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Chapter Eleven: Older brother

"You Monster child."

"Stay away."

"Be a good boy. Don't come close please."

'It's cold.'

"Is it safe? To have him around the other children."

'It's Lonely.'

"It's Hokage's order."

'Where is it? My happiness.'


"We will keep an eye on him. He knows what he must not do."

'It's cold. It's lonely.'

The small child shivered, curling up and hugging his knees. His small figure was hidden inside the bushes, his whole existence ignored.

He tried to blink away the tears.

He had to be strong.

Just like that person. Just like his Hero!

But he was so lonely. He couldn't stand the pain anymore.

"I just want to die. That's right. Nobody will care. No one will realize." He smiled bitterly and closed his eyes. "This is it…" He whispered.

"Seimei?" There was sound of shuffling followed by a strong and warm voice calling his name, strong hands reaching toward him from above the bushes.

He knew this voice.

"Come out my boy."

His hero, His sun.


"Whose fault is this again? Minato glared.

"Your father's actually." Naruto pointed at Sasuke who glared back.

"I knew this is your doing." Minato threw his hands in the air. "So, what if I wanted to remain the only child?"

Sasuke scratched his chin thoughtfully. "OH, yes. That is a problem."

Minato scowled, knowing his father was mocking him.

"Oooo…come on son. You will love it when you finally meet the little baby." Naruto chirped and ruffled his hair.

"Easy for you to say, mom. You're not the one sharing his mother." Minato huffed and crossed his arms.

Naruto chuckled and leaned down to look the child in his eyes. "Minato, another baby coming along, doesn't change how much your father and I love you." He smiled.

Sasuke snorted.

Minato glared and looked away. "That's the problem. I want to be the one loved the most."

"That's going unfair to the baby." His father tilted his head and gazed at him seriously. Minato pouted, furrowing his eyebrows.

Naruto sighed and looked at his husband. "I'm going to be late for the meeting." He rubbed the back of his head, his eyes once again on their scowling son.

"Don't worry." Sasuke pointed at the little raven with his eyes and held the Hokage's hat in front of his blond beloved. "I will take care of it. " He murmured, planting a chaste kiss on Naruto's plump pinkish lips.

"I knew you would." Naruto grinned mischievously and nipped at his husband's lips.

"Aw…sure. Get all lovey Dovey. Who cares about my pain, I'm too small after all." Minato glared and snatched his backpack from the table, stomping his way out of the house and passed his parents. Naruto's eyes followed the boy as he reached the gate but suddenly turned on his heels and hurriedly came back, his cheeks slightly tinted pink. Naruto chuckled and bent down to kiss him on the forehead. Sasuke rolled his eyes and followed Minato out of the gate as he dashed his way out, now bright red.


"Dude…you're over!" Kisuke grinned and patted Minato's shoulder.

"Why is it that my pain and discomfort always brings happiness to you?" Minato glared.

Kisuke shrugged and continued his grinning. Minato shook his head.

"But he is right." Chuugo munched on his chips. "Now you can't do whatever you want anymore."

"No, sir! Nothing can take away my freedom." Minato crossed his arms and kicked at a stone.

"But you're the big brother. The baby is going to cry and cry and cry. It's so troublesome." Shigeru shook his head. "And what's worse, they expect you to understand and get along with his whims."

"Really?" Minato asked in horror.

"What's worse, the baby is going to crawl all over the house, breaking your toys, chewing your stuff, one moment you turn your head and the next you find all your notebooks in pieces." Akira stated while several of their friends nodded their heads in agreement, all remembering their painful memories.

"But it's your fate." Akira sighed." Can't avoid it pal." He tried to cheer the raven.

"Gee..thanks. I feel considerably better."

"They are going to give your toys to the new baby, maybe even your room."

"NOOOO." Minato tugged at his hair. "I won't tolerate that! That can't happen. I will go back and tell them that it's either me or the new baby. I was here first! The baby can go and find himself another house." He glared at a passing bird.

"Yeah, you should do that!" Kisuke howled in excitement. "You should just punch that stupid baby in the nose." He waved his fist but went flying when Minato punched him hard in the nose.

"Who is stupid you moron? Don't insult my family!" He yelled.


"Minato I am very sad that you have learned to use your fists more frequently than your brain! Why is that?" Iruka crossed his arms, his usually kind eyes glaring at the little raven.

Minato shrugged but didn't answer. He didn't want to put the blame on his friend anyway and he did have the right to punch him so…things were fine to him.

Iruka sighed and dropped his arms. "Why you never give me reasons for your actions?"

"Sensei…you dwell too much. The problem is already solved!" Minato whined.

"Young man! Problems are not meant to be solved by punches." Iruka glared.

"Sensei…Kisuke insulted his family!" Lirin stated from the top bench of the class.

Minato glared at her. Who asked for her help? And why exactly was she sitting in his bench?

"What?" Iruka jerked and his eyes widened in surprise. "Kisuke? How could you? The Hokage…"

"The newborn!" Minato interrupted as Kisuke dropped his head ashamed.

