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Chapter 2: Surprises for Tortall- Friends, Old and New

"Hello. I'm Keladry, the Griffin."

They all looked at her, and for a second no one spoke. Then, the Lioness said:

"Welcome back to Tortall, Keladry. I am very glad you can prove to Wyldon, that all women can be warriors." She paused, "I also look forward to getting to know you personally, there is only so much one can learn from this whelp" With a jerk of her head indicating Neal, she gave Kel a small smile, which Kel returned. Then Buriram Tourakom stepped foreward.

"Keladry, I am Buriram Tourakom, Commander of the Queen's Riders. Call me Buri- I look forward to seeing Lord Wyldon's face when your announced to court as a full knight at fifteen." Kel smiled again, noticinh as she did how her homecoming was already causing her to drop the Yamani mask she had so long been accustomed to. It feels so good to be back...

The tall man now moved towards them. "I hope you will enjoy living in Tortall once again, Lady Knight. I, by the way, am Raoul, Knight Commander of the King's Own But please, call me Raoul- I loath being called 'my lord'" he, too, smiled at her.

Neal, deciding that it was a good time to cut in and keep Kel from saying anything, spoke. "Hey, Kel you haven't mentioned how you became a knight at 15, and then viciously neglected to tell me about it!" he said with an indignant tone. Kel but back her rapidly-developing smile- how many is that now... "Neal, I didn't tell anyone in Tortall. Only my parents knew! And that's only because they were in Yaman when I was knighted, which was a complete surprise- escpecially for me. The Emperor told me I was to have my Ordeal a month before we left for Tortall, saying - and I am translating this, 'I want someone in Tortall with Princess Shinkokami who knows the culture and language well, and someone who can defend her if the need arises. I also imagine you would want to go home to your family and friends there.' I would have said that in Yamani, but I know how you hate it when someone can do something you can't." She added. "And to answer your question, I was the best out of all the pages and squires, maybe better than most knights, even. My knight master was one of the best in the Yamani isles, and I could best him in almost anything." There was silence, and she noticed that Raoul, The Lioness, and Commander Buri were all looking at her. Staring, actually. And then the Lioness began to roar with laughter, followed by Sir Raoul and Commander Buri. Neal, meanwhile, looked stunned.

"I couldn't have said it better myself!" the Lioness chuckled "Neal, I have never heard anyone more accurately describe you!"

One of the officers riding within hearing distance commented "Meathead, I have never heard anything truer! Sir Keladry, you are my new hero." Neal leaned over and whacked the man on the back of his head. The man winced "Ow! You'll pay for that one on the practice courts Meathead." Neal glared at him. "Kel, this is my cousin Dom. He's a sergeant in the Kings Own." She smiled at him; he appeared to be around 21 or 22, with black hair cropped just below his ears, and brilliant sparkling blue eyes. Kel then looked at their surroundings, (A/N: lets pretend you can actually get from port Caynn to Corus that fast, for purposes for the story, m'kay.) (B/N: Poetic licence? Already? Tsk Tsk.) and noticed they were in Corus, almost at the Palace. As they rode up towards the gates, she saw a company of Knights and solders waiting to meet them. Among them she recognized her brothers Anders, Inness and Conal. She excused herself from the others and rode up to them. Feeling...almost nervous. As she galloped closer, she looked at her brothers, it had been years since she'd seen any of them. They had changed a great deal, and didn't seen to recognize her "Hello." She said, seeing there confusion she decided to help them out. "I'm Sir Keladry of Mindelan and Yaman, also called The Griffin," as she finished she saw the awe on her brothers faces.

"No, that can't be you, Kel! A full Yamani Knight at 15!" Anders cried, shaking his head. "I don't believe you, your bluffing."

"Anders! Is it so hard to believe? I told Lord Wyldon he would regret his decision, and he will. All I have to do is prove myself on the practice courts, and during the tournaments. I just can't wait to see the look on his face when I'm announced at court later." Her Yamani mask, back in place for a bit, slipped onto a mischevious grin "We'll talk later; Princess Shinkokami wishes to speak to me. Goodbye!" And she galloped off to where Shinkokami was riding, leaving her brothers dumbfounded.


After they had settled their things in the assigned rooms at the palace, and Kel was sure she did not have any pressing duties, she and Neal decided to go to the practice courts. They went to thecourts often used by the pages and squires; Neal wanted to practice fencing and see how well he could defend himself against her glaive. As they were warming up, the pages came to the courts with the training master, Lord Wyldon. He and the pages soon forgot what they had been doing, staring at Kel as she performed most complicated pattern dance she knew. Kel was a deadly blur, as was her glaive. When she finished, panting slightly, the pages applauded, and Lord Wyldon asked.

