Title: Just Gibbs
Rating: G
Summary: Short snippet detailing Abby's introduction to Gibbs.

I followed the director off the elevator, stepping out into a spacious open-plan office. Agents sat at desks, conferred with colleagues, bustled from here to there. I took it all in, wondering with a twinge of anxiety how long it would take for me to get everyone's names straight.

The director made a beeline for one section in particular, motioning for me to follow. "Gibbs, this is the new forensic scientist, Ms. Abigail Sciuto. Ms. Sciuto, this man will be your primary contact: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

I nodded at the agent in question, some of my nerves evaporating as I processed his name. My planned 'nice to meet you' discarded, I strove to keep a straight face. "Leroy Jethro Gibbs, huh?"

He reached out to shake my hand, the gesture confident and firm. Though his face was stern, I saw the amusement dancing behind his startling blue eyes. "Welcome to NCIS, Ms. Sciuto," was all he said.

The director excused himself, leaving me in Special Agent Gibbs' care. For a second longer, we stared at one another, assessing each other. Despite myself, I felt a stirring of attraction. I was fresh out of college – he had maybe twenty years on me, but what can I say? I have a thing for older, confident men with a sense of humour.

"So does anyone around here call you Leroy?" I asked, curiosity overriding the social protocol I knew I should be observing.

He took a sip of coffee before answering, eyes still on me. I think my complete disregard for NCIS' dress code was giving him some trouble. "Nope."

"Jethro?" I tried next, already knowing the answer. "Oh, you're not gonna insist on being called 'Special Agent Gibbs' all the time, are you?"

He chuckled then. "Just 'Gibbs' will do fine, Ms. Sciuto."

"Well, then, Just Gibbs, you can call me Abby. Not Abigail, and never Ms. Sciuto." Relieved that I hadn't made an enemy out of him – I'm a pretty good judge of character, but on occasion I have been wrong – I shot him my sunniest smile. "So, where do I work?"