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Barricade was having a blast! He was following Daniel as that demented little glitch drove like a bat out of hell with its ass on fire and the devil himself in hot pursuit. At one hundred and eighty-four miles per hour, Barricade had no trouble keeping up, but he had to admit that it was fun to use some real speed at times while following the now heavily modified '68 Shelby Cobra GT-500.

Daniel glanced at the package resting in the passenger seat of the red interior, and smiled at the thought of what was inside. He thought that he had placed the order soon enough that it would arrive prior to Maigan's visit, but apparently not. Oh well, so he wouldn't have the chance to actually wrap Maigan's belated birthday present, he was still sure that she would love it.

Silver, with red racing stripes, and a red interior, the sleek and shiny Cobra was everything an adrenalin junky could want and more. Able to reach speeds in excess of two hundred and thirty miles per hour, it was certainly a high speed machine. Daniel's only problem was that at one ninety the car started to get squirrelly a bit, so at two thirty, the car would probably be completely out of control. It meant that the suspension needed some modification, but it was still a Speed Demon's dream!

When Daniel rolled up to the main gate at Nellis Air Force Base, he was grinning like a loon. The guards were looking at him funny as he showed his ID, and finally one of them asked him why he was smiling like that.

"I got an F-1 drive train in this thing!" Daniel exclaimed while giggling madly and popping the hood.

Daniel got out and raised the hood, and the two guards could only stare with open mouthed awe at the massive V-10 that gleamed before their eyes.

"Good thing I'm at an Air Force Base." Daniel stated eagerly.

"Why's that?" One of the guards asked suspiciously.

"Because… once I put some wings on her she'll do a lot more than just haul ass!" Was the laughing answer.

Both of the guards turned to look at each other questioningly. The expressions on their faces left no doubt that they both thought Daniel had completely lost it. With a shake of his head, the senior guard waved Daniel through, and immediately got on the radio to warn the OOD that a true maniac was loose on base!

Daniel pulled into the hangar that his new wreckers and 'The Road Warrior' were parked next to. There was a loud scream of the revving engine that got everyone's attention before he shut off the ignition.

"Okay, you gotta pop the hood, because I just have to see that engine!" Mikaela said excitedly with a bright gleam in her eyes as she ran over to the car.

Daniel reached in and popped the hood to let the young woman feast her eyes on a thing of true beauty to a mechanic.

"That… is a funeral looking for a time to happen." General Mallory said softly as he stared at the chrome plated power plant.

"You don't have to tell me! As she is right now, you can only get 'er up to one ninety before she starts doin' whatever the hell she wants. Tweak the suspension though, and you can get another forty maybe fifty miles per hour out of 'er. As it is, you can probably hit two thirty, but only an absolute idiot would try it." Daniel said seriously.

"You mean to tell me that you actually have a bit of sense in that head of yours?" General Mallory asked in surprise.

"Just a little bit!" Daniel replied maniacally with a huge grin and his fingers held a very small distance apart.

Both Mikaela and General Mallory started laughing and shaking their heads. Although each had only known the demented Salvage Operator for a few days, they had both come to the same conclusion… Daniel was clearly insane, but not stupid… although he did seem to lack some common sense. The man was damned good at what he did, there was no denying that, but his attitude left a lot to be desired.

Mikaela was still looking at the engine… although nearly drooling would be a more apt description… when Starglide, Optimus, and Jazz, entered the hangar. Maigan was still sitting in Starglide's right hand with a light smile on her face. Daniel was glad to see that smile because he clearly remembered the incident that had occurred right before he'd left.

"Hey Kiddo! Feelin better now?" Daniel asked pleasantly as he looked up at his niece.

"Yeah. Me and Starglide have been talking. I'm really gonna like having her for a Grandmother." Maigan replied.

"She's something else, idn't she? Wait till she takes ya flyin'… you're gonna have a blast!" Daniel shot back with a maniacal grin.

"Well you should keep in mind that I owed you a bit of punishment, so she won't be miserable after a flight like you were." Starglide said smugly.

"Like I said." Daniel retorted instantly. "Anyway… I ordered something for your birthday, Kiddo… but it didn't get here in time, so I couldn't get it wrapped for you. Got something for both of us actually, but it all arrived in the same package." He added looking over at his niece.

Starglide set Maigan on the floor of the hangar, and the young woman went over to her uncle who was retrieving a plain brown package from the front seat of the Shelby.

"Happy birthday Kiddo, even though it's a bit late." Daniel said as he handed the package to Maigan.

Maigan accepted the package with a smile and began eagerly opening it. When she opened the first box, she saw that there were actually two individual boxes inside. Her eyebrows went up in surprise and curiosity as she pulled out a box containing women's sunglasses. Opening that, she found a pair of Oakley shades with a Titanium M frame and an iridescent Ice Blue lens.

With no hesitation, she quickly put them on. "What do you think?" She asked with a grin as she looked around.

"Yo Babe! Lookin' good! That's what Ah call style! We even match now!" Jazz exclaimed with a large grin.

"Yeah, we do." Maigan replied with an equal grin. "These are awesome Uncle Daniel! I love it!" She blurted as she hugged her uncle.

Daniel nodded his head with a satisfied smile as he watched his niece enjoy her belated birthday gift. Then he opened the second box and put on the pair of shades with a black anodized M frame and a red iridium Heater lens. He quickly saw that Maigan was looking at him with her eyebrows raised.

"Well, you always did like the Jedi, but I happen to have an affinity for the Sith!" Daniel said with a smirk.

"When did you order those?" Optimus asked with a frown.

"A couple of months ago… why?" Daniel asked curiously.

"Because red visors and optics are commonly associated with Decepticons!" Barricade stated in a displeased tone.

