Okay new idea every one:

What if a bunch of Naruto characters suddenly got Zanpaku-to this one starts at the land of wave arc on the bridge no bleach characters other than the Zanpaku-to them selves

AN: Naruto is a girl but hid it by acting like a guy, only Sarutobi, Rin (Naruko's private medic), Jiraiya, and Zangetsu know, but did not change her name

AN2: the promised re-write is here early

jutsu name
-scene change-
'Zanpaku-to/summon/biju thoughts'
"Zanpaku-to/summon/biju speech"



Naruko and Sasuke were fighting Zabuza's comrade in a set of mirrors

"Hey Naruko, quit using that Jutsu, it takes up too much chakra"

"No way Sauke, I could keep going for a week"

'naruko may say that but, I can see that he's getting tired, if onlly we could follow him, wait, is he getting slower'

Ssuke now had blood red eyes, two black tomoes in the right one in the left, and his eyes were able to follow the hunter nin

"Naruko, one more time" Sasuke yelled as he went through the handseals


Sasuke then finished as Haku flashed through the air 'Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu' he then breathed out a huge ball of fire, which Haku narrowly dodged

'he is following my movements, how' thought Haku as he then noticed the changes to Sasuke's eyes 'Sharingan, he's an Uchiha, my only chance to hit him is to' as he thought the last part he aimed his senbon at Naruko

"just missed" said Sasuke who then realized Haku's plan and jumped in the way of the senbon blocking them with his body

"UGH" Sasuke grunted looking at Naruko

"Teme why did you save me" she asked Sasuke

"Shut up dobe, my body just moved, I guess I couldn't kill him so you have to do it for me, kill my brother Itachi Uchiha" said Sasuke as his life faded away

"Naruko is this the first time you have seen a comrade die in battle" Haku said to Naruko who had a blank look on her face


The world had changed; the bridge was now a sewer? Naruko walked down until she came up on an empty cage

"Okay where am I" asked Naruko

"Do you wish to avenge him" said a voice from the empty cage

"Who are you" she asked

"" The figure replied mouthing his name

"Huh I couldn't hear you"

"Well then know this I am the power which killed kyuubi, your power" replied the old man wearing a black trench coat and wearing sunglasses, he then held out a massive sword to Naruko "now take it before he kills you"

Naruko took the sword, and asked the old man some things "Hey, why can't I hear your name"

"You are not yet ready to fully wield me Naruko-chan"

"Okay can I call you old man untill then"



"I absorbed, and purified the Foxes chakra"

"So does this sword have Baka-fox's chakra"

"No Naruko-chan, this is our chakra"

"okay old man"

-Back in the real world-

Naruko stood up with the massive sword in hand, wearing a black jumpsuit, with a red swirl on the back and a silver collar around the neck she then raised her blade over her shoulder, her chakra flaring, shattering all of Haku's mirrors knocking the Nin to the ground

"YOU KILLED HIM HE WAS MY COMRADE" Naruko then leaped into the air prepared to cleave Haku in half

'What speed, especially with that blade it's almost as big as Zabuza-sama's, and he sounds kinda feminine'

'Wow it's not even slowing me down'

'Naruko-chan this power is a Zanpaku-to, it is a part of our soul, and yes you and I are cast from the same soul' thought the old man to him 'as such it's weight does not affect your body'

'Cool so it will never slow me down then' 'no Naruko-chan'

As Naruko's blade came down on Haku, Naruto hesitated allowing Haku to dodge the swing and throw senbon at Naruko who ignored them

"YOU WILL DIE" Naruko yelled

'Naruko wait Sasuke, he's alive'


'Near-death like with Zabuza'

"Sorry about the misunderstanding Haku, I got an evil businessman to kill" said Naruko who then hit Haku on the head with the hilt knocking him out

"Well what happened to the great demon of the hidden mist" asked the short fatso

"You got any last words fatty" said Naruko

'When did Naruko get that sword, could the seal have something to do with it' thought Kakashi

"The guy who kills this kid gets a raise" yelled Gato

"Heh I don't think so fatty 'shadow clone Jutsu' alright let's get 'em" having over crowded the bridge with his clones and then Gato's men didn't stand a chance against 100 plus Narukos, the Narukos were using mostly taijutsu and 90 were knocked out, but later only Gato was left

"GATO NOW YOU DIE" naruko yelled, her chakra flaring with the strength of one tail worth of the nine tailed fox

"What is this chakra, so strong, but it isn't the fox's" Kakashi asked no one in particular

Naruko looked at Kakashi and said "this power is greater than that baka fox, because it KILLED the fox"

Kakashi gasped as Naruko jumped into the air, and came down cleaving Gato in half

-After the bridge was completed, on the way back to the leaf village-

"Hey Zabuza-san why don't you come back to the leaf with us" asked Naruto

"Well kid I need to find someone first, but I guess she can wait until you can use that sword" he responded

"What are you saying Zabuza" Naruko dumbly asked

"I will train you how to use that sword, idiot"

"Thanks Zabuza-sensei" Naruko replied 'finally an actual sensei'

"No prob Naruko-baka" replied the Mist swordsman

-Leaf village, lord Hokage's office-

"Well I can let you stay but you have to be put on probation Zabuza-san" said the hokage

"I have conditions Lord Hokage" said Zabuza


"First, I need the unmonitored use of a training field with a river, second I need training equipment, and third is to have Naruko Uzumaki named as my student, only associating with team 7 for missions"

"That is a bit too much Zabuza-san"

"Well I have a lot of training to give the kid before he can master his blade"

"What blade, there was no mention of a blade in Kakashi's training or mission reports, including the wave mission" asked the hokage

"Hah Kakashi's idiocy knows no bounds he saw the sword, it's almost as big as my Head Cleaving Sword, he used it to kill Gato I guess he doesn't want you to know"

"Neko-chan please get Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruko in here immediately" asked the old man to an anbu

"Yes lord Hokage"

-Moments later at the memorial stone-

"Naruko, when are you going to stop hiding it" asked Kakashi

"As soon as I can get some better clothes, you know designed for a girl" said Naruko under her breath

"Naruko-san, Kakashi-sempai lord hokage has requested your presence" said the purple haired anbu


"Okay we're here old man what do you want" asked Naruko

"Well a few things, starting with hammering out some details about your new sensei" said Sarutobi

"Okay me first" yelled Naruko, and the hokage cleared the room and activated a sound seal

"First I like Haku was hated for something I could not control, the Yondaime Hokage sealed the Kyuubi no Kitsune in me at birth, and second I'm a girl"

Zabuza just started laughing like a maniac "first Haku now you I think I'm cursed kid"

"Also, old man, the fox is dead, my sword absorbed ALL of its chakra, becoming very strong in the process"

"Oh, well Naruko, don't you think the village should know the truth" Sarutobi asked after blowing out some smoke

"They won't believe you about the fox, but, yes about my real gender"



Naruko will go shopping next chap

Jubei appears in chunin exams

Taking ideas on who should have Zanpaku-to current unchanging ones are

Naruko(Zangetsu), Ten-Ten(Hozukimaru), Jubei(oc/ original Zanpaku-to), Sasuke, and Haku

please give me ideas for who should have Zanpaku-to and what Zanpaku-to they should have, i am trying to address the weaknesses of the characters with Zanpaku-to