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Sasori and Deidara are Masashi Kisihimotos!
Plot and the new face male belong to me! (Vatelle/Petite-Neko)

Chapter 4 - Tears

I always hated the moment that I woke up. I always felt so confused and out of place. But, I suppose that's what I get for my lack of sleep. Normally, I only sleep once or twice per month, but if I had over-used any human parts of my body, sleep would come much quicker. And, well, being with Deidara had expanded my usage of certain object. It's not that I minded anyway.

I sighed as I sat up and looked at the man who was still unconscious on the floor. I sighed at the lack of lighting and flicked them on before moving down and grabbing a few scalpels and some concoctions of mine.

I filled up the vials with a potentially deadly substance (though having the right dosage and antidote read) I pushed out and air and stuck it into the man's system.

This certain drug was to thicken the man's blood and slow it. I did this to all my probable puppets. I next put in a survival agent which would force his heart to remain beating and quicken the cycle of blood being made. This way, I wouldn't have a dead body on my hands until necessary.

I, then began to open his body, getting rid of any unrequired components. I applied excess fluid to clog his vessels as I mutilated his body. His arms were the first to go. I watched as they turned purple, being unable to get fresh blood.

Oh, how fun it was to play with the human body.

Then, came the legs. Of course, being half the size of the body, I had to do it in sections. First, below the knee and then the remaining parts. Soon, I was only left with a body that was only dependant on the heart, lungs, oesophagus and the head. It was late in the day and the sun was setting. I was surrounded by wrapped up appendages, organs and other miscellaneous body parts.

Of course, I knew how to keep a body working. I slowly began the process of removing the facial features.

I had to preserve the eyes first. I commanded the eyes open, using my chakra strings and I froze. It had never occurred to me.

I looked over his face, taking in the features. His hair was shoulder-length, the texture so similar to mine, It was slightly layered and a few, occasional bangs went below the eyes. The colour though, is what really got to me. It was a golden yellow and the shade was exactly like Deidara's. I felt a pant in my heart. His eyes were oval with a slightly pointed tip on the outside. They had lashes similar to mine but their eye colour were a muddy blue, not quite like Deidara's but a bit darkened and duller. It was so shocking. I forced to calm myself. I only had a few more hours.

My mind wouldn't let me as it recalled upon my dream…


I felt the breeze flowing by me and causing my Akatsuki cloak to flap. I loved this temporary feeling of freedom.

"Halt. Iwa ANBU."

I turned, looking at them lifelessly. "What do you want?" I asked dully.

"Deidara" they said sternly.

"What makes you think I'll let you take my partner," I said, my voice still monotone.

"We'll set you free." As he spoke, I felt hands around my wrists and a chakra signal behind me, in a body which protected my weak points. They couldn't do anything to me even if they wanted. I just let them believe that I was weaker than them, I was perfectly stoic in my behaviours and I did not act against them physically.

"Hn." I said neutrally.

The ninjas took me in and whipped me, shocked me, but they couldn't get a reaction from me.

I was a decoy for them, as Deidara was to infiltrate Iwa and take important scrolls. I was to get out and observe the details.

The job was easy enough; I was just depending on the blond.

One thing I didn't expect though, was his entrance to the ANBU building. There were explosions everywhere, and I could hear his voice yelling, "What did you do to my Danna!!"

I was currently on the floor with a gag in my mouth and my limbs were tied together. A man kept kicking me and I wondered why I was gagged if they wanted information out of me. This guy was new. Such a pathetic form of torture.

Finally, when he arrived, his clothes were dripping with blood and I laughed. I managed to un-gag myself, "There he is." I said simply.


Only a few minutes passed as I gained a hold of reality. I sighed and shook my head. I remember telling Deidara that I hoped they didn't bring termites. And he laughed. I bit my lip. I really missed the blond too much.

I looked back down at my specimen and I closed my eyes. Another memory was threatening to trigger and I fought it. That damn blond kept interfering with my like. It made me wonder how he was doing.



"Danna un? Deidara asked as he looked at me.

"Yes Deidara? I answered.

"I've been thinking un, what would out baby look like if we've ever had one?"

I blinked at him, rather shocked by his question. 'That was rather unexpected,' I thought to myself. "Well, he'd be fucked up," I answered, laughing at my analysis, "Like, he'd be half of a puppet with mouths all over his body and this weird heart container that can eat clay,"

"Danna" he whined softly before sticking his tongue out at me cutely, "I mean, how their face would look, what hair colour and texture, and his eyes. Wouldn't he have beautiful eyes Danna? They would be so unique un."

"I guess you're right Dei…" I said, wrapping my arms around his neck, "I'd think he'd hve your golden hair and those lovely eyes of yours that one could get lost in for hours."

I got a playful punch on the shoulder but I just batted my eyelashes, "You and those lovely lashes un," he said before he kissed me deeply.


I groaned. This stupid bastard.

Now that I was running lower on time, I worked faster. I preserved the eyes and I put another liquid into them.

I was working from the back, so that I wouldn't leave any marks. The hair was removed carefully and I removed all of the internal organs. It was a slow process and I had managed to separate the skin successfully. I began to duplicate the skin and all of the useless organs were removed. I reconnected the eyes, replacing each of the muscles and remainder required tissues with substances. I sighed when I finished and removed it form the now-dead body. I then pulled off my head, connecting chakra strings to my new one and everything was in working order.

I blinked, I could talk. My voice was the same, but I could change it if I wanted to. It was weird… Nobody would recognise me anymore… Not even Deidara. It hurt my heart. If only we could see each other again… if only he knew that I was alive. I wanted him back. I felt something so unusual on my cheeks. It felt wet. I moved my tongue out to taste it. It tasted salty. What was this…? I moved to the mirror to see water streaking down from my eyes. I lifted my hand to the foreign substance. Was…. Was I crying?


I was too hasty… I forgot to remove the tear sacks. Great… just utterly great… The great Akasuna no Sasori was crying!

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