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Honeymoon Interlude: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 1/?

Anakin carried Padme into the large, spacious suite aboard the cruise ship. They had just taken off and were now safely tucked away in hyperspace.

"If there's anything I can get either of you, just give me a shout over the comm," Tyler said, as he set a couple of their bags down. Anakin set Padme on her feet, as she began to explore their living quarters. Anakin smiled and placed some credits in Tyler's palm.

"Thanks kid. I'll keep that in mind," Anakin replied. The young man gaped at the generous tip.

"Th...thank you Sir," he replied, as he left them alone.

"Oh Ani...this is amazing," Padme said, as she gazed out the expansive panoramic view window on the far wall. The apartment sized quarters was elegantly decorated with charcoal colored carpeting and plush, royal purple furniture, including two large sofas and a reclining chair. Three black marble tables completed the living room ensemble. The walls were decorated with expensive pieces of art and the kitchenette was also done in black marble. Padme spotted a nice holo stereo on the shelves, near the fully stocked bar. She walked into the bedroom, only to find it lit with romantic candlelight. Their luggage had been placed by the wall and two vases, each with a dozen angel blossoms sat on the vanity. The large, king sized bed was made up with dark purple and black silk bedclothes and angel blossom petals adorned the bed. Her husband had gone all out. She turned to him, as he leaned in the doorway, watching her fondly.

"Well milady, is everything to your liking?" he asked playfully.

"You've outdone yourself, Master Jedi," she replied, as she sauntered to him. He smiled at her.

"The night is yours, angel. You name it and I'll make it so," he replied. She smiled seductively.

"There will be time to explore the ship later, which I am very much looking forward to," she replied, as she tugged him inside the bedroom.

"But all I want right now...is you..." she replied, as the door slid shut behind them, locking out the rest of the galaxy. Only their love and passion mattered tonight...

Padme kissed him deeply, plundering his mouth with her own, as she pressed her body tightly against his.

"The only thing I want right now is to strip every single piece of clothing off you and...make you mine," she hissed in his ear. Anakin shivered and nearly lost control, as she blew in his ear sensually. He crushed his lips against hers, as he unzipped her dress, reducing it to a puddle at her feet, leaving her in just lacy white undergarments. Padme's hands went to work, as they slowly rid him of his tunic and belt. His hands were lost in her long curls, as he feasted on her slender neck. As she rid him of his pants, he lifted her up and laid her down among the flower petal covered bed. He gazed down at her beautiful form, as she lay in waiting for him. Passion ignited like a wildfire between them, as she pulled him to her, eliminating the daylight between them, as their passion consumed them and they became aware of nothing else but the taste and feel of each other. Their voices cried out ecstasy in concert with the movements of their bodies, as they made sweet, everlasting love...a love so deep and pure that it was only fathomable by the two people who shared it...by the two people that moved together in the dance of love. By the two people whose bodies were one, taking and giving pleasure to one another. By the two people trembling together in entwined bliss. By the two people whose love would transcend from life to eternity, bonding them as one for all time...

Xalazar De'reux punched the wall of his cell angrily. He had just received a data letter, delivered to the prison. His top, trusted second in command had written the letter. His second in command was also his cousin and he did not worry about his Empire with him in control. But his little Kyla was dead now, because of the Jedi. She had tangled with the Chosen One and lost. And Xalazar vowed to make him pay.

"When I get out of this hell hole, Skywalker, I'll make sure you lose every single person you hold dear. Everyone you love will die and you'll be reduced to nothing. You and your family will pay for Kyla's death...I'll see to it personally..." Xalazar growled angrily...

Padme giggled, as she cuddled close to her husband, under the mass of bedclothes.

"You, my love, are magnificent," Padme praised, as her hands skated over his bare chest.

"You're pretty amazing yourself, star nymph," he replied, as he slipped out of bed. She watched him hungrily and pouted, as he slipped his sleep pants on.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Getting dressed," he replied, as he slipped on a black, sleeveless muscle shirt.

