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Chapter 3: Telling Ron and Hermionie

Ginny's POV:




Ginny hadn't stopped smiling all day. Even when her family came home from Diagon Alley she couldn't wipe the smug look on her face. Even when she did, she immediately ended up thinking of Harry, and the amazing time they'd had together earlier, and started smiling again.

Hermionie quickly picked up on Ginny's smugness and demanded her to explain what was making her friend like this.

Ginny, Hermionie, Ron and Harry were all in the kitchen helping Mrs Weasley prepare dinner. Harry and Ginny were chopping the vegetables, and Hermionie and Ron were laying the table.

Every time Harry's and Ginny's hands "accidentally" brushed, a shiver would run down Ginny's spine and the smug smile would return to her face.

"Ginny can I talk to you a minute?" Hermionie asked her. "Upstairs."

Ginny really didn't want to leave Harry but she was to happy to argue.

"Sure." Ginny replied cheerfully.

Once Ginny and Hermionie were in Ginny's room, Ginny went and sat on the bed while Hermionie closed the door.

"So," Hermionie began. "Are you going to tell why you keep smiling, or am I going to have to tare it out of you?"

"I have no idea what you mean Herms," Ginny answered her, knowing exactly what she was going on about.

"Oh come on Ginny! You've been walking around with that smug look on your face ever since we came back from Diagon Alley!"

"What smug look?" Ginny asked innocently.

"The one you've got on your face right now!" Hermionie said, starting to get slightly angry. "Oh My God. It's to do with Harry isn't it?!" Hermionie had known for a while that her two friends had liked each other, but didn't think either of them were going to do anything about it.

"Why would it be to do with Harry?" Ginny asked, looking down, trying not to show Hermionie that she was blushing.

"OH MY GOD! It is, isn't it!!" Hermione practically shrieked. Sometimes, Ginny really wished that Hermione wasn't so clever.

"Okay, okay! I'll tell you you." Ginny said, sighing, not wanting to tell her friend, but knew she had to. There was a pause as Ginny collect her thoughts, while Hermione sat cross legged on Ginny's bed, impatiently.

"Oh come on Gin! Spit it out-"

"Harry said he loved me," Ginny almost whispered it, hoping Hermionie wouldn't hear. Unfortunately she did.

"OH. MY. GOODD!" Hermionie screamed. "Finally!"

Ginny looked at her slightly confused.

"Oh come on Gin. It was obvious he was madly in love with you!"

Not to me. Ginny thought.

"So tell me all the details!" Hermionie said hopefully.

Ginny recited the whole conversation. The part about Harry telling her he'd always loved her. The part about Harry thinking she thought of him as "only-her-brothers-best-friend". The part about her telling him that she'd always loved him, since the beginning, at Kings Cross station. Ginny also told her how they'd spent the rest of the day together, having an amazing time. Ginny also told Hermionie how Harry is a spectacular kisser.

"I mean seriously, he bloody fantastic!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Ginny please!! I don't particularly want to know!" Hermionie begged.

Ginny smiled at her friend and at the memory of Harry's sweet, gentle kisses. All Ginny needed to do now was, tell Ron.

Great. What the Hell is he going to say?! His best friend and his little sister! Ginny was already dreading this conversation. She knew Ron was going to Freak.

After there conversation, Hermionie and Ginny went back down stairs, just in time for dinner. Ginny carefully planned the seating arrangements so she would sit next to Harry, but making sure that Ron wasn't near her so she could talk to him.

"We need to talk to Ron." She told Harry quietly as she passed his the roast potatoes.

"What about?" He asked, almost innocently.

"Us!" She answered bluntly, raising her voice slightly.

"Oh right. When?"

"As soon as possible."

"You do realise he's going to go mental?" Harry asked Ginny.

"Yep. That's why I want to get it over with." She answered him.

Harry and Ginny they decided they were going to tell Ron after dinner. All they needed to do was get him on his own.

A few minutes after dinner, Ron went upstairs. Ginny and Harry looked at each other, both thinking the same thing, they had to tell him now.

Harry and Ginny followed Ron upstairs and knock on his bedroom door. Harry entered first, closely followed by Ginny.

"Ron?" Harry asked, with a hit of terror in his voice. "Can we, errr, talk to you for a minute?" Ron looked up from his desk and saw both of them looking at him, pleadingly, wondering why both of them needed to talk to them.

"Sure.." He answered, standing up, going to sit on his bed.

Once Ron was comfortable and Harry and Ginny had thought about what they were going to say, Harry began.

"Well, errr, you know that me and Ginny we home alone today while you and everyone else went to Diagon Alley?"

"Yeah..." Ron answered.

"Well," Harry carried on. "Ginny and I had a bit of a chat and, well.."

Ginny helped him finish the sentence. "It's just that, we were talking and we told each other how we feel about each other." Ginny looked at Ron, hoping to see something, showing that he understood what she was saying. She didn't.

Harry tried to explain it simply. "The this is mate, well, now Ginny and I are kind of an item." Harry and Ginny waited for some sort of at out burst of rage from Ron. But it didn't come. Instead, Ron sat there..smiling.

"That's great news!" He said cheerfully. "I'm happy for you both. It's about time, to be honest!"

"W-what?!" Ginny asked, very confused.

"Well you've liked each other for ages!! Even an idiot could of seen that!

What?! No screaming? No anger? No...nothing?! Ginny thought to her self. He's happy for us?!

Ron could see the confused look on both of their faces. "Look," He said, trying to explain. "I couldn't think of a better couple. Harry, your a great guy for my sister, I'd rather it be you then," Ron paused, thinking, "then Dean! I know you'd treat her well. And Ginny, I know you've liked Harry for ages and I'm glad you plucked up the courage to tell him!" Ron laughed.

Harry and Ginny were still shocked. "Look why don't we go down stairs, eh?" Ron asked. "Everyone will be thrilled!"

So the three of them went downstairs, to tell everyone their news, Ron in front, Harry and Ginny be hide him. Harry looked at Ginny.

"Well that we well!" He chuckled.

"Yeah! Very well!!"

They both laughed together, Harry arms around Ginny waist. They couldn't wait to spend the rest of the summer together.

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