Thank Heaviside It's Friday!



Exotica- Cod fishcakes, with salmon on the side

Admetus- Fried shrimps

Cassandra- Caviar

Coricopat & Tantomile- Prawn Cocktail

Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer- Nachos with cheese

Main Courses

Bustopher Jones- Mutton with cabbage

Munkustrap- Pan-fried scallops with mashed potatoes

Demeter- Golden scampi with French fries/mashed potatoes

Jennyanydots- Mouse cakes with lean bacon and cheese

Bombalurina- Margarita pizza (with chilies if desired)

Rum Tum Tugger- Pheasant/Grouse/Rat/Mouse


The Man in White Spats- Fried gammon and peas

Kittens Menu

Jemima- Tuna fish sandwich

Pouncival- Chicken nuggets and French Fries

Electra- Fish fingers and veggies with French fries/mashed potatoes

Mistoffelees- Pasta with pesto

Etcetera- Strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles and a cherry

Tumblebrutus- Chocolate brownie with chocolate and caramel sauce


Victoria- Vanilla ice-cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry

Jellylorum- Jelly (Jell-o) in cherry, mango or lime flavour

Old Deuteronomy- Straussburg pie with cream


Griddlebone- Meringue with vanilla ice cream