"I see that. But why? I was very much enjoying the view," she replied. He smirked.

"Well, I'm going to go order us dinner, because I'm starved. And I was hoping my beautiful wife would get dressed too and join me," he replied. She looked at him playfully.

"This is new. You've never told me to put clothes on before," she teased. He laughed.

"By clothes, I meant something extremely sexy so I can rip it off later," he replied, as he leaned down over her.

"Promise?" she asked, with a smirk. He kissed her passionately.

"With my teeth," he promised. She giggled and kissed him again. He smiled at her and went out into the living area to order dinner. Padme sat down at her vanity and brushed her long curls out, before going to her suitcase and picking out something to wear. She slipped it on and found her favorite perfume, dabbing it in all the right places. What she was wearing could only be described as scandalous. It was black and mix of sheer and lace material. It cupped her supple bosom and hugged her body in all the right places. The dress, if you could call is that, accented her breasts by only covering them part way, leaving a generous amount of her chest in view to entice her husband. The skirt barely reached mid thigh, leaving most of her shapely legs and thighs in view as well. She saw the comm blink out and she approached, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind. She rested her head against his back and smiled, as he turned to her.

"Wow...you look good enough to eat," he said seductively. She smirked.

"I am. And maybe if you're a good boy, I'll let you have...a taste later," she replied, with a seductive edge in her voice. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply, angling his mouth over hers, his tongue thrashing against her own.

"Mmm...yum," he said, as he broke the kiss. She pulled his head back toward her own, as she captured his lips in another hungry kiss.

"Yummy indeed," she replied, as she broke the kiss. Their playful make out session continued, as hands roamed everywhere. They soon heard the door chime. Anakin continued kissing her, as they stumbled to the door. Anakin managed to pry his lips away from hers and turned to the door. Padme stood behind his broad form, her hands skating along his back sensually, as Anakin answered the door. Padme peeked around Anakin's arm, as Tyler pushed the dinner cart inside. Her head was the only thing visible to him, as she kept herself tightly tucked behind her husband.

"Enjoy Sir, Milady," he said, as nodded respectfully to them. As Anakin fumbled with the credits in his pocket, she smirked naughtily, as she stuck her hand into his other pocket. She suppressed a chuckle, as he jumped, as her hands skated over his thigh and upwards, between his legs, teasing him mercilessly. Anakin glanced at her, before tipping Tyler.

"Thank you again, Sir, Milady," he said, as he left. Anakin turned to her and she squealed, as he started tickling her sides.

"You're a naughty star nymph," he chided playfully. She smirked.

"You can punish me later," she replied, as se sauntered over to the bar and poured them some wine.

"Oh, I will," he promised, as they went about having dinner. Anakin had ordered her favorite meal and desert. As their eating slowed, they moved onto desert, which was chocolate cake, topped with shuura fruit.

"I have another surprise for you," he mentioned. She looked up at him.

"You've done so much already. You're really spoiling me, you know," she replied.

"I know. It's what I live for. I'll be right back," he replied, as he jogged into the bedroom. Padme set her fork down, having finished her desert and took a sip of her wine. She stood up and turned on the holo stereo, letting the soft music waft through the air. Anakin returned promptly and swept her into his arms, as they swayed to the music.

"What are you up to?" she asked.

"Nothing at all," he replied, as he dipped her and then twirled her. He pulled her back against him, as he kissed her shoulder, while they swayed. Padme moaned, as he kissed at her neck with passionate intent. Seeing that her eyes were closed he took the necklace out of his pocket and gently slipped it around her neck. She gasped, as she opened her eyes and looked at the beautiful crystal necklace.

"Oh Anakin..." she gaped at him.

"When I saw this, I just knew I had to see it around your neck," he replied.

"Oh Ani...it's so beautiful. I love it...and I love you," she gushed, as she kissed him.

"Happy Anniversary, angel," he said.