Iruka gapped. "Ok, I'm regretting ever asking. Go sit down."

"I told you, you better leave it." Minato grumbled and grabbing Kisuke's hand, led him to their bench and sat beside Akira, of course not before shooing the girl away.

Iruka shook his head as Kisuke and Minato grinned at each other.

"Well, children…I think it's about time to give you a proper lesson about relationships." He gazed at their bored faces and smiled.

"Specially love!"

"Oh maaaaaan." Came out the whines.

"Can't we skip the lame part?" Came another voice.

"No!" Iruka glared.

Minato smacked his face down on the desk. It was going to be a long class.


Naruto snapped from his sleep, jerking his head. He knew this sound. He knew this sound perfectly. This evil vicious sound…they always meant…paper work!

He quickly gazed around the room, looking for an escape. Indeed, Sakura was going to kill him for running away again but he seriously wasn't in the mood for reading and reading and stamping and stamping.

He growled in despair when the sound of footsteps became clearer.

The door opened to reveal a pink-haired woman with a whole pile of paper in her arms.

"Hokage-sama! Here is the new reports arrived from…" The woman paused and stared at the empty chair.

She stepped out of the room to look at the guards. "Um…where is Hokage-sama and tell me he is in his room and I will kill you."

The guards who were about to reply immediately closed their mouth, swallowing their obvious answers.

Sakura sighed and shook her head.



Sasuke chuckled as the angry scream reached his ears. They had a run-away Hokage again. He smirked and adjusted the Anbu mask over his head. Well, since there was no reason for him to go to Hokage tower to give his report now, maybe he could take a stroll searching for his own run-away wife.

And maybe…they could have a little fun? Half-way fun but fun. He smirked and was about to jump off the tree branch when a pair of strong hands suddenly encircled his neck.

"GOT YOU!" Naruto chirped and dropped his weight on the raven.

"NARUTO? Naruto!" Sasuke yelled in surprise, happy that he hadn't used the Kunai in his hand.

"Are you out of your mind? What if I had killed you?" He glared fiercely at the grinning blond.

"Aw…come on. I was prepared." Naruto nudged a pale cheek with his nose.

"wh…when did you get behind me?" Sauke looked away, trying to hide his blush.

"Some time ago. Sasuke you're really freaky. Chuckling by yourself and stuff. What were you thinking about?... Um..Sasuke…are you pouting?" Naruto tilted his head, observing his scowling husband.

"No!" Sasuke glared. He hated when Naruto did that.

"I miss the good old days." He grumbled.

"which are?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"The days that you were as noisy as an elephant. Naruto, seriously stop surprising me!"

"Ahahah…that's it." Naruto threw back his head, laughing. "You're pouting over the fact that you couldn't detect me!"

Sasuke growled and tried to free his head but Naruto tightened his grasp. "Don't pout honey. No one can!" He whispered into the raven's ear and licked his earlobe playfully. Sasuke shivered and tilted back his head in pleasure.

"Getting cocky Uzumaki?"

"I leave with an Uchiha." Naruto smirked.

"Ah yes." Sasuke narrowed his eyes and smirked back. "And you get fucked by one."

"HEY!" Naruto glared but squeaked when suddenly Sasuke changed their positions and pulled him into his own lap.

"Bastard." Naruto whined.

"Compliment accepted dobe."

"Ah, go to hell Teme."

"Why not? I vacation there."

Naruto chuckled and as the raven leaned closer to his face, dropped his arms around his neck.

When Sasuke's mouth pressed against his, he opened his own and allowed the other to slip inside.

Sasuke growled and pinned Naruto's wrists against the tree, devouring his mouth as if his life depended on it. He tilted his head and shoved his tongue into the other's cavern, running the muscle over his tongue.

Naruto groaned and arched against the tree, body humming for more.

"You shouldn't run away Hokage-sama! The village is in your hands." Sasuke mocked, breaking the kiss for a moment to nip and suck at the blond's tan neck and slipping his hands under Naruto's robe, lightly caressing the firm abdomen before continuing higher to his pectorals.

"And aren't you just happy that I do that?" Naruto gasped as one hand brushed against a firm nipple. Sasuke smirked before taking the nipple between thumb and forefinger, tweaking it slightly.

"Did you talk to our son?" Naruto moaned and bucked his hips to encourage his husband.

"Not yet but I'm going to." Sasuke replied as his other hand began moving down his abdomen, heading lower. Naruto couldn't help but moan again in pleasure.

"I'm worried. What if…" Sasuke cut the blond as he grabbed at Naruto's hair painfully, meshing their lips together again. Naruto's head went cloudy as his eyes became heavier. He could never grow tired of this taste.

"Oh, Naruto shut up and stop being a mother for a moment. You talk too much." Sasuke hissed, breaking the kiss and tilting Naruto's head rather violently. Naruto grinned as the raven's slightly erected member was pressed against his firm abdomen. Oh, how he loved toying with his horny husband.

Suddenly Sasuke paused and his hands tightened around Naruto's waist, resting his cheek on the other's shoulder. "I'm going to miss doing this stuff to you." Sasuke murmured, getting depressed by remembering that Naruto was going to be all big and swollen very soon.

