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Full Summary: Bella's life is wonderful. She has a family who loves her, and whom she loves back just as much. When she recieves the news that she's pregnant again, she couldn't be happier. But before she gets the chance to tell Edward, someone she hoped she would never see again comes back. Will she be forced to tell her most best kept secret? And most importantly, will her and Edward's love for each other survive, or will they be torn apart from each other...forever? ALL HUMAN.


I sat on the couch upstairs, looking at the picture of the whole family. The photo had been taken on the day of Edward's and mine wedding. We were all smiling widely and happily at the camera. Edward and I were in the middle, his arm wrapped around my waist, a huge grin on his face.

Emmett was next to Edward, his arm wrapped around Rosalie's waist. Rosalie had a face that was one of glowing pride – the two had been expecting their first child then. They now had a nine month old baby girl named Angie.

Alice was next to me, Jasper's arm around her shoulder. Both looked happy, and they were both grinning widely, an unusual thing for Jasper, who was calm-natured. Ever since he had graduated college, Jasper became a cook at the Italian restaurant in Forks, so that he wouldn't have to travel an hour each day to Port Angeles. Alice opened a clothing store, with some of the clothes she had made herself.

On the end was Esme and Carlisle, both with wide smiles on their faces, looking very happy. Carlisle's right arm was around Esme's waist, and in the other arm was my daughter, Elizabeth. Her head was leaning shyly on Carlisle's shoulder, a shy smile on her face. She looked like a younger version of me. She had my nose and ears, and she also had my eyes, though her chocolate brown eyes were rimmed with dull green.

On the other end, standing next to Rosalie, was Charlie, my father. He was awkwardly smiling at the camera – he had always hated to dress up, and I couldn't agree with him more. I always hated to dress up as well. Renee and Phil were standing next to Charlie, smiles on their faces as well.

Edward was in medical school, planning on becoming a doctor; Alice was now running a successful business; Jasper was a fabulous cook at the Italian restaurant, Le Bella More; Emmett and Rosalie were parents to an adorable baby girl, and they couldn't be happier; Carlisle was a successful doctor at Forks General Hospital; I owned a bookstore and lived above it with Edward and Elizabeth, and I loved it. And Esme, she loved us all, and she was happy that we had all found a place in life.

Life was good. But as I sat on the couch in my living room, a thought that had come to my mind a few years back as I was sitting in The Lodge with Alice and Edward, came to my mind again.

How long would this happiness last?

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