"Happy Anniversary to you too, my love. It is thanks to you that the last ten years of my life have been the more wonderful than I could have ever imagined," she replied.

"And I promise the next ten and beyond will be just as wonderful, if not more so," he promised. She rested her head against his chest, as they swayed to the soft romantic tune. The night would give way to passion's spell again and the two lovers would gladly let their love cast its amazing spell over them again, as their love would once again reign above all else...

The next morning, Anakin and Padme, dressed in civilian attire, exited their quarters and took the lift down to the main level. They entered the large dining hall and the smell of food filled the air. These cruise ships were well known for serving food in very plentiful amounts.

"I'm going to go to the desk and pick up our itinerary," Anakin said.

"Okay. I'll go find us a table," she replied, as he kissed her tenderly in parting.

A young couple at a back table unknowingly observed the other young couple from a distance.

"There they are," the young man said. He was skinny and lanky, with a pair of glasses. He had dark brown hair and looked like he spent a lot of time behind a desk.

"Don't stare, Ethan. We don't want to tip them off," his partner, a young woman, replied. She was rather plain looking, though pretty in her own right. She was about five feet five inches with mousy colored brown hair and light green eyes.

"Steph, this story will be over before it starts if they find out we're reporters," Ethan said.

"They won't find out, not if you don't slip up. We're going to get our story," Steph replied.

"What story? What exactly are you hoping to get from them?" Ethan asked.

"No two people are that in love with each other. I'm going to prove that Miss Perfect is nothing but a huge fraud," Steph replied. Ethan rolled his eyes.

"You can never do a puff piece, can you? You always have to dig up dirt," Ethan chided.

"I've been wanting this story for a long time. It's time people know that she's nothing special," Steph replied.

"Well, I think you're wrong. And I can't wait until she proves you wrong," Ethan said.

"You just want me to be wrong, because you have a crush on her and don't want her perfect image smeared," Steph replied.

"What's not to like about her? Skywalker is a lucky man. And I think you're just a bit jealous of her good fortune and that's what's driving you," Ethan responded.

"Care to make a bet?" she challenged.

"You're on," he replied.

"Okay, if I'm right, then you owe me five hundred credits and I get full credit for the story," she said.

"Deal. And if I'm right, we write a puff piece, praising the galaxy's greatest love story and you get to share the by line. Oh, and you get to buy me dinner every night for a month," Ethan replied.

"Fine. You have a deal," she answered. Ethan stood up and purposely bumped into Padme when she wasn't looking, though he made it seem like an accident.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, milady," he apologized.

"That's okay. I wasn't watching where I was going," Padme replied.

"You look familiar. Have we met?" he asked.

"No, I don't think so," Padme replied, pleading that he wouldn't recognize her.

"Wait a minute. You're her. You're Senator Skywalker!" he exclaimed, drawing attention from those around them. Padme looked nervous and hoped to quietly slip away. But she had no such luck.

"Hey honey, look at who it is. There is a celebrity in our midst," he called.

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. You have no idea what an honor this is, Senator. You've been like an idol to me," Step said.

"Um...I'm not really a celebrity," Padme replied shyly.

"The modest type, I see," Ethan said.

"Ethan, you're embarrassing her. The last thing she probably wants is to be recognized," Steph said. Padme smiled.

"I was hoping that we wouldn't have this issue, but I suppose I should have expected it," Padme replied, as she saw that most of the tables had filled up now.

"Oh no, it looks like we've hit the busy time. You can join us, if you'd like. You don't mind, do you darling?" Steph asked.

"Of course not," Ethan replied. Padme was hesitant, but didn't see many other options. Biting her bottom lip for a minute, she finally nodded in acceptance, before sitting down with the young couple.

Anakin waited in line at the desk and finally received his turn.

"I need the trip itinerary, please," he requested from the droid.

"Name please," the little silver droid asked.

"Anakin Skywalker," he answered.

"Skyjumper," the droid clicked, as he began searching.

"No...it's Skywalker," Anakin replied.

"Just a moment, Mr. Skyhopper," the droid whirred.