Naruto smiled and closed his eyes as the raven nuzzled his neck more. He blushed cutely as Sasuke caressed his stomach and began running his fingers through soft raven hair of the taller man. His hands shook as Sasuke sucked particularly hard on one of his sensitive spots on his neck.

"Don't worry." Naruto muttered, his hands sliding down Sasuke's sides. "I can still give you pleasure." He pinched the Uchiha's firm ass.

"Excuse me?" Sasuke stopped in the middle of his ministrations and glared at him. "How is that a pleasure for me when you're not sharing it with me?"

Naruto froze for a second, gapping before a full smile took over his face. "Sasuke…that was so romantic. Who said an Uchiha can't be romantic?"

"A realistic bastard now shut up." He grunted and crashed their lips together.


"People have many ways to show their affection and it's not shoving your pencil up the other's nose. Stop doing that Kisuke. Minato I swear you will be standing at the corner of the class if you do that again." Iruka glared at the occupants of the highest bench for the tenth time.

"As I was saying." He cleared his throat. "People use nicknames to show their love for each other. I'm sure you have heard your parents calling each other sweet names. Any examples?" He smiled broadly at his class, ignoring a few bored and sleepy looks. At least girls were enthusiastic.

"Um, my daddy calls my mommy his sweetest honey." A girl chirped happily. Minato snorted as Akira made a disgusted sound.



Ok, that one was weird. Minato thought to himself while chuckling at Kisuke's amusing comment. Come to think of it, his parents used nicknames too.

What was it again?

Ah yes! Teme and Dobe!

He raised his hand happily.

"Yes Minato?" Iruka looked at his favorite kindly.

"My mom calls my dad Teme and dad calls him dobe in return!" Minato announced proudly.

Several gasps were heard. Akira coughed and Kisuke swallowed his eraser. Iruka at the other hand, had turned red, trying so hard to hold in his laughter in.

"Um…Minato…your parents are … an exception so …please don't use those nicknames." He spoke between his short breaths.

Minato cocked an eyebrow.

"Actually." A silver-haired man appeared at the class's window, popping his head inside. "Those names are their maiden names so they aren't really counted."

"KAKASHI!" Iruka yelled in horror as the class broke into laugh. "Get away from there! I don't believe you! Self study until I return." He stammered quickly and rushed out of the classroom, grabbing the man's collar and dragging him along.

"Gently dear, no need to rush. I'm all yours."

Minato snorted, watching their teacher strangling Kakashi.

"Bastard and Dumb ass? That's really something." Akira smirked.

Minato shrugged. "I like them. They sound sweet to me!"

They broke into laugh again but then Minato felt a gaze on his face and turned his head, finding Seimei gapping at him from the other side of the class. He raised a questioning eyebrow.

Seimei quickly closed his mouth and looked away.

'Well, that's no surprise.' Minato scowled and turned around again. He felt the gaze on himself again and furrowed his eyebrows. "WHAT?" He turned around and yelled, just to find Seimei in front of himself. Seimei stepped back in surprise.

"A…sorry. Didn't realize you were there." Minato mumbled quickly. He didn't get along with this boy mostly because the boy didn't get along with anyone.

Seimei swallowed hard and dropped his gaze on the floor. Minato felt insulted. This guy always avoided his eyes. What the heck was wrong with his eyes?

"Were you serious? They really call each other those names?" Seimei asked while blushing slightly.

Minato gave him a curious look. "Yeah, they do."

"I heard they used to be best friends. Is that true either?" Seimei asked with excitement, stealing a glance at Minato's big beautiful eyes.

"They did? I didn't know that." He really didn't. His parents were just always together in his eyes.

Seimei's eyes sparkled from the fact that he knew something that the raven didn't. "Iruka sensei told me when I asked."

"I see. Hey, you asked about my parents? Why?" Minato cocked his head.

Seimei's eyes widened and he blushed furiously, scrambling away back to his own bench. "No reason." Was his reply.

Minato gave him a suspicious look.

The class bell rang and Minato heard a loud curse, probably Iruka-sensei's! He chuckled and grabbed his back pack, dashing to the school's gate. He wanted to ask his parents about being best friends and all and yes…clear a few things about his territory.

He was happily walking across the yard, chatting with his friends when a sound caught his attention. He turned his head and spot three upper classmen who had circled a smaller boy. He stood still. Were they bullying someone? He took a closer look and suddenly recognized the boy from his blue hair.


They were picking on one of their class.

"Hey, guys! Those jerks are picking on one of us!" He stated loudly to grab the attention of his friends.

Akira narrowed his eyes and took a closer look before sighing. "Oh, that's Seimei."

"Yeah, they always pick on him." Kisuke scratched his cheek.

"What?" Minato started and whirled around in surprise. "Are you serious? How long has this been going on?"

"A while!" Shigeru shrugged.

"Why? No one has done anything?" Minato could hardly believe his ears. He had no idea! It's true the boy was a bit of a jerk, specially to Minato but being bullied all the time while nobody cared…that was too much.

