Petite here with another Ficiton ;; Yes, I know, What am I thinking creating yet ANOTHER continuing fiction... anways... This is a slightly AU fiction where Sasori DOES get stabbed. After that, the fiction chances pace and doesn't take the path taht the manga does, making it slightly AU :P

This story will contain - Yaoi/mentionings of yaoi, adult/sexual content, Sasori x Deidara, fluff, angst, OoCness, gore, violence, sadism and language. If you do not like, DO NOT READ

This is mature for the above reasons! and be warned of my procrastination XD

Sasori, Deidara, Sakura, Chiyo, Naruto, Akatsuki belong to Masashi Kishimoto!
Plot and little child belongs to me (Petite-neko/Vatelle)

I told them everything they needed to know… I was going to die anyway, and Akasuna no Sasori was a man of his word

I told them everything they needed to know… I was going to die anyway, and Akasuna no Sasori was a man of his word. I coughed up more blood, and my vision went dizzy. Heh… This was the end of me… the end of what was supposed to be immortal. Looks like that gaki was right after all… As I heard the two kunnoichi leave and I smirked, making sure they did not see it. I remembered that beautiful blond hair, those brilliant blue eyes. Deidara... he'll miss me all right. But we promised each other. That blond better not betray it. I felt my body bending, not being supported by Chiyo's strings any longer. At least I have no regrets… Soon my vision went black.

I know I am not dead yet, I can still feel my heart beating weakly. I cannot hear nor feel anything else though. I cannot taste anything. Though my senses were dull… this was beyond it. It seems that my heart is the only existing thing, nothing else. I know the body tries to survive no matter what the circumstance. I suddenly gasp, though I could not sense it. One sword is being pulled out of my heart. I feel the blood leaking quicker than before. At least my death would come quicker… Wait, what?!

There is a warm presence enveloping my heart, I can feel my wounds closing. What is happening?!

The other sword is pulling out and I'm slowly regaining my senses. There are warm arms enveloping my body, soft sobs are falling on my chest. Somebody is crying. I open my eyes to see a young boy with a hand on my heart. Is... is he healing me?! I can't quite make out his features, it is all a blur. What a stupid brat! I close my eyes again, to wait until the process is finished.

Gradually my strength returned, albeit not all of it. My right hand tightened around my tachi – the sword I stabbed that pink-haired bitch with.

Suddenly I jumped up, stabbing the kid with my sword in the heart. His fault for healing an S-Ranked nin, and for ruining my resolve.

I laughed loudly, my crazed laughter echoing off of the broken walls. I watch the child suffer, his weak voice asking me 'why'. I did not answer his question, just watched him suffer in agony. 'Seems like the poison still remained.' I lifted my foot, smashing it down on the boy's hand. I heard the cracks and snaps of the bones, some popping as bones became dislodged from their proper places. I stared into those fearful eyes, suddenly hit with realization. How would I survive and would I be able to return to the Akatsuki? I couldn't return, for they thought I was dead… Looked like I would have to live a new life.

I realized that I was missing an arm. Tsk. I rummaged around pathetically with one arm and managed to find an arm, though a few millimetres too long. I placed it on my open joint, testing out its quality. Seeing it sufficed my current needs, I pulled out the blades and swords connected to my body. I then kicked the helpless child, leaving him to suffer while I walked to where my real body was. I had no clue how long I had been 'dead' for.

I looked up to where my body was, and made a noise of disgust, "Tsk! I need to repair the dammed thing!" I grumble and began to remove the large object holding my body.

After wasting precious minutes disassembling the object, the puppet freed my body, carrying it over my shoulders. Now I needed that cloak. It wasn't in hope to re-join the organization, it was to wear something. Besides... I had some objects within the cloak I needed.

Eventually, I managed to find all the objects I required and I walked out of the old base, hearing the wood snap and move beneath me. 'What a waste of beautiful art… what a waste…' I thought to myself.

Baaah! New fiction and bweee 'SORIS ALIVE XD
Yes I know he killed a helpless kid.. BUT IT'S FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PLOT! Trust me... I've already written the reason it is benefitting!!
AND I KNOW SASORI WILL SEEM OoC but, give him and me a break he was just revived and kinda lost his entire life and probably his lover HE HAS A RIGHT!