort it out. Basically, all you have to do is make sure that no one is out past curfew, give them detention if they're hexing someone, stuff like that. Nothing really big. Er, before you leave, right down your name next to the date you'll be patrolling, all right?" Peopled nodded.

He stopped and looked down at me. I had continued trying to find my parchment, trying to ignore the fact that James Potter had done something remotely right for a change. Which is good, because I couldn't find that stupid piece of parchment anywhere.

"Lets see," he continued. "The point system. That's a good thing to go over. You are allowed to dock points from students, however taking points from someone for tying their shoelace wrong, you cannot." He shifted from one foot to the other. In the mean time, I'd managed to find the parchment that I'd written down the house passwords on, along with the one to the prefects bathroom. "Oh, you're not allowed to dock points from other prefects, either, because back in the 1820s these two prefects got into a point-taking duel and Ravenclaw and Slytherin were both in negative points. Lots of negative points. Lets see... Oh, I hereby forbid any points to be docked from Gryffindor by any of you. That will result in detention for life." He grinned. I nudged him in the ankle. "Oh, sorry. Do you have anything you'd like to add, Lily?"

I sent a glare in his direction, but he just smirked and sat down as I stood. "These," I said, handing out the parchment that I had duplicated, "are the passwords to your house and the prefects bathroom. Don't lose them. If you believe someone from another house has found out your password, come to either James or I and we'll set you up with a new one. If nothing happens, then your portrait will change it monthly for you."

In the short amount of time it had taken for me to tell them about the passwords, Judith McKay had fallen asleep.

"Is that it?" James asked. I turned to face him.

"Unless you have anything else you'd like to add..."

"Nope. You guys can leave now."

The fifth and sixth years hurriedly stood up, gathered their belongings. Before they left, they quickly scribbled down when they would be patrolling. Judith had been the last to leave after being roughly awaken by the rather large looking bag of the sixth-year Slytherin girl, Marissa Coolidge.

"So anyway," James continued, as if the entire meeting had never happened. "After I helped out the bloke, he decided it would be a grand idea to introduce me to his mates."

I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Oh really?" I asked, still not believing him. Because honestly, if James Potter told you that he helped out a second year, would you believe him?

"Yeah, his name was Marty. He has a 'girlfriend-'" yes, air quotes included- "named Tana."

"Girlfriend?" I asked.

"Well, you know how second years are. They have their "girlfriends" that they walk down the halls with and forget about them the next day."

"Oh. The way you were at twelve," I muttered in a joking manner, even though I was serious.

He had a point, though. That was generally how the twelve year old mind works.

I was stuffing the books, which I had taken out in search of my list- that is now determined as forever gone- into my bag. I really had to clean that thing out because there were homework assignments from last year in it and a lot of old candy wrappers.

"And that took a long time," he continued, waiting for me at the door, "because that little kid has a lot of mates. And these mates ask a lot of questions, particularly about Quidditch." He shook his head. "Not to mention, they were about eight compartments away, so it was a real pain trying to get here."

I just nodded as I walked towards the door. We walked out together in silence. I wasn't exactly sure why we were still walking together. I tried speeding up, I really did, so that he would get the hint but he just lengthened his strides and kept up with me.

So yeah, it was pretty quiet. That is, until he broke the silence. "So, were you surprised when you got the badge?" he asked, referring to my Head Girl badge.

"A bit," I said, trying to be modest. It wasn't all that much of a surprise. It's not like I was expecting Marlene McKinnon to get it. Love the girl to death, but her and responsibility go together just as well as potatoes and grape jam.

"Really. I knew you'd get it. Smart, responsible, all the things they're looking for in a Head Girl."

"I take it you were surprised when you got yours?" I asked out of pure curiosity. When I found out who the Head Boy was, I laughed. Loudly. Because really. Who expects James Potter, who has pulled more pranks and had more detentions than any person I know, to be Head Boy?

James nodded. "Mum was pleased, though. Sirius thought it was a joke. Thought old Dumbledore had finally gone completely mad. Turned out to be true though so..." He shrugged. I thought Dumbledore had gone completely mad when I found out, thought it was a joke. Then I remembered that Dumbledore's jokes usually involve three hippogriffs and a unicorn, so I didn't bother asking him why.

"Well... er, you're a better candidate then Sirius I suppose. I don't even want to know what he would do to the Slytherins if he had the opportunity."

James laughed.



"You know you have to take this responsibly, James. It isn't some joke. It's a very important job, and it will look fabulous for future resumes."

James looked at me with an arched brow.

"I know," he said seriously. But his serious face quickly faded into a light grin. "Don't worry, I won't do anything horrible."

I really didn't want to know what his definition of horrible was.

"Right. Well. Good." I looked to my right and saw Alice and Marlene waiting for me in a compartment. "Well, this is my compartment. Erm, good-bye." I waved awkwardly, not knowing what else to do.

"Bye, Evans," James said before casually walking away with his hands in his pockets.