"Teachers know." Akira shook his head. "It has always been like this. You didn't realize because you two hardly look at each other."

"Mom says we better stay away from him." Mimi announced and pulled Lirin's hand.

"Why?" Minato asked, his eyes wide with shock.

"Don't know." His friends shrugged.

"So…you just stay away…doing nothing…without really knowing why?" The raven's small fists were now shaking with rage and anger, his blue eyes darkening and scaring his friends.

"How would you feel if someone did the same to you without really knowing you?"

Guilty looks were all he received. A pained yelp grabbed his attention. He turned around again, finding one of the guys shoving the boy away with a stick.

"We have to protect him." Minato said with anger.

"Why?" Shigeru asked in an alert tune.

"Why?" Minato whirled around. "HOW CAN YOU ASK ME WHY?" He yelled and threw his hands in the air with frustration. "Fine, don't come." He growled and began stomping his way to the bullying group.

"How many times do we have to tell you to stay away?" A brown-haired boy glared at Seimei and pushed him away with the stick again.

"Hey! I was just walking my way!" Seimei yelped and jumped away.

"You were about to bump to me you little…"


The boy paused and turned around, finding a raven boy much shorter than him, standing in front of him with fisted hands. Seimei's eyes widened.

"What the hell do you want you…Oh, Minato-kun!" He changed his tune by recognizing the Hokage's son and the most popular boy of the school. He even had older girls in his fan club.

"What's wrong with you guys? Why are you bullying someone from a lower class? And to think you want to become a Konoha Shinobi"

Minato glared furiously at the boys. The leading boy swallowed hard and backed away. That glare was definitely not to mess with. Now the rest of Minato's friends had joined him, standing besides him with crossed arms and a crowd had formed around them.

"You don't understand Minato! We are doing this for everyone's sake!" The boy stammered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Minato cocked his eyebrow while Akira's attention was drawn to Seimei. The boy had visibly paled, his eyes darting with panic between Minato and the boy. What was he afraid of?

"Don't you know? Every one knows!" The boy said with more confidence. He found many confused faces in the crowd. "What? You don't know? He is dangerous!" He pointed at Seimei accusingly who jerked back like he had been stabbed.

"That's a lie!" Seimei yelled, looking straight into Minato's confused eyes. "I won't harm anyone! I have never even thought about it!" He begged desperately.

Minato stared at him. What was going on? He was about to snap at the idiot but Semei's guilty face had confused him. What could he possibly do? He was pretty sure that he could defeat anyone in his own grade. How Seimei was harmful to him.

"Seems you don't know!" The boy smirked arrogantly.

"NO! DON'T TELL HIM!" Seimei yelled with tears forming in his eyes.

Minato felt anger taking over his heart. There was something about those eyes that he couldn't ignore.

"He is from Dokubutsu clan!"

Several gasps was heard and a few back away, others remaining confused including Minato.

Seimei had dropped his head, hiding his eyes from the people surrounding him but Minato could see his hands shaking. He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Yeah, so?"

The boy blinked. "Dokubutsu! The poisonous clan! He is the last of them. They can kill you just by touching you! It's their blood line!"

Blood line.

His father's words rang in his ear.

'There in nothing worse than a blood line. It bounds you. Imprisons you and slowly eats you alive.'

'It makes you weak. It's a curse.'

'I hope my blood line will never awaken in you. I pray for that every night.'

He stared at Seimei. A poisonous clan? So he was avoided and bullied by others from being born in a clan with a dangerous blood line?

'Don't judge people before knowing them son.' It was his mother's warm voice this time. 'Put yourself in their place. Be kind! Give them a chance.'

'Think about their pain. It could have been yours.'

'People may say you are too small for this kind of talk but I don't agree with them. You understand. I know you do.'

"Have you ever hurt anyone?" He asked Seimei with a firm voice that even surprised he himself.

Seimei raised his head. "No." He whispered, tears streaming down his face.

Suddenly Minato moved forward and yanked the boy's hand, holding it firmly in his own.

Several gasps was heard. Akira jerked in surprise and was about to move forward when Shigeru yanked him back. Kisuke was staring at his best friend, completely dumbfounded.

And Seimei was even more surprised and shocked, his mouth hanging open and his eyes frozen on the raven.

Minato waited several moments in silence before turning to the crowd.

"Am I dying?" He glared at them, his gaze coming to rest on the boy who had paled.

"Do I look hurt?" He cocked his eyebrow. "So you people decided that he is dangerous just because you were told so? Before actually seeing anything?

You are the worst." He scowled furiously. "My father is the last of Uchiha clan. I can have his blood line. Why are you not afraid of me?" He pointed at Akira. " He has Hyuuga blood. Why are you not afraid of him? Shigeru is from the Nara clan. Kisuke comes from Inuzaka! Why not afraid of them? Who says I can't hurt you much worse than Seimei?" He pulled the boy closer.

"This is our friend. He is our comrade and guess what? That poisonous power of his may save you lives one day."