"Skywalker," he repeated.

"Ah yes, here it is. Anikan Skyrunner," the droid chirped. Anakin snatched the datacard from the droid.

"It's Anakin Skywalker. Fix your database," Anakin scowled in annoyance. The droid huffed, as he walked off.

"Humans. So rude," it sputtered.

Anakin looked around for his wife and spotted her at a table with another couple, looking a bit uneasy. She waved to him when she saw him. As he reached her, he gave her a tender kiss.

"Hey angel," he said.

"Hi sweetheart. All the tables were filled, so this couple offered to let us sit with them," Padme replied.

"Oh my gosh...it's you..." the woman said, with a star struck expression.

"Master Jedi, this is quite an honor," the man said.

"Um...please, just call me Anakin," he replied.

"This is Steph and her husband Ethan," Padme said. He nodded.

"Nice to meet you both,"

"Did you get our itinerary?" she asked.

"Yeah, finally. That dumb droid kept getting my name wrong. He kept calling me Anikan and Sky, everything but, walker," Anakin complained. Padme giggled.

"You're so cute when you're agitated," she replied.

"You think it's funny now. I'm sure that little bucket of bolts will mess up your name too," Anakin said. She kissed his cheek.

"Come on, let's go get something to eat. I daresay they have enough food on the buffet to fill even you up," she said, as she stood.

"I don't know, I'm starving, especially after last night," he whispered to her. She giggled and smacked his hand away from tickling her.

"Ani..." she chided. He smirked and wrapped his arm around her waist, as they started toward the buffet.

"You know, I could get us a vacant table if you want," she looked at him.

"You're not mind tricking some poor people out of their table, love," she replied.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because it's mean," she replied.

"Actually, it's pretty fun," he stated.

"No," she forbade.

"...never let's me mind trick anyone," he mumbled.

Steph and Ethan watched the couple, as they stood in line. There was barely any space between them and their hands were never far from each other's hands or waists.

"Ughh...they're nauseating," Steph complained.

"By the way, my favorite food is any kind of expensive seafood. You'll need to know that since it looks like I'm going to win," Ethan said.

"Oh please, they are so fake," Steph scowled.

"And this coming from someone who makes a living by pretending to be someone she's not to get her dirt on people," he retorted.

"People like to read about dirt and scandal," she defended.

"People like reading stories about good people too," Ethan retorted.

"Not in our publication they don't," she shot back.

"Whatever you say, Steph, but they look pretty for real to me," he replied.

"True love doesn't really exist. She parades him around like a trophy husband and I'm going to bring their little fairy tale back to reality," Steph replied.

"Whatever you say, Steph. I still think you're wrong about her," he replied.

As they sat back down with their food, Anakin slipped the datacard into his datapad.

"So, what's our first stop?" Padme asked, as she took a bite of her eggs.

"Alderaan. First thing tomorrow morning. We have the whole day to explore the ship," he replied, as he took a bite of his sausage.

"Breha gave me a list of quite a few neat things to see. The mountains are gorgeous this time of year," Padme mentioned.

"After Alderaan, we hit Corellia and then Naboo," he said.

"I should call Sabe, so we can visit her while we're there," Padme replied.

"Then after that it's on to Bespin for a few days, then Dantooine," he said.

"We should visit Jac and Neela," Padme said. He nodded.

"Then we'll turn around in the outer rim and hit a few planets on the way back, including Serenno and Chandrilla," he said.

"Sounds perfect," Padme replied.

"We have the whole day to spend here on the ship. And I happened to hear that there is dancing tonight in the ballroom," he said.

"Well, then I guess we know what we'll be doing tonight," she replied, as they went about enjoying their breakfast. The two people across from them observed quietly, taking in what information they could. They were reporters and they would have their story. Steph wanted so badly to be proven right about the esteemed Senator, but Ethan already knew she would be proven wrong. And perhaps, if he played his cards right, he would get the exclusive interview of a lifetime...