"Well then… looks like we just might be related huh?" Daniel shot back with a smirk.

Barricade instantly clapped a hand over his face and groaned. "Primus give me strength." He lamented.

Starglide started laughing merrily. "Well at least his visor matches your optics. Some type of similarities are only to be expected of siblings."

Barricade only groaned louder, while Daniel began laughing heartily.

"I don't want to be the one to tell you this Starglide, but siblings are always related." Lieutenant Woods said from the doorway of the hanger that led into the rest of the base's compound.

"Unfortunately we are related! My spark and his soul are bound together in such a way that we can each feel what the other does… although if we ever find a way to dissolve this bond of ours, I will happily do so! He's more of a glitch than any Decepticon in existence!" Barricade said sourly.

"So you two are… brothers?!" Alexa demanded in surprised confusion. "How the hell did that happen?"

"Through an accident while I was fixxin' him." Daniel answered. "The only good part about this mess is that I get to call her 'Mom' now!" He added with a gesture at Starglide.

"I would have to say that being related to Maigan is fair compensation for being stuck with you." Starglide quipped in return.

Daniel burst out laughing hard. "Exactly Mom! You're stuck with me!"

"Primus help us all!" Optimus muttered heavily as he grabbed the bridge of his nose.


Every human present was watching in awe as the massive ship settled down to a landing. As soon as it started shutting down the engines, General Mallory was on the radio, issuing orders to close the runway doors over head. The Ark was huge, there was no arguing with that, but what was very surprising to the humans was that it settled to the ground with almost no noise at all. The massive ship had actually landed and no one even had to raise their voice to be heard while holding a conversation during the process. It was the kind of thing that every human present knew would have the scientists at NASA just drooling on themselves for the merest chance of getting their hands on such technology.

As the boarding ramp lowered from the port side of the massive vessel, Optimus and several others were standing there waiting. The first to descend was Ultra Magnus, and there was a tired… almost haggard look to his appearance. Optimus easily recognized each bot as they exited. Sunstreaker and his twin brother Sideswipe were followed by Chromia and Elita-1 with Arcee right there beside them. Bluestreak and Kup were followed by Grimlock. Then Blaster came out followed by Wheeljack and Red Alert carrying a stretcher with Prowl on it.

"Holy shit!" Daniel muttered as he looked at the group of disembarking bots. "Godzilla's not only real… he's been turned to steel!"

Most of the humans turned their gaze from the form on the stretcher to that of the large dinobot. Their eyes bulged as they registered the massive frame of Grimlock.

"Somebody remind me to never piss that one off!" Daniel said in awe.

"Yo Junk Man!" Epps bellowed from where he was standing several feet away.

"What?" Daniel bellowed back.

"Never piss that one off!" Epps yelled with a happy grin.

"Yeah, thanks!" Daniel grumped before he looked over at what was being carried on the stretcher.

"Hey Bones… come on! Looks like we got some work to do." Daniel said distractedly as he started towards the stretcher.

Ratchet took one glance that the motionless frame of Prowl and stepped over to the stretcher. Reaching down he immediately reactivated the prone mech and stepped back.

Maigan saw Prowl online his optics to see Jazz standing over him with a smug grin. She was sitting on Jazz's shoulder and thus had a front row seat to what happened next. The two mechs began communicating with each other in something that sounded horrible to her ears. She clapped her hands to both sides of her head with a wince.

"Okay y'all gotta cut that shit out! Teach 'im English or Russian or sumthin' cuz DAMN! That shit sounds like a catfight put to bag-pipes or something!" Daniel groused loudly.

Daniel was getting a lot of glares from various people because of that comment, but he didn't care in the least. He wanted that to stop! Still, it was several minutes before the two went silent for a moment before speaking English.

"I require an explanation, Jazz. I experienced the physical sensation of your demise." Prowl said as he sat up on the stretcher.

"Yeah… Ol' Megatron tore me in half. Ah bought our allies time ta get civilians an' kids outa the area. The Allspark was destroyed, but Bee an' Daniel fixed mah frame, an Daniel used Bonecrusher's spark ta restart mine. Him an' Bee helped put meh back tagetha. Tha's what ya felt." Jazz replied heavily.

"If the Allspark was destroyed after you were offlined and prior to your resurrection, then you should not be functioning at this moment." Prowl said in confusion as he got off the stretcher and stood up.

"Don' Ah know it. Ah got Daniel an' Bee ta thank for that." Jazz replied quietly.

Prowl turned his head to look at the yellow scout and nodded. "I would inquire as to the identity of this 'Daniel' so that I might properly express myself."

"That would be me." Daniel smirked with a smoke in his right hand and a Mountain Dew in his left.

Prowl looked down at the gathering of the native organic life forms inhabiting this planet, and quickly noticed the individual that had spoken.

"You are more than entitled to my sincere and spark-felt gratitude for the prompt resurrection of my spark-mate, Jazz. I would soon be rendered offline without your intervention." Prowl stated clearly.

"I'm just glad it worked." Daniel replied with a shrug.

Prowl nodded and turned to look at the various vehicles that had been assembled. Upon spotting an appropriate vehicle to utilize as an alternative mode, Prowl immediately conducted a scan of the vehicle in question. He did alter the appearance to an extent through a series of slight modifications, one of which was to include the Autobot symbol.

"So let me get this straight… as long as one of you scanned something the right size, anyone else who needs something that size can scan them?" Daniel asked after recognizing Prowl's alt mode.

"The probability of that occurrence is so minute as to be highly unlikely. There would be very few bots who are able to use another's alt mode." Prowl stated.

"Why is that, when you just scanned Barricade?" Daniel asked in confusion.

"Oh slag!" Barricade bellowed before starting his engine and getting into reverse.