Well, here's a new AU story I cooked up one day; it's a crossover between the 2002 movie Queen of the Damned and the anime Yu-Gi-Oh. As I love the movie better than the book by Anne Rice, I modeled this story to make it a little like the movie, but different. Plus, I like Stuart Townsend's performance as Lestat in the film, so I imagine him as Lestat in here.

Disclaimer: Genius Kazuki Takahashi owns Yu-Gi-Oh. The geniuses at Warner Bros own Queen of the Damned. I own the fanfics I cook up from time to time.

Meeting the Prince of Darkness

It was nighttime in Domino City, Japan. Fifteen-year-old Yugi Moto was fast asleep. Who knew dueling can be so exhausting? he thought.

However, lurking in the shadows outside his window was a man with brown hair and grey eyes. Only he wasn't an ordinary man. He was – none other than the Vampire Lestat.

He smiled as he gazed up at Yugi's window.

"The King of Games," he smirked, letting the name roll off his tongue. He had been stalking the boy for a while. He knew he had always wanted a little brother, and when he laid eyes on Yugi, he decided Yugi would fit the bill perfectly.

There was an aura of innocence surrounding him, the beautiful purple eyes, the pale skin, and – now came the best part – the sweet blood coursing through his veins.

Then Lestat walked up to the wall. He began climbing. He took his time, of course, and got to Yugi's window. He looked inside, saw that Yugi was asleep, and smirked. He then concentrated his power, and became like purple smoke. Then he floated under the window into Yugi's room…

Yugi slept fitfully that night, his dreams plagued with images of eyes that he could not look away from. There was a sound of rushing wind. Then he opened his eyes, and woke to see…

No! It could not be him!

However, it was…

With a small gasp, he shoved himself up against the headboard, his wide eyes fixed on the vampire, who gave an amused smile at the look on his face.

"You are beautiful," he purred while drinking in Yugi's looks. He loved the aura of innocence. The tri-colored hair shaped like lightning bolts in red, yellow and black. The alabaster skin that looked so…pale.

Yugi paused a moment, and then replied,

"I bet you say that before you bite all the boys."

"No," said Lestat. "You are different – kindred, if you will."

Yugi's brow furrowed in confusion. "Kindred? Uh, I don't-"

"Take off that buckle encircling your neck," Lestat commanded.

Yugi sensed he had no choice. He reached up and unbuckled the buckle, then put it aside.

"This isn't how I…oh, never mind," he said as Lestat continued to gaze at him admiringly.

Yugi then looked over at the window. "You believe you can just step out of the shadows with the wind and your hypnotic e-eyes…"

He trailed off as he looked back at Lestat.

Lestat then replied as he walked over to Yugi's side of the bed, "I've searched the city of Domino for you. I have waited for you…"

He then sat down on the bed. "For a beauty that is innocent and pure."

He then reached up and ran his fingers along Yugi's cheek, smiling a bit. Yugi fought back an urge to shiver. He had heard the rumors that a vampire's touch was cold as ice; in his case, the rumors were true.

Lestat looked at his neck, trailing his fingers over it. There was a scar there from when Yugi had been bitten by another vampire. But Yugi had never found out the identity of the vampire that had bitten; all he knew was that it was a male.

"You have been bitten," he said. He smiled slightly as he trailed his fingers over Yugi's cheek.

Yugi said finally, "He was-"

"Not worthy," Lestat finished. Yugi looked at him, fearful. Lestat looked thoughtful for a moment. Finally he said, "He let you, the King of Games, go."

The fearful look remained on Yugi's face. Lestat then turned his eyes back to him.

"But the embrace…his bite. You remember."

Yugi shivered all over. "No," he replied.

Lestat then soothed him, caressing his neck. "Do not fight," he purred. "I can feel your hunger."

Yugi was locked in the orbit of Lestat's grey orbs. He couldn't deny it.

Lestat then leaned in and sank his fangs into his neck. Yugi winced but didn't pull away.

Lestat drank a few mouthfuls of blood. Then when he pulled his fangs out, he said, "Close your eyes."

Yugi did just that. Lestat laid him on the pillow, then crept to the window. He turned to Yugi and whispered, "I will see you later."

He lingered long enough to blow him a swift kiss, then flew out into the night.

Drinking from Yugi had been more sweet than he thought it would be. He was intrigued by the young boy.

He then made a promise – soon he would have Yugi as his little brother. He just had to wait for the right time…

Well, I hope you like this. It's also a tribute to the late great Aaliyah, who portrayed Akasha in the film Queen of the Damned, and did a fabulous job as well. It's so sad she died in a plane crash in 2001 at the age of 22. She was a fabulous actress and singer, and she always will be.

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