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Ben doesn't stop to think when the plane screams across the sky. He acts. It's why he's the leader here; all of his thinking is done beforehand so there's no need for it when the crisis finally comes. So his chosen men leave, racing to the other side of the island, and he has something to show Juliet. Juliet, who betrays him every day without even fully realizing it, and he can't do anything but forgive her over and over for it.

She leaves the Flame before her tears have completely stopped, and he doesn't try to keep her there. He stays, flipping through the slender file Mikhail has already managed to collect on Oceanic 815, and it's not until the other man asks idly, "You sent Goodwin?" that Ben thinks about it, understands why the decision was already made when he got his first glimpse of the plane.

He's never believed in fate. But sometimes the island has an uncanny ability to provide him with exactly the situation he needs in order for him to get exactly what he wants.