This is what happens when you have an Orphen marathon until 3:00 a.m. Rated T because of pedo-tasticity, and one vulgar word, to be safe. It was written when I still thought Azalie was a bad-ass sadist, and not a sop. But it still works, regardless. :)

Azalie finally gave a shout of anger and despair and threw the book at her lecturer's head. "Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!"

Childman rolled his eyes and dodged the consecutive flying missile. At least it wasn't on fire this time… "Azalie Cait Sith, would you restrain yourself? That book was a valuable tome of ancient-" He gave up and picked the book up with a sigh when he saw that the purple-haired teen was cross-eyed and sticking her tongue out at him. Rifling through the pages to make sure that nothing was overly damaged, he replaced it on the shelf and resigned himself to a stern glare.

Azalie smirked triumphantly and sat back, tilting her chair back onto two legs. Sticking both of her legs onto the desk in front of her, she waved her hand with an air of nonchalance. "What were you blathering about, now?"

"I was going to teach you the art of lightning summoning, but if you insist on disregarding the theory…" It was his turn to smirk when he saw her chair wobble uncertainly and all four legs slam down onto the floor with a thunk.

"Teach me what?"

"Well, at least you're listening to me."

Azalie gave a snort and leaned back again. "You're a dick."

"Please refrain from using that word in front of your teacher."

Azalie snorted. "You could start shutting up right about… now." At his outraged expression, she gave a sneer and crossed her ankles on the desk, causing the green acolyte's robe to fall around her pale, spindly knees.

Childman groaned and buried his face in his hands (which conveniently allowed him to ignore the sight of his student's half-bared legs). His strained voice came out muffled. "If you do not sit properly and concentrate on your studies, I am afraid to I will have to punish you."

He didn't even have to look up to know that she was still grinning at him in her infuriating manner.

"Punish me? What are you going to do, give me detention?"

Childman ground his teeth and looked up again. She was, of course, smirking as if she was at the top of the world, and, somehow, her blasted robe had managed to fall even further. "Azalie, I'm being serious."

"Be serious all you want." She tossed her hair. "I can do whatever I- ack!"

It was the hair toss that did it. Childman shoved the desk aside, and positively tackled the girl, pinning her to the bookshelf behind her. Breaking almost every single rule of being a good teacher (don't manhandle the students, don't let the students put their legs on the desk, and, for God's sake, DON'T snog the living hell out of them), he pushed his lips against hers.

There was dead silence for a moment. Several moments, actually.

Childman finally broke away, breathing heavily. Consequences be damned, he'd done what he'd wanted to do for the last 2 year- OW.

Azalie had, somehow, despite their 7 inch and 24 kilogram difference, disabled and beaten him to the floor. She then lunged down, straddling him, her dangerously flashing crimson eyes mere centimeters from Childman's. For a moment, he was terrified, then he heard her whisper, "Don't think you'll top."

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