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It was four more weeks until the end of the summer holidays and four more weeks until Harry started his sixth year at Hogwarts and he had just arrived at The Burrow. To him, The Burrow was the second best place in the world (the first of course being Hogwarts).

Harry knocked on the large front door and a few moments later it was opened by Ginny Weasley. Every time Harry set eyes on her, his heart skips a beat and he is stunned by her beauty. She looked slightly surprised to see him.

"Hi Harry! I didn't know you were coming today?"

"Yeah, I couldn't stand being at the Dursleys for a moment longer." And I could wait to see you he thought, smiling at her.

Harry lifted he Trunk and Hedwig's cage through the door way and into the kitchen, were he was greeted my Mrs Weasley.

"Harry Dear!! We weren't expecting you until tomorrow! How are you?" She said, engulfing him in a hug "Your looking a bit peaky. I hope your Aunt and Uncle are feeding you properly."

"Yes, yes Mrs Weasley, I'm fine." Harry said cheerfully, glad to feel at home at last.

"Good, good. Ron's upstairs with Hermionie who arrived just last night." Harry raced up the stairs excited to see his best friends again.

On the way up to Ron's room. Harry bumped into Fred and George.

"Harry mate!"
"How are you?"
"We thought you weren't coming-"
"Until tomorrow?"
"We guess-"
"You couldn't get away fast enough eh?"

"Yeah, something like that." Harry chuckled.

Once he reached Ron's door, Harry knocked on it twice and opened it. As soon as Harry stepped though the door way Hermionie swallowed him in a hug.

"Harry! Your early!"

Harry had always loved Hermionie, she's like the older sister he never had. Once Hermionie had stopped hugging him, Harry walked over to Ron.

"You all right mate?" Ron asked

"Not bad. Yourself?"

"Not bad."

"Cool, cool."

Hermionie rolled her eyes at her two best friends. Boys, she thought.

"So Harry," she said, trying to start a conversation. "What have you been up to?"

The trio spent the of the day talking about the beginning of the summer holidays, Harry talking about how he'd threatened Dudley several times with magic, Hermionie talking about how she had spent time with her Muggle parents and studying, and Ron talking about how he had been playing tricks on the rest of his family with Fred and George.

Harry awoke the next morning to Mrs Weasley calling Ron and himsef down to breakfast. Harry reached around for his round rimmed glasses on his bed slide table and positioned them on his head. He sat up to see Ron sprawled on his bed, snoring loudly. Harry got up and rooted around in his trunk for some clothes and slipped them on. Once he was dressed, Harry walked over to Ron's bed and nudged him awake.

"Ron, mate, it's time to get up."

Having heard Harry, Ron chose to ignore him and turned on his side with his back to Harry. Harry smiled at this and knew exactly what to do next.

"Fine, I'll go and have Breakfast without you." Harry said emphasising the word "Breakfast". At the sound of this word Ron sat blot upright and began to get dressed. He could never resist food.

Within a couple of minutes, Ron and Harry were making there way down stairs, ready to indulge themselves in breakfast.

As soon as Harry hit the bottom of the stairs, he smelt an aroma of freshly baked bread, bacon and coffee.

Harry entered the kitchen to see Mrs Weasley cleaning, Fred and George in deep discussion about there joke shop at the breakfast table, Mr Weasley reading the Daily Prophet whilst having a bowl of porridge, and the gorgeous Ginny (she truly was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen) buttering toast at the breakfast table.

After Harry had stopped thinking what he shouldn't be thinking, to do with him and his best friends sister, he had Ron sat down for breakfast.

"Children, your father and I are going to Diagon Alley to get your school things for you. Would anybody like to come with us?" Mrs Weasley asked everyone sitting at the table.

Fred and George immediately piped up.

"We need to check on our joke shop. Don't we George?"

"Your right, Fred"

"Right OK. That's fine." Mrs Weasley answered.

"Oh, Mrs Weasley, I could do with getting some bits and pieces too. Would you mind if I came with you?"

"Of course not Hermionie, Dear." Mrs Weasley told Hermionie.

"I may join you on that, Herms." Ron said. "What about you Harry, mate? You gonna join us?"

"Nah, you're alright." Answered Harry. "I might just stay here and take it easy."

"Are you sure Harry, Dear?" Mrs Weasley asked. "Nothing important you need?"

"No, Mrs Weasley its fine, honestly"

"Well, if your sure..What about you, Ginny, dear?" Mrs Weasley asked, turning to her daughter.

"No mum. I need to write a few letters to...people, to see how there summers going." answered Ginny.

"Ooooohhhh! You gonna write one to darling Dean, Ginny?" Ron teased. "Ohh Dean I miss you so much! Ohh I love you! Ohh Deaann!"

Ron, Fred and George all cracked up, laughing. Ginny turned bright red. Harry hoped so much that what Ron said wasn't true.

"Oh shut up!! I'm not even going out with Dean!!" Ginny argued, looking down, trying to ignore her older brothers.

"Now, now children." Mrs Weasley said, trying to came her offspring's down. "Right, now. Fred, George, Hermionie and Ron will join Arthur and I, and Harry and Ginny are staying here. We of course will be travelling by Floo. I want everyone to be ready in 15 minutes please."

As soon as everyone ate their breakfast, and they were dressed, they all stood in front of the fireplace. Mr Weasley went first, grabbing a handful of Floo powder and clearly said "Diagon Alley" and with a whoosh of green flames, he was gone. Following him were Fred, George, Ron and Hermionie, in that order.

Mrs Weasley was the last to leave, saying goodbye to Ginny and Harry.

"We'll probably a few hours." She said hugging Harry. "Are you sure your going to be ok?" She asked now hugging Ginny.

" We'll be fine mum, honestly." Ginny said, smiling reassuringly.

And with that, Molly Weasley took a handful of Floo powder, stood in the fireplace, clearly said "Diagon Alley" and was gone with a poof of green flames.

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