He looked at the guilty or surprised expressions and knew they had understood. It was kind of weird. His parents had taught him to think of his class mates like that since long time ago. They taught him that the first day he entered the Academy. He had thought everyone else think the same.

Maybe he was wrong.

"Please don't bully him anymore. Next time I will punch you in the nose and believe me, my father has taught me how to break them." He glared again.

Seimei swallowed hard and felt heat rushing to his cheeks, His eyes couldn't leave that pale but beautiful face and those blue eyes.

He had always hated to see them in Minato's face.

Because it reminded him of his loneliness. Of the fact that his hero belonged to someone else.

He had always longed for Rokudaime's touch. For his caring hands and bright smile.

And then it was Uchiha-sama. The leader of Konoha's Anbu force who he greatly admired.

He had never seen his parents. But he had always dreamed of what they could have been like and in his dreams, they always took the form of Minato's parents.

That's why he had always been jealous of the boy.

But now as he stood there, being protected for the first time in his whole life, feeling that warmth over his own hand, he felt deep regret for rejecting the other boy.'

It was making sense. This was Naruto-sama's son.

Son of a hero!

He felt a smile pulling at his lips and slowly and shyly, entangled his fingers with the raven's.

"I'm sorry." His head jerked in surprise, hearing the brown-haired boy apologizing. He had missed the rest of the conversation.

"It's ok." He quickly mumbled.

"Good. Now everything is solved. Let's go home." Minato announced happily and moved forward before realizing that Seimei was still holding his hand.

The crowd slowly scattered and his friends had also walked away, waiting for him at the gate.

"Um..Seimei? I need to go home."

"Ok." Seimei whispered, avoiding Minato's eyes and blushing slightly.



"My hand!"

Seimei's eyes widened and a full blush hit his face again as he realized that he still had Minato's hand in his hold.

"I'm sorry." He squeaked and jumped away.

Minato rubbed his hand, giving him a suspicious look. "Don't worry about it. Oh my god! I'm late!" He yelled in horror. "Bye." He jumped and dashed toward his group of friends who were waiting for him patiently.

"Well, I think we don't have to worry about our next Hokage or the Hokage after that." Iruka smiled.

"That's was obvious from the beginning."

"Kakashi?" Iruka whispered and closed the window's curtain.


"Where is you hand going?"


Minato stared. He had just parted with his friends and foolishly had decided to take a detour. His father had warned him before to avoid his stupid detours because they always led to some kind of trouble.

His mother had also said.'Minato, Konoha is a safe place. But you should never forget that your father and I have many enemies looking for a chance to get back on us. You have to be careful.' Were his mother's words.

'Don't trust anyone with their face hidden, whether it's an Anbu mask or something else.' His father had warned him.

And there he was now, standing in the middle of an alley with no one around except the tall and masked man standing in front of him in a threatening way. Minato's eyes were wide and he knew he had to act fast. He chewed on his bottom lips nervously again. Who was this man? What did he want? He was about to turn around and run as fast as he could when suddenly realization hit him.

He smirked. He could take this guy.

He charged towards the man, aiming a kick at his middle part while his other hand went for the man's weapon bag but a strong hand grabbed him and effectively kept him still in a head lock. Minato struggled but eventually gave up, knowing it was impossible to break free judging by the man's strength and threw a glare at the smirking man.

"Damn it! You said I will win like this!" He whined and kicked the man weakly in the shin.

"Yes, but your speed is the problem my foolish nephew!" The man chuckled and released the little raven.

Minato gave him another glare before diving into the man's arms, getting an "uff" out of him before sending him to the ground!

"Uncle Itachi, where were you?" He wailed." I missed you a lot! Where are my souvenirs by the way?" He began digging into the man's pockets, still sobbing and sniffling. Itachi couldn't help but to pat the raven in the head, still widely smirking.

"Not sure about that when the first thing you remember is souvenirs."

"Of course! That's why I let you go anyway. What took you so long?" Minato glared, munching on a bar of chocolate and sitting comfortably on his uncle's stomach.

"Hm, I have been busy. Your mother has a good knack sending me to missions with 99% death rate. Perhaps I need to clear a few things for him. "He scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"Father has done something terrible." Minato huffed, not being able to delay the topic anymore.

"Hm?" This gained his uncle's attention. "Which is?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"Mom is pregnant. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? How could they do that to me?" He threw his hands in the air with frustration.

His uncle's lips curled up, a mischievous glint appearing in his eyes. "Really? So he can do stuff like that? I thought the first time was an accident."

"Hah?" Minato gave him a confused look, which was very similar to his mother's foxy face.

"Never mind." Itachi grunted and holding his nephew in his arms, rose on his feet. "Shall we go and scold your father."

Minato nodded eagerly, sucking on his second lollipop.

"So why are you so angry?" Itachi smirked as the raven furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't want a little brother."

"Why?" Itachi asked, his face back to his usual stoic expression.

"Why should I? It's not going to be fun anymore." He whined.

"Ahh… that's were you are wrong. Actually, it's very fun." His uncle smirked again.

Minato giggled.

He just loved his uncle's evil smirks.

They always resulted in his father tugging at his own hair.