"Who are you? I don't recognize you." He wasn't mean, or rude...he was honestly curious. Kel kept her peacefully blank Yamani mask in pace as she replied "My Lord Wyldon, I am Sir Keladry of Mindelan and Yaman, The Griffin," she said lightly and watched as shock spread across his face and those of the Pages. "I do believe we have met before. About five years ago, wasn't it? Just before I went to train as a Yamani Knight." Neal started laughing.

"Queenscove, stop that!" he barked. Then faced Kel once more "A full Knight at 15, Mindelan. I can honestly say I'm surprised. I'm sure you wouldn't mind participating in a practice duel, for the pages benefit, of course." Kel smiled.

"Not at all, my Lord, I would be happy to." She drew her sword, a beautiful weapon, made of the finest Yamani steel. Lord Wyldon did the same, and assumed the 'guard' position. He made the first move, aiming a strike at her left side, that she easily parried. As she countered with extreme speed, a butterfly strike at his right, followed quickly by a matching strike at his left side, both that he barely blocked, and they circled each other, both looking for an opening. Wyldon thought he saw one that Kel had faked, and as he leaned in, she twisted her sword in a movement that the Shang Eagle had shown her and Lord Wyldon's sword popped out of his hand and landed with a clatter, 12 feet away across the practice court. Kel quickly flicked her sword point up to his throat in the kill position. He froze. She sheathed her sword. And gave him her best Yamani smile, the one that seemed treating. "I learned quite a few tricks at the Yamani court, both from the Shang's and the Emperors training masters." She turned to look at the pages, walked over where Neal was standing. "Neal, would you happen to know where our old friends are? I would so love to catch up with them." He smiled. As they turned to leave, they noticed quite an audience had gathered, including The Lioness, Lord Raoul, Commander Buri, The King and Queen, as well as many Knights and a lot of the Kings Own and The Queens riders. She noticed Dom, Neal's cousin, and he waved. She felt taken aback at how happy that acknowledgement made her feel. She looked back at Neal who said: "Of course, Kel lets go find them now." They left the practice courts leaving the pages, their audience and Lord Wyldon dumbfounded As they were walking to the Squires wing, they both laughed at the faces of those who were watching. As they turned down the hallway to the squires quarters Neal told Kel in a hushed voice; "Just stand there and be quiet, I'm going to surprise them." He grinned mischievously and started knocking on about half the doors on the hallway, yelling "Come out, lads, I have someone who you'll want to meet out here!" Doors that he knocked on opened, as well as some of those that he didn't, and squires came out of their rooms, looking at Neal, bewildered. He sauntered up next to Kel and said:

"This is who I wanted you to meet."

"We all know what the beautiful female riders look like, even though you don't, Neal." said a boy with curly hair.

"Oh, shut up Owen. This is no mere Rider, this is someone much, much more important. Now can anyone guess who she is?"

"A court beauty in breeches?" Cleon asked sarcastically.

"A court beauty in breeches who knows how to use a weapon?" asked Merric of Hollyrose.

"A rider in disguise?" asked Owen

"Much better, this is a Yamani Knight. And my good friend." Neal told them with a smile.

"Yeah right, she's what? 15, 16? Like we'll actually believe that." Cleon said moodily. "Why don't you just call off the joke, I have to meet Sir Inness soon."

Kel was dumbfounded, they actually thought her beautiful! Then she had an idea, she gracefully walked up to Cleon and looked his squarely in the eye, and asked

"Cleon of Kennan, I am saddened, I can't believe you don't remember me!" she said with a dramatic sigh, "I guess since you don't I'll have to jog your memory, I am Keladry of Mindelan and Yaman, the Griffin." She turned to wink at Neal, who was laughing helplessly.

"your joking! Your 15! People aren't just knighted at 15!" he said, flabbergasted.

"I was," she turned to look at the boy Neal had called Owen and asked politely, "May I ask, who are you?"

"I—I'm Owen of Jesslaw, Sir Keladry, I'm one of Neal's friends." He stammered.

Kel spoke to all in the hallway now "I hope to get to know you soon, but alas, I must go. Princess Shinkokami wants to meet me to prepare for the ball tonight," she turned to Neal, and said, "I'll see you later, we need to catch up." And with that she walked towards the royal wing of the palace. Leaving quite a few stunned squires in her wake.


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