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Chapter 1

The sun was shining high in the sky. The gentle waves, lapped against the vessel. Men were rushing around the boat trying to get everything done and to get out of there before the officials showed up.

"Master, we have a problem." A young man said to the man obviously incharge. (He's speaking indonesian)

The captain nodded for the young man to continue.

"We seem to have not much fuel left master and it seems to be taking on water. I told you we should have been careful, we cut that reef to fine." The young man's brow was sweating.

There was a sound like a roar, a big engine cutting through the sound of the sea and over the noise of the crew.

The captain turned around to survey the ocean. There! Just over the horizon was a big navy ship. It was heading towards them.

The captain turned to his engineer. "It's the navy! Is there anyway we can move? Anyway at all?" His voice trembling with nervousness.

"I'm sorry Sir, there is nothing that I or the rest of the crew can do." The young man looked down.

"Shit!" Was the Captain's only response.

Onboard the Navy Ship (HMAS Hammersley)

"Sir, we are approaching the vessel. Your orders Sir?" The young woman turned to look at her CO.

The CO looked at her then turned to another young woman. "Nav have you been able to raise them?"

"Negative Sir. I'm still trying."

The CO nodded them turned to the young woman. "Hands to boarding stations, X."

"Aye Sir." The XO grabbed the radio. She lifted it up to her mouth and spoke into it. "Hands to boarding stations, hands to boarding stations."

The XO put the radio down, she then turned to go and get ready for boarding but was stopped by her CO's voice.

"Sir?" She said as she turned around to acknowledge him.

He stood infront of her and said quietly. "Be careful Kate, you don't know what they've got on board."

Kate stared back at him then said, with a emotionless look on her face. "Aye Sir. I will."

Then she turned and left the bridge. The CO eyes stared after his XO for a moment then turned to get back to work.

On the Ocean

Kate sat behind the driver and watched as the targeted vessel came closer into view. She glanced at her team. Buffer was sitting at the front looking alert, Spider sat on the next to Buffer watching the ocean while every so often looking at their destination,behind Buffer sat ET. He was holding on and he had his head down his brow drawn tight as he thought hard and last of all Bomber, she was newest to the team. She was confident but a little overbearing at times. She was sitting still watching the boat come into closer focus. The driver was confident as he steered the RHIB through the water. He was quiet but he was good at his job.

In no time at all the RHIB pulled up beside the boat. Buffer leapt out and immediately got to work. The rest followed suit, being as quick as possible. As they got onboard they saw the boat had a load full of shark fins. The stench was overwhelming but Kate maintained her composure.

Kate walked around the vessel. She heard a sound and rushed to the scene. There at the back was a man with a sword held to his throat. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. Kate quickly took in the rest of the scene. Buffer was at the front trying to calm the man down. While the rest of her team was trying to push the rest of the crew back. Kate looked around to see what could be done to help the situation. That was when she noticed Spider was missing. She looked behind her and saw that he was standing right behind her.

"What are we going to do, Ma'am? We don't have RO this time." Spider asked Kate quietly and urgently.

Kate saw that the man was backed to a wall. Maybe... she thought.

"Spider do you see that wall behind you?"

Spider nodded.

"Follow the wall around with your eyes."

Spider's eyes widened as realised what the XO was saying.

"Are you sure Ma'am?"

"Yeah I am just when you get there just knock his arm hard enough to drop the sword but be careful. If you think you're putting yourself indanger come back around. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." Spider quickly and quietly moved away.

While he disappeared, Kate moved to the front to try and take charge of the situation. Her radio blasted to life.

"X-ray two this is Charlie two. What's the situation?"

Kate grabbed her radio as she walked through the small crowd of crew and her own team.

"Charlie two this is X-ray two. We have a situation. One of the crew members is threatening to take his life, Sir. I'm trying to defuse the situation. Over."

"X-ray two this is Charlie two. Will wait til for your reply. Over and out."

Kate was at the front of the crowd by this time. She quickly went through her mind as she prepared to take control.

"Sir, my name is Lieutenant Kate McGregor. Just calm down sir, talk to me." Kate tried to say in Indonesian. She instead said, "Sir, my name is Lieutenant Kate McGregor. My mum's down so talk to me."

The crew of the vessel looked at each other puzzled. The man with the sword, relaxed his stance a little as he looked at her with confusion.

"Ma'am, I didn't know you spoke indonesian." Buffer said quietly. "What did you say?"

Kate opened her mouth to answer when Spider came up over the roof very stealthly. Only Kate saw him because she was waiting for him. He looked at the situation then moved quickly. He jumped down and hit the man with the sword in a pressure a point in the arm that held the sword and the man dropped the sword in pain and surprise.

Buffer moved instantly. He grabbed the man and Spider secured the sword.

Kate nodded to Spider as she grabbed the radio. "Charlie two this is X-ray two. We have the situation under control, Sir. I repeat, the situation is under control." She turned to ET.

"ET, go check out the condition of the vessel." Kate ordered.

"Aye, Ma'am." ET walked away and quickly disappeared from sight.

"X-ray two this is Charlie two. What's going on. Report."

"Sorry Charlie two. The vessel appears to have a full load of shark fins. The crew seems to have quietened down now. Over"


"X, check out if the ship is towable or not. We'll tow it back to port if it is. Over"

"Sir, ET is checking that as we speak. I'll let you know what he says, Over and out."

Kate walked to over to one side of the boat while she waited for ET to report back to her. He soon appeared on deck and stood before her.

"X, the ship can't move. It's taking on water. I think we should abandon ship, Ma'am."

Kate listened then reported back to Hammersley. As she got her orders Kate was already moving to let the rest of the team know.

"Ok team, lets abandon ship in an orderly fashion. Check the crew for weapons, just to be on the safe side. This will take two trips. Buffer, Bomber you take the first trip with three of the crew members. Spider, ET and I will come in the second lot. Let's get to it."

Buffer and Bomber went with the first group taking the troubled man with them. Kate kept the rest of the crew on the deck and ET and Spider kept watch. Kate walked up to Spider.

"Good work, Spider." She said quietly.

"Thanks, Ma'am" Spider replied with surprise.

Kate walked back to the other side of the deck and waited for the RHIB to come back.

One of the crew of the vessel walked over to Kate. Kate immediately reacted. "Sir please move back." She said in indonesian.

The man ignored her. "What did you." he paused as he searched for the right word. "Mean, when you said." Pause "Your mum's down?" He looked at her with confusion.

Kate just stared at him. "You speak english?"

"A little." Was his reply.

"Ok." Kate paused. "Mum? I didn't say mum."

"Yes you did." Pause. "You said your name, then." Pause. "Your mother, here. So talk. I don't understand. She bad?"

Kate stared at him. Then realised what he meant. "I guess I need to work on my Indonesian a little more." She said ruefully. "So that's why everyone looked confused."

"You ready to go, Ma'am?" ET called from behind her. The rest were on the RHIB. Kate quickly ushered the man on then boarded the RHIB.

The RHIB headed back to its ship, HMAS Hammersley.

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