Minato stopped chewing down on his uncle's head when familiar voices reached his ear.

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Naruto glared and crossed his arms. "I am not stubborn you just don't have any common sense, I have began to think that Sakura's punch today must have been harder than usual." Sasuke glared back

Naruto winced and rubbed the side of his head, remembering the pink-haired woman's outburst when she had finally caught him.

"That's not it." He yelled.

Minato sighed. "They're fighting again."

"Hm, that part hasn't changed since I have been gone." Itachi replied, sneering.

"Ah...they became quiet." Minato said as he and his uncle peeked from behind the wall at the front yard where the voices where coming from. Itachi smirked and Minato rolled his eyes, finding his parents in a tight embrace, kissing.

"They either fight or do this. Why this environment is never appropriate for me?" Minato sighed when his uncle chuckled and stepping out from behind the wall, pushed the gate open.

Both Sasuke and Naruto paused and turned their heads to look at the intruders. Sasuke's eyes widened "Nii-san." and a big smile covered Naruto's face "Itachi-san".

"Hi mom, Hi dad." Minato placed the little raven on the ground and watched as he dived into his mother's arms while Sasuke strode towards his brother. "Welcome back brother." His lips curled up into a smile as he awkwardly stepped forward to embrace his brother. Itachi remained motionlessly as he was embraced by his little brother before finally raising his arms and hugging him in return.

"I'm back." He whispered. Sasuke closed his eyes and smiled before releasing his older brother.

Minato's jaw dropped. He had never seen his father this emotional. Had always been like this with his uncle. He narrowed his eyes. Was that a blush?

"Welcome back Itachi." Naruto walked towards the man and hugged him.

"Hm, Naruto. We need to talk."

Naruto grinned. "Let's leave work to some other time. You can report later."

"Not that. I want to inform you that I refuse to carry anymore of these missions you see appropriate for me. I have been in a mission my whole life, died and been revived again and now you are insisting on sending me to grave once and for a while. Honestly Naruto, is there a problem? Say it to my face then." Itachi grunted.

Naruto giggled at the scary expression. "You must be kidding. A little kid could take care of that."

Itachi growled and reached to grab the blond when he dodged.

Minato giggled and raised his head to gaze at his father just to gap again. His father was smiling, literally smiling.

Well, his father did smile but not all the time and when he would smile, it would only last for a few seconds but the smile was there as he continued to gaze at his brother and wife.

He turned his head to his uncle. Was this his uncle's doing?

He was his father's older brother.

His eyes slightly widened. What was an older brother exactly?

"Ok, stop it please." Sasuke walked toward the pair. "This chase is taking sexual turns." Sasuke muttered and parted the two.

"Hm? Which part of this was sexual? How about we show him real sexual stuff Naruto-kun? I bet he can never satisfy you." Itaci smirked.

"Ahaha…you can tell Itachi-san?" Was his mother's cheerful reply.

Sasuek growled and Minato giggled. This was more like it.

"Brother as much as I'm glad you're back, please refrain from harassing my wife and Naruto I will show you later who can't satisfy you."

"You're missing the point little brother. There is no harassment when there is consent."

"Right." His mother agreed.

"There you go again, teaming against me. I'm going in." Ssuke muttered and started walking into the house, yanking Minato from the ground and holding him in his arms.

"Want to go somewhere together Naruto?" Itachi smirked.

"I'm in." Naruto grinned.



As the day went on, Minato's jaw hit the floor more than once. As he watched his uncle ruffling his father's hair, making fun of him, stealing his coffee or even pushing him out of his own way.

He found himself gapping at his uncle with an open mouth. All his high and mighty father would do in return was a glare or growl or blush! That's it! No blood or slaughtering!

So this was what big brother meant? Then being a big brother was really cool.

He sipped from his juice and looked at his parents suspiciously. "So…you guys are not going to give my room to the new baby?"

"Why would we do that? This house has plenty of rooms." His father replied calmly.

They all had sat around an oak table placed in the middle of their very lively and bright colored kitchen, adults drinking coffee while Minato sipped from his Tomato juice. His mother glanced at his juice and crunched his nose. How the hell his husband and son could drink that was a mystery to him.

He shuddered and turned to the boy. "You shouldn't believe this stuff. No one is going to take anything from you, whether it is love or it is a toy."

"What about my crib?"

"Crib?" Naruto blinked. "But you don't need your crib." He said in confusion.

"I knew it." Minato slammed his glass on the table. "You are going to give him my stuff."

"Don't be stupid Minato. We will by everything new for the baby. I don't like to use old stuff for the new baby." His mother glared at him and he quickly dropped his gaze. He didn't like to be glared at by his MOTHER!

"Your mother is right. Don't spit anymore nonsense about this." Sasuke glared at Minato who glared back.

Itachi smirked. "Besides, you can always take anything you like from the baby's stuff. You may find something you like."

"Brother." Sasuke glared.


"Minato please don't do that." His mother chuckled. "Itachi don't teach him your own behavior."

Itachi shrugged. "His Uchiha instinct will break in when it's time."