I walked into the compartment a second later to be attacked by Marlene.

"Oof! Thanks, Marlene," I said, pushing the girl away only to have Alice attack me next. "And hello, Alice."

"Thanks for telling us you had to lead the prefects meeting," Alice whined, sitting back down. I dropped my bag next to her and sat down.

I shrugged. "I figured you'd know. Who told you, anyway?" My worries about James Potter as Head Boy were quickly starting to fade.

"Remus. He and Sirius were looking for Peter, and Sirius said that James had been made Head Boy-" nope, I lied. Still worried- "and that he was off teaching the ickle prefects." Marlene shrugged, her nose crinkled at the idea of teaching 'ickle prefects'.

"So, you're stuck with Potter for the whole year," Alice pointed out. "Poor thing. When you go completely mad, don't worry, we'll get you a nice room in Saint Mungos."

"Thanks, I appreciate that."

"But really, how are you going to survive?"

"I have absolutely no idea. It's going to be ridiculous."

"Do you have to patrol with him?" Marlene asked curiously.

I pulled the schedule out of my bag and read down the list of names. When I got to Potter's name, I laughed. "Thank God, no. Connie Marie snatched him up for the fifth."

"Who are you with?"

I found my name on the parchment, scribbled next to the eighth. "Dylan Aggley. He's a sixth-year Hufflepuff."

Marlene waggled her eyebrows at me.

"What's that supposed to mean, Marlene?" I asked with an eye roll. Something I had perfected after spending unGodly amounts of time with Petunia.

"Well, you know how those patrols can get." She winked. Winked.

"Marlene! This isn't about uninterrupted snog fests!"

"Right, Lily. You keep thinking that."

"It's about making sure students stay out of trouble. In fact, it's about making sure they don't go and have uninterrupted snog fests!"

This caused Alice and Marlene to laugh together, and very loudly if I do say so myself.

"Because I'm sure that's what all the prefects have on their minds when they're patrolling," Alice said sarcastically with a snort.

"You said yourself that Connie Marie snatched Potter. You thought it, too," Marlene commented. They were double-teaming me! One of my weaknesses (along with being unorganized and having a very low tolerance before my temper went mad) was not being able to withstand being double-teamed.

Immediately, I started to panic.

"No, you guys," I said, stumbling over my words. "Dumbledore wouldn't pick irresponsible people, like you two dolts. That's why being prefects and Heads is a privilege." However, most times I could wiggle myself out of awkward situations without sounding like a total loon.

Marlene laughed loudly at that. "The only reason it's a privilege is because you get to use the nice loos. Which you so kindly shared the passwords to last year."

"Yeah, well, not this year," I grumbled. They thought it was all fun and games.

Alice and Marlene exchanged shocked looks. "Awe, Lil, we were just kidding. We know its all responsibility and rubbish like that," Alice complained.

"Yeah," Marlene agreed, nodding her head. "We're not worthy to hold the position."

"You'll share the loos?" Alice asked pathetically.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "I guess." Oh, another weakness: Being a sucker for giving in.

They both grinned. Why they were so surprised by this was a mystery to me. They've known me for six years. They know I give in easily.

"I knew I could rely on you, Lily," Marlene said, clapping me on the back. I nodded.

By the end of the trip, they not only had the good loo privileges, but also notes for when they're late for class along with a homework pass.

When we got to the castle, it wasn't raining, which was good because I had to stick around and make sure the first years made it to their boats and didn't fall in. What a great way to start my year as Head Girl, having a first year fall in the lake.

"You coming?" Alice asked as she and Marlene made their way to the carriages.

"I can't," I said, pointing to the little ones. "I have to guide."

Alice shrugged and Marlene snorted with laughter. "Guide," she mumbled, shaking her head. "Have fun, Lily." And the two got into their carriage.

"Come on then," I said, ushering the rather terrified looking first years to the lake. One gave me a terrified look. "There's boats there, don't worry," I explained. The boy sighed in relief and quickly caught up to one of his mates.

I rolled my eyes and continued picking out the little ones from the group and telling them where to go.

Someone tapped my shoulder. "Enjoying yourself?"

I jumped a meter in the air, surprised because none of those little first years could reach my shoulder.

"Sorry," James apologized looking amused.

"No, not that way, this way," I said, ignoring him and gently pushing a little girl in the right direction. She gave me a half terrified, half grateful smile.

"Oi!" James called, gaining the attention of all the students in a six foot radius. "Back here! Not you! You belong in the carriage! You! First year!" He glanced at me. "Hold on." And he jogged over to tap the first year boy on the shoulder who apparently hadn't heard him. I saw him say something to the boy, who looked surprised, but followed James back towards the lake. James helped him into one of the boats and made his way back towards me. He rolled his eyes and messed up his hair. "Thought he could take the carriage," he explained. "Almost got trampled by three Slytherins."

I winced at the image. The boy was so small. Three Slytherin's trampling could not be healthy.