"Uchiha instinct or what he has inherited from you?" Sasuke scowled.

Itachi chuckled. "Inherited from me? Hm, I like to think that."

Minato watched as his father's eyes softened and he turned his gaze to the window.

"Come to think of it, I wonder which one of us you have taken after the most Minato. Wait a second." His mother grinned and grabbing a glass, filled half of it from water.

"When I look at this glass, the first thing that comes to my mind is that half of it is filled. What is your first impression Sasuke?"

"It's obvious. Half empty."

"Positivity and negativity?" Itachi smirked, cocking en eyebrow and gazing down at his nephew. "What is your impression Minato?"

Minato snapped out of his thought. "Um, sorry. I was more focused on the glass itself."

Sasuke snorted while Naruto was confused. Itachi had to dive for an old newspaper to hide his laugh.

"What does that mean?" Naruto said with his confused foxy face.

"Stupidity?" Sasuke replied calmly.

Minato scowled. Really, the shape of the glass was very interesting that's why he had been distracted.

"So what does a new baby look like?" He tried to change the subject.

"Oh, a soft and pinkish bundle." His mother jumped in joy.

"More like a monkey you mean." Sasuke said.

"Really?" Minato's eyes widened.

Sasuke shrugged. "Judging by my experience from you!"

Minato blinked and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Was he insulted just now?

"Well, you have taken after your father after all." Itachi sneered. "But don't worry. At least you're healthy."

Naruto broke into laugh, holding his stomach while Sasuke through a vicious glare in his brother's direction.

The door bell rang and Naruto rose. "I'll get it." He strode out of the kitchen, still holding his stomach.

He opened the door and smiled, finding Tsunade behind the door. "Baa-chan!" He chirped.

"Hey, brat!" The blond woman smiled, her eyes kindly gazing at her favorite boy.

"Come in. Baa-chan."


"Dad, is it true that you and mother have been best friends before getting married?" Sasuke glanced at him, filling another glass of coffee.

"Hm, that's true. Most people know that."

"I didn't!" Minato whined. "So that means you guys started to fight when you married?"

"No we didn't get along from the beginning." Sasuke replied flatly.

Minato blinked. "Ok, I'm starting to understand."

Itachi snorted. "So, little brother. I think I will stay in the village for a while. I'm kind of tired. Can you get me a place? I'm not very comfortable doing it myself." Itachi muttered and stirred his coffee.

"YAY! Uncle you're staying?" Minato jumped from his seat and threw himself into Itachi's lap.

Sasuke raised his head and stared at his brother as he played with his son.

"You are not going anywhere Nii-san. You will stay with us. Both Naruto and I have decided this." He said after a long time.

Minato yelled in delight but Itachi froze and slowly turned to his brother, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"This house is big enough for all of us. Of course, Naruto and I won't intrude to your privacy. So, please stay."

"What is this brother? Sympathy?" Itachi's face was hard.

"No, brother. It's called love. The same thing you wasted your whole life over it. All I can do now is give you back a little bit of what you have lost. My family is your family brother, you can't deny that." Sasuke looked back with determination.

Minato was confused over the intensity of their gazes, his eyes darting from one to another.

"Is Naruto really fine with it?"

"You know him well. What do you think?"

Itachi leaned back against the chair, his eyes drifting back to the little Uchiha in his lap

"Uncle…please, stay." Minato begged.

"I will consider it." He patted the child in the head.

"Brother, I'm not letting you go. There is no considering here." Sasuke glared.

"Are you forcing me brother?" Itachi tilted his head.

"Yes, you have forced many things on me, consider this payback."

Itachi stared for a very long time before finally releasing a deep sigh.

"That sounds fair to me. I guess I will stay."

"YAAAAY." Minato yelled and give his uncle a crushing hug.

Sasuke smiled and leaned back in satisfaction.

"So about not wanting to be a big brother…" He began.

"Hah? What's that? I love to be a big brother, right Uncle?" Minato giggled.

Itachi smirked. "Of course. It's loads of fun after all."

Sasuke shuddered as his brother and son exchanged identical evil smirks.


"Brat! Don't skip your responsibilities!" Tsunade glared.

"Ahaha…but Baa-chan…you used to do that too." Naruto scratched his head and grinned sheepishly.

"I'm different you fool." Tsunade glared before smiling kindly. "You do know how much people are fond of you."

Naruto blushed slightly. "I know…I know."

"But that's not what I'm here for. I actually have a business with your husband." Tsunade growled and rubbed her temples. "Though I'm not sure I want to tell him."

Naruto gave him a curious look.

"Never mind." The former Hokage waved her hand. "Just call him and then leave us alone please.

Naruto gave him another curious look but nodded anyway.


"So do you prefer a boy or a girl Minato?" Itachi asked his nephew.

Sasuke's eyes widened in horror, hearing the word "Girl". Shit, he had totally forgotten the possibility of having a girl. He growled in agony and slammed his head on the table.

Itachi chuckled know exactly what was going on in Sasuke's mind.

"Not girl please." Minato growled. "I have enough of them in school."