"Have any wet themselves yet?" James asked, amused as he pointed a second year to the carriages.

"No," I said, keeping an eye out to make sure no one fell into the lake. I'd done a good job so far. Wouldn't want to jinx it.

"Are you sure?" He pointed over to a shaky first year boy. "I think his pants are a little darker and- ow!"

I hit him in the shoulder. "Stop that. It's just a shadow. None of them have wet themselves. Just make sure they don't fall in the lake." One terrified student heard me say that and looked up at me with wide-eyes. "Not that there's any chance you will fall in the lake," I said quickly. "It's just a precaution. You know, just in case." His eyes got wider. "But you won't. Trust me. Never lost a student yet." In all six minutes I've been doing this. The boy paled.

"Here," James said, gently nudging the student forward. "I'll help you in the boat to make sure, all right?"

The boy nodded timidly, giving me a weird look. How could he trust Potter more than me? He's pushed students into the lake. When I tell a kid that he's not going to fall in the lake then he's not going to fall in the bloody lake!

I watched as James carefully led the boy over to the boats and offered a hand so that he could climb in. Once the boy was safely seated, James waved and came back in my direction.

"I guess that's one thing we shouldn't do, eh?" he said, smirking. That stupid smirk never seemed to leave his face. "Shouldn't mention falling in the lake around the first years."

I grumbled an "I guess not" and directed a second year to the carriages.

"You don't take the boats this year," I said, herding them to the gaggle of students all waiting for a seat with their mates. The three second years all shifted over to the gaggle, eventually being engulfed by the taller students. As long as they didn't somehow manage to fall in the lake, I was good.

"I think that's everyone," James commented as the last of the carriages were being filled, along with the last boat. "Should we go check the train to make sure there aren't any stragglers? Stowaways?" He was looking up and down the platform.

I was surprised at the, well, smart thinking coming from James Potter. It wasn't something that I was accustomed to seeing, along with him being taken as the responsible type and finding spinach in my ice cream. Though that one hasn't happened yet, bit it would still be weird to see. And eat.

I nodded and we made our way to the train.

"Let's split up," I offered, turning right as he turned left. "It'll be faster." And I wouldn't have to try and remain normal and keep my temper around him.

"Nah, it'll be boring that way. Besides, I'm not good with emotional little kids, and with my luck I'd find one," James explained, waiting for me by the door to the train.

I sighed, but followed.

We walked for about five minutes in silence without finding any sign of stowaways or stragglers. There was however a nice big pile of chocolate frog cards under one of the seats in a compartment near the end of the train.

"Evans, look!" James said to me. He dropped to the floor and stuck half of his body under the seat. He said something but it came out muffled. I didn't realize why he was so excited until he stood up, covered in dust, might I add, and spider webs. There was a spider inching it's way down his wrist. He caught sight of it quickly though and flicked it off. It soared and landed on the cushioned seat before scrambling away.

"What is it?"

He held out his other hand showed me at least fifteen chocolate frog cards.

"Look at all of them!" he said excitedly, like a kid on Christmas morning without the piles of wrapping paper and presents. Just with chocolate frog cards.

"Someone's obviously lost them."

"Finders keepers," he mumbled, shuffling through the lot. "My God. They've got Cliodna! Sirius is going to go mad when I show him these!"

"What do you mean 'when I show him these?'" I asked, turning on him. "We've got to give them back."

"What?" he asked, flabbergasted. "Of course I'm going to keep them!"

"Oh no you're not," I warned as I took a step forward. "Give them to me right now." I felt like I was talking to a child on Christmas morning.

"Come on, Evans. Just let me keep Cliodna. They're not going to notice."

"Potter, give me the bloody cards."

James sighed but placed the cards in my outstretched hand.

Score one for the Head Girl, zip for Head Boy.

We started back off down the train again. It would have been so much faster if I could have just gone right and he'd gone left, our separate ways. Less awkward, as well. Though James would have kept those cards. I don't even know how he saw them. They were quite far under the seat. Boys must have some sort of radar for those types of things.

"I guess that was kind of pointless," James said after our trip up and down the train to make sure no one forgot to get off or something ridiculous like that.

"I guess so," I agreed, looking for a carriage to take us back to the castle.

As I started walking towards it, James followed, which reminded me that there was, indeed, just one carriage left meaning that I was with James Potter for a guaranteed ten more minutes. Lovely. I was never going to escape.

We hopped into the carriage and I thought all would be fine and dandy, seeing as the first three seconds were nice and quiet. But then James proceeded to ask me why he couldn't have the cards.

"Because they belong to somebody, Potter," I grumbled more than once.

"Obviously they don't care about them," he said huffily. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared out the door. "Surely they would have noticed that fifteen chocolate card were missing."

"Well if no one claims them, then you can have them," I said trying to appease him.

This seemed to brighten his mood and he remained cheerful for the last ten minutes of the carriage ride, all the way into the school where we went our separate ways.

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