Sasuke made a voice in sympathy. Even Itachi had a blank look, the three Uchiha deeply in despair by remembering their dark memories.

"And after that?" Itachi tried to change the subject.

Sasuke blinked. After that? No sire! No after that! He rather died than go through another No-Sex nine month.

"Ah, I know! I want a horse or donkey!" Minato chirped with excitement. Both Itachi and Sasuke choked on their drinks. Sasuke gapped at his son. Was he really that stupid? Oh my god! Naruto, what have you done! This MUST be your share of the chromosomes.

"Goodness Minato. I'm not into beastiality!" Naruto had stepped inside the kitchen, gasping in surprise.

"Why? You're married to dad!" Was Minato's wise and innocent reply.

Naruto stared and Sasuke's jaw dropped again, both oblivious to dangerous choking sounds emitted from Itachi who was stuck between laughing and dying.

"What's that supposed to mean son?" Naruto muttered, staring blankly at the fruit of his life.

"Um, why are you looking at me like that? I remember you called dad beast one morning. You said. 'Sasuke you beast, get away from me.'"

"Ah, I see." Naruto grinned sheepishly and Sasuke grunted.

"Sasuke, Tsunade is here. She wants to talk to you and OH MY GOD, ITACHI!" Naruto dived toward the oldest raven, realizing he was very close to death, judging by his color of course.


"What is it? I assume it's something personal if you have chosen to come to our home." Sasuke crossed his arms, still slightly shocked from the kitchen's conversation, of course he had recovered. He was an Uchiha after all.

Tsunade snorted and waved her hand. "Believe me. I don't want to talk to you either."

Sasuke's face became hard as Tsunade glared at him. He knew this woman hasn't forgiven him for his former actions. Of course, he could understand.

"I don't like you much, but Naruto loves you, more than anything else in the world." Tsunade furrowed his eyebrows. "He has proved that before."

Sasuke dropped his gaze. He hated this topic. He hated this with all his heart.

'Go away. Go away.' He chanted in his heart.

Scenes were flashing in front of his eyes.

Blood, despair.


"But I'm not here to tell you this." Tsunade sighed. "I'm here to tell you something about Naruto's pregnancy."

Sasuke's head jerked and he suddenly lunched forward, grabbing the former Hokage's shoulders harder than he intended.

"What about it? Is something wrong? Is he in danger?" He choked out in fear.

Tsunade gazed at his frightened eyes for a moment before pushing him away.

"No, he is not in danger."

Sasuke released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

"But his pregnancy is slightly different this time so I have come to advise you to a special activity for him.

"Which is?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

Tsunade turned to him.


Sasuke stared.

"In case of a normal pregnancy, which is low-risk for complications such as miscarriage or pre-term labor, sex is safe during pregnancy but that doesn't mean you'll necessarily want to do it so don't force is on Naruto!" She glared as Sasuke continued to gawk.

"Many expectant mothers find that their desire for sex fluctuates during certain stages in the pregnancy. So as his body gets large make sure he is comfortable with it!"

She smirked as mighty Uchiha's face remained the same.

"Of course make sure If you engage in oral sex, your r should not blow air into his vagina. Blowing air can cause an air, which can be potentially fatal for mother and child."

Sasuke shook his head in a very similar way to a dog's, trying to register the information.

"The motion of sex usually will rock a baby to sleep as walking would and despite some beliefs DOES NOT harm baby! Baby is very well protected. Also orgasms are a great workout for uterus in practicing contracting and when it does contract, uterine muscles gently squeeze around baby and feels like a hug to the baby. Not to mention semen will help soften and ripen the uterus towards the end of the pregnancy, preparing the mother for labor."

"Why telling me this now? Why didn't you tell me this during Minato's period?" Sasuke looked at the woman suspiciously and accusingly.

Tsunade shrugged. "I didn't like you. And I could tell you were suffering from not touching you wife in that way." Tsunade chuckled, remembering the man's lost expression. "But the way you took care of him…made me change my mind a little and when I placed Minato in your arms and looked at your face," Tsunade looked straight into Sasuke's onyx eyes. "I realized how much you the child and the mother mean to you."

Sasuke swallowed hard and dropped his gaze. He was speechless and grateful.

"That was the day that you really changed. That's what I believe. The day you really erased your hunting past from your memory, so…" She trailed off.

"The point is you are a good father…and a good husband, so I figured you deserve a little reward for being a good boy, besides, this is better for Naruto, considering he is a man and he has hyper activity problems. I don't want another explosion just because he had to reduce his activities for a while." She cringed, remembering the memory. "So, I figured he can waste his energy this way."

Sasuke ran a hand through his raven silky hair.

All this meant…He could have sex! He could have sex with his cute fuckable, no scratch that, his cute beautiful wife. He seriously had a hard time staying in his skin. He wanted to jump out of it from too much happiness.

'There is a god.' He thought to himself,

"Of course there might be a side effect but don't worry about that. That doesn't apply to you guys since you already have it naturally."

Sasuke froze. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means twins Uchiha! Twins!" She wiggled her eyebrows and smirked in victory.

Sasuke